AFIP Form 155: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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In Argentina, AFIP Form 155 It makes it easier for you to obtain the Payment Flyer which, in turn, allows you to carry out other important procedures. That is why it is an indispensable requirement.

Here you will get information related to this management, such as what it is, where to obtain it, who should process it, among other things. Join us and don’t miss a detail!

What is AFIP Form 155?

The Form 155 by AFIP It is a documentation that allows payments to be made, once the deadline for submitting the amount, to the different types of monotax: standard, autonomous or social work.

Which means that it facilitates the payment of tax payments that have been left as debts after the payment time.

Employees must make sure to declare how the corresponding months should be to produce the Form 155 and later, pay the difference.

The requirements that are needed for the declaration are:

  • Monotributista or autonomous credential.
  • The model of the current form.
  • The payment flyer that is produced accordingly.
  • Payment slip previously issued on the same tax and by the same holder.
  • Know the data at the time of payment to solve the tax.

AFIP Form 155 Format

  1. CUIT.
  2. Full name and surname (if it is a legal person, put the exact name).
  3. Imputation of the payment by choosing one of the payment options: – Monotax: most usual tax. It refers to when a job is not supported in a dependency relationship or one is a professional.- Self-employed monotax: as its name indicates, it is when the person works independently.- Social work monotax: grants charitable or similar service.
  4. Term gender (an affidavit or voluntary contribution).
  5. Sub-concept of the imputation of the payment. For this case, there are several options that depend on how much is declared: Adjustment, Fines, Compensatory interest, Punitive interest, Debt slip, Voluntary contribution or other.
  6. Month and year that corresponds to the late payment of your interest in numbers.
  7. In the amount deposited and the following, include the value in pesos of the payment that was made.
  8. Ready! In this way, it is established that it is the Form 155 for the monotax payment flyer and other concepts.
For each term to be declared, whether monotax, self-employed or social work, different forms of the form must be generated separately.

How to fill out the AFIP Form 155?

Obviously, to fill out the form you have to do it by downloading the form and writing down your personal data. The documents that must accompany it must also be attached. This will start the process.

For monotributistas and autonomous depositors, they must pay an amount referring to the corresponding monotax to continue with the process.

These monotax amounts would be:

  • Self-employed under code 021.
  • Tax corresponding to code 020.
  • According to code 024, Obra social.

Similarly, it is necessary to find out about the payments made to these taxes and their details:

  • AFIP tax code.
  • Value Added Tax.

Last but not least, head to the office AFIP closest at the appropriate time or call the numbers provided for the contact and ask for the Form 155.

What is the AFIP Form 155 for?

The Form 155 it works to declare the payment of three monotaxes. This makes it easier for monotributistas and freelancers to keep up with the payment by its simple way of paying them.

The status of this can be verified from the website of AFIP, agency commissioned for this purpose and many others, simply by using your fiscal code.

Who should process it?

All those individual or monotax contributors from Argentina.

What is AFIP?

AFIP are the acronyms for Federal Administration of Public Revenues. It is an organization that collects national autonomy taxes from the Argentine State, dependent on the country’s Ministry of Economy.

From this institution derives the General Tax Directorate (DGI) which is an organ that integrates the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) and in his charge, he has the perception, collection, inspection and application of national taxes.

Its main functions are:

  • Establishment of fines.
  • Tax collection.
  • Ex officio determinations.
  • Sanctions
  • Debt settlement through judicial or administrative means.

It is also responsible for promoting culture through voluntary compliance on the part of taxpayers. The main strategies of the General Tax Directorate are related to simplifying and / or facilitating or carrying out procedures for the population so that their compliance is satisfactory.

Procedures and services offered by the AFIP

The AFIP helps and informs any self-employed person, employees or employers, taxpayers of the general regime, social security organizations, among others.

Where to pay?

Where > In any entity authorized to receive payment for the form or it can also be done through the following options:

  • Electronic payment: payment through a Banelco or Link ATM, through the bank’s website or call within the attached card.
  • On the AFIP page, enter the tax code and through the monotax and self-employed checking account, cancel the tax. Simultaneously, form 155 is completed and the payment corresponding to »AFIP Payments» is made.
  • Through Link’s homebanking that allows you to go to the ATMs that they make available to the public and obtain an access code to process the monotax payment.
  • On the Banelco website, you get the access code to the »other operations» section. Through Pay my accounts make the payment and finish the process.
  • Through an electronic payment portal, with a credit card using the following numbers for online payments:

– Argencard and Mastercard = (011) 4340-5665.

– Cabal = (011) 4319-2550.

– Visa = (011) 4378-4499.

  • In one of the bank branches that are authorized by the AFIP. Through this link, you will be able to verify what these are.

Monotributistas and self-employed workers who have to pay the aforementioned taxes, can do so through all the options given for this payment.

Taxpayers registered within the social monotax and promoted independent workers can make the payment in person.

Users can also check the status of their payments, if they have debts or if they were processed correctly by the system through Current Account for Monotributistas and Self-Employed.

When > When so indicated by the pertinent authorities on the subject.

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