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The AFIP certificate It is known as a proof of registration issued by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, where it can be verified that a taxpayer is registered, this certificate is based on a tax identity of each taxpayer.

It is very important to obtain it to be able to pay taxes as an entrepreneur or to confirm if the monotax is active, if you want to know how to obtain it Keep reading!. We will explain how to get the AFIP certificate in the fastest and easiest way.

What is Needed for the AFIP Certificate?

The main requirement is needed to obtain the Certificate or proof of Monotax, is to be enrolled in the Monotax Regime. So, in order to start the registration, the following requirements must be met:

  • Have the original and a photocopy of the DNI in light blue card format. If you are a foreigner and do not have a DNI: Bring your passport or a certificate from the National Directorate of Migration where you can verify your residence status.
  • Form 460 / F by AFIP in duplicate.
  • Double proof or certificate of residence. Both with at least two of the following requirements:
  • Original and photocopy of a receipt or invoice from a public service registered with the name of the taxpayer. With a maximum date of up to 2 months before.
  • Certificate of residence issued by a competent authority. As long as it has been processed a maximum of 60 days before the appointment.
  • Original and photocopy of part of the bank account or the summary of a card issued by an entity. With an issue date of up to 60 days before the presentation to the appointment.
  • Certificate of notarial verification, with its original and a photocopy.
  • Original and photocopy of the title of property or of a rental contract of the property or place which will be the fiscal domicile.
  • Original and photocopy of the municipal authorization or equivalent municipal authorization only if the activity of the taxpayer warrants it.

It should be noted that registration must be done in person, at the AFIP agency closest to your home or by requesting an appointment online beforehand. In the agency you must register your personal data such as signature, photo and fingerprint. Only for monotax registration, it is necessary and mandatory to do it in person.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the AFIP Certificate

After having made the registration, in order to obtain without tax code the Certificate must meet the following requirements:

  1. Enter the AFIP page.
  2. Find the box Proof of Registration.
  3. Enter the CUIT number to be consulted with the 11 numbers without dashes, the security code shown by the page and click on «Consult».
  4. If you want to print, in the upper right part of the certificate, click on the option «print Screen».

In order to get the AFIP certificate with a fiscal key, it will depend on the level of security that you want to have, if you want to acquire the third-level fiscal key, you must carry out the following steps:

  • If you want to get your third level fiscal key You can do it online or in person, as you wish. Therefore, online, you only need to download the “My AFIP” app.
  • Then, enter the «Tools» menu, option «Request and / or recovery of tax code». And finally, you will have to scan the corresponding DNI code together with a photograph of your face as requested by the APP.
  • In person, you must obtain an appointment through the AFIP page.
  • Approach an AFIP agency corresponding to your tax address, you must bring your original ID and copy to the appointment.

After you have obtained your tax code, you must carry out these steps:

  • Enter the AFIP page.
  • On the right side the box will appear «Access with Tax Code ».
  • Enter the CUIT or CUIL number to be consulted and click on the box «Next».
  • Enter the tax code that has been prepared in the APP or in person at the AFIP agency.
  • For security reasons, you will be asked to change the tax code for what you click on the «Continue» button.
  • In the column Enabled Services, search and enter the option «Monotributo».
  • Select the number of CUIT or CUIL that is consulted and the option “Reprint of credentials ”.
  • If you want to print, you must give the option of print Screen.

Costs and Duration of the Procedure

At AFIP certificate It is very fast to complete the entire procedure, both online and in person, this is because the entire procedure, with a good network or Internet connection, can take a maximum of 5 minutes.

This is thanks to the few steps that have to be completed in order to obtain it, in person, it is only enough to complete the necessary fields so that they can make immediate delivery of the certificate or proof.

When it comes to the cost of the procedure, it is very important to make it clear that in its entirety the certificate or record is totally free, that is, no requirement or step to be carried out has any cost or is charged by a competent authority, since it can be carried out through the AFIP page or in its agencies.

How do I know if I am registered with AFIP?

To be registered or to be blank, They are expressions that are used in the workplace to refer to each of those workers in a dependency relationship who comply with everything to be correctly registered in the AFIP system.

By complying with each requirement, the worker or workers can demand or enforce their rights in terms of retirement contributions and for reasons of their health coverage.

To begin with, the boss or employer must have requested several completed forms to be delivered with a copy of specific documents to be able to register in the AFIP system.

At the moment in which the process is done or completed, you will be given a «Proof of Registration of the Worker”, Which must be saved, preferably in PDF, and then printed.

The registration certificate is of vital importance because it is a document that verifies and proves that you have been satisfactorily declared as an employee. Also, you can check if the boss or employer is making the contributions or fees that correspond to your job or trade.

There are two ways to verify if it is blank or registered with the tax code, which are:

  1. Enter the AFIP page and search for «Procedures with tax code».
  • Enter the CUIT number.
  • Place the DNI together with the surname as it is on the DNI, adding the gender.

In this way you will be able to see your report where it is explained whether you have already been discharged or not yet, if you have not been discharged there must be a problem to solve.

  1. Enter the AFIP page and write the CUIT number and tax code, to be able to enter the account.
  • The box is selected «Blank Work.»
  • Select the «Digital Certificate of Labor Income».

What is the AFIP Certificate?

The AFIP certificate It is nothing more than as its name says a certificate or a record with which it is possible to verify or prove that the taxpayer is registered, this certificate is issued by the Federal Administration of Public Revenue.

Its main objective is to simplify and facilitate the payment of taxes, such as the Value Added Tax or personal or business earnings, it also serves to achieve retirement and social work payments.

One of its great advantages is the easy access to these certificates because they are publicly accessible, with which anyone can obtain any proof of the taxpayer, through the AFIP website.

It is important to know who can be or choose to be monotributistas, these can be:

  • Natural persons who carry out sales of movable property, works, locations or some type of service provision.
  • The people that continue the activity of a Natural Person who died and was monotax until the inheritance issue is clarified.
  • Any person who is a member of work cooperatives.
  • Fact and Irregular Companies

This certificate is part of the tax identity that each of the taxpayers have, which is one of the most important points to consult before starting any type of commercial transaction with a new client or a new supplier.

Now that it is known who can choose to be a monotax, it is important to clarify who cannot apply for the monotax certificate:

  • Natural Persons who are currently members of some kind of companies not included in the Regime, such as anonymous or limited liability companies.
  • Those who are in positions of conduction, direction or administration of any of these companies.
  • Those who carry out more than three activities at the same time or have more than three premises.

Now that you know exactly what you need to possess and do for your Monotax Certificate or Proof. Successes! We hope that each of our steps has been of great help to you.

Thanks for reading the article!

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