AFIP Form 152: How it is, Completed and MORE

The AFIP Form 152 It is a payment credential that you will need to start an economic activity or to leave a dependency relationship in Argentina.

In this article, you will find out what it is, how to obtain it and what data to include. Keep reading!

What is AFIP Form 152?

The Form 152 It is a document that contains tax information. It fulfills particular functions for holders who work independently.

Argentine entrepreneurs in the workplace need this documentation because for the creation of the desired company or entity the document that informs the Argentine authorities of the taxes is required.

The forms that are issued by the Federal Administration of New Public Revenues, they are completely legal for individual entrepreneurs throughout the national territory.

Requirements for Form 152

  • Being older.
  • Proof of residence, it can be an electricity bill, a property gas bill or a water bill.
  • DNI (National Identity Document) of the independent worker.
  • Notarial, regional or national certificate.
  • Original and copy of a receipt for a service.
  • Proof of Lease or property title.
  • Accredited national bank account.
  • Fiscal code to register the applications within the AFIP.

The Unique Magazine Code (CUR), is used in the system of Federal Administration of New Public Revenues to grant a specific encoding.

This appears on the form as the federal status of the applicant’s enrollment in AFIP.

When a person requests this form, the proof of the F-184 procedure will be attached; that is, Form 184, to generate a record and obtain information regarding the application and the processing of the document.

What is the AFIP Form 152 like?

This documentation is issued by the same organization AFIP.

It contains a Unique Magazine Code or also called CUR, which is used to create a special code for the operations of each person and also shows the registration status of the holder.

Since November 2017 the AFIP does not allow payment in cash for any category.

Filling of the AFIP Form 152

Next, mention is made of the data that this form must contain or the documents necessary to proceed with the process:

  • Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT), which is obtained in the jurisdiction of the AFIP corresponding to the owner’s address.

For more information regarding the dependencies, enter the following link by clicking here and selecting the option »DEPENDENCES».

  • Duplicate of Form 460 and / or original and copy of DNI.

Immediately, they will request the tax code and it will be registered with a photograph, fingerprint and signature.

  • Tax domicile of the applicant, attached with the Certificate of Residence to create proof of the property.

This tax address does not necessarily have to be the updated address.

The tax address that can also be included is the one that appears on the DNI as the home location.

Steps to follow to obtain Form 152

  1. Go to the AFIP web portal and select »ACCESS WITH TAX KEY».
  2. Enter the tax code to start the whole process.
  3. Read the registration terms and conditions and if you agree, click «To accept».
  4. Finally, attach Form 46 and the DNI (National Identity Document).

If the process is successful, the system displays a model form in PDF format for later legal printing.

Here the Model of the AFIP Form 152.

In advance, to obtain this form, you must pay the fees established by the AFIP and through the authorized payment methods.

What is it for?

Its main objective is to verify the quotes of the automotive regime, the monthly debts, the tax and legal obligations established by the Federal Administration of New Public Income (AFIP).

As mentioned above, since November 2017, federal institutions in alliance with the AFIP prohibit payment in cash to obtain domain categories.

Detailed functions of Form 152

  • It grants to the national banking institutions the contributions of the tributary taxes.
  • To generate the monotax report, the annual registered labor income is requested.
  • Generates a Unique Magazine Code (CUR) to encode an original and unique code for the holder.
  • Essential requirement for registration in a labor company in the national territory.
  • Shows the registration status that the holder has on the Federal Administration of New Public Revenues.
Individuals who independently generate gross income must calculate their earnings and contributions and notify them to the appropriate National System.

What is AFIP?

AFIP are the acronyms for Federal Administration of Public Revenues. It is an organization that collects taxes of national autonomy from the Argentine State dependent on the country’s Ministry of Economy.

From this institution derives the General Tax Directorate (DGI) which is an organ that integrates the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and in his charge, he has the perception, collection, inspection and application of national taxes.

Its main functions are:

  • Establishment of fines.
  • Tax collection.
  • Ex officio determinations.
  • Sanctions
  • Debt settlement through judicial or administrative means.

It is also responsible for promoting culture through voluntary compliance on the part of taxpayers.

The main strategies of the General Tax Directorate are related to simplifying and / or facilitating or carrying out procedures for the population so that their compliance is satisfactory.

Procedures and services offered by the AFIP

The AFIP helps and informs any self-employed person, employees or employers, taxpayers of the general regime, social security organizations, among others.

Frequent questions

What are credentials?

Credentials are specialized documents to automate important information in the financial field at a national and international level, for individuals and independent persons.

What is the monotax?

It is a payment that is beneficial for independent workers, it is even a synthesized way of canceling taxes.

This payment makes billing easier. Allows health coverage for all family members and streamlines retirement.

How do I become a monotributista?

You must have a tax code and CUIT.

If you do not have this, you can request them virtually through the website just by having the updated ID. Or if you prefer in person, from the website request the appointment at the corresponding office.

What are the advantages of a monotributista?

It is divided into three:

  • Tax simplification: for each month there is an established quota to pay social security obligations and taxes.
  • Multiple payment channels: allows you to make payments by electronic transfers, automatic debit or credit card at ATMs.
  • Incentive for compliance: granted only if the payment corresponding to each month of the current year is fulfilled punctually and as indicated, either with automatic debit or with a credit card.

The monthly balance of the tax component will be delivered after payment.

What is the cost of the monotax?

It is divided into 11 categories and each of they have a unique cost. We will talk about that right away:

Section 1

Category A:

  1. Income of $ 138,127.99 per year.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 111.81 USD.
  3. Contributions to SIPA of $ 493.31 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 1,294.12 USD.

Category B:

  1. Income of $ 207,191.98 USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 215.42 USD.
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 542.6 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = 1,447 $ USD.

Category C:

  1. Income of $ 276,255.98 USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 368.34 on services and $ 340.38 on trade.
  3. Contributions to SIPA of $ 596.91 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 1,654.25 USD (services) and $ 1,626.29 USD (commerce).

Category D:

  1. Income of $ 414,383.98 USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 605.13 USD (services) and $ 559.09 USD (commerce).
  3. Contributions to SIPA of $ 656.60 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 1,950.73 USD (services) and $ 1,904.69 USD (commerce).

Category E:

  1. Income of $ 552,511.95 USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 1,151.06 USD (services) and $ 892.89 USD (commerce).
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 722.26 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 2,562.32 USD (services) and $ 2,304.15 USD (commerce).

Category F:

  1. Income of $ 690,639.95 USD
  2. Integrated tax of $ 1,583.54 USD (services) or $ 1,165.86 USD (commerce).
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 794.48 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 3,067.02 USD (services) and $ 2,649.34 USD (commerce).

Category G:

  1. Income up to US dollars 828,767.94.
  2. Integrated tax: US dollars 2,014.37 (services) and US dollars 1,453.62 (trade).
  3. Contribution to SIPA: US dollars 873.93.
  4. Social Work Contributions: US dollars 689.

In total = USD 3,577.30 USD (services) and USD 3,016.55 USD (trade).

Category H:

  1. Income of 1,151,066.58 $ USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 4,604.26 USD (services) and $ 3,568.31 USD (commerce).
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 961.32 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 6,254.58 USD (services) and $ 5,218.63 USD (commerce).

Section 2

From this division, businesses and enterprises that are dedicated to the sale of movable resources can intervene.

Category I:

  1. Income of 1,352,503.24 $ USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 5,755.33 USD.
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 1,057.46 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 7,501.79 USD.

Category J:

  1. Income of 1,553,939.89 $ USD.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 6,763.34 USD.
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 1,163.21 USD.
  4. Social Work Contributions of $ 689 USD.

In total = $ 8,615.55 USD.

Category K:

  1. Income of $ 1,726,599.88.
  2. Integrated tax of $ 7,769.70 USD.
  3. Contribution to SIPA of $ 1,279.52 USD.
  4. Contributions Obra Social 689 $ USD.

In total = $ 9,738.22 USD.

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