AFIP Form 3283: How it is, Fill it out and MORE

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Do you urgently need to go to the Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) and are unable to do so? Feel calm, we will take you by the hand to achieve it, because we know that you can authorize another person to represent you before the AFIP. That is why we will tell you everything you need to know about it. AFIP Form 3283.

We will tell you what it is for, how you can process it, the documents you need to have in order, the deadlines you have and the technological means that you should know.

What is the AFIP Form 3283 like?

You can obtain this form by entering the AFIP website. Fill in its content, taking care to keep a duplicate so that you can deliver it to the AFIP official who will attend to your case.

For the 3283 form to be valid before the AFIP agent, verify that it has the signature of the authorized person and the signature of the authorizer.

If you cannot bring the authorization to an AFIP employee, it is important that you know that you can also legalize your authorizing signature before a certified entity for it.

You can go to a bank, a justice of the peace, a civil registry chief, a police commissioner, a notary public or a notary that are available throughout the country, and have the necessary powers to legalize your authorizing signature.

How to fill out the AFIP Form 3283?

You will wonder how you do to comply with the registration of the information in the form. Here we will indicate it to you.

If you need a Legal Entity Relations Manager , you should take care of the following steps:

  • You must go to an AFIP unit with the Multinota 206 form and the pertinent documentation.
  • You can authorize a third party to present the documentation in the agency, which must be authorized through form 3283.

When it is the case that you require rather a Proxy Relationship Manager , you will have to do the following:

  • You must take the Multinota F. 206 form with the corresponding documentation to the agency.

You need to know that you will find two editable versions of forms 3283 / F and 3283 / J , for individuals and legal entities respectively. Both are interactive and current.

The steps you must follow so that you can fill out Form 3283 / F optimally are simple. You just have to read carefully:

  • Complete your data as an authorizing person, that is, the CUIT and name of which you consent to circumstantially assign the power.
  • Fill in the data of the legal figure of the person receiving the power of attorney, that is, the CUIT and name of the person who will act on your behalf.
  • You must ensure the signatures of both parties.
In the case of being the F 3283 / J, you only have to add the data of the company name in question.

To carry out all the filling out of the form, we specify several requirements depending on the situation of the case.

In the case of a sole legal representative of legal persons, this is what you must have in order:

  • Identity Document (only the digital ID will be valid).
  • Authenticated copy of the rules that regulate the operation – social contract, statute, etc. – of the legal person.
  • Documentation of the legal representative of the entity (minutes of assembly, court ruling, etc.).

In the case of a joint legal representative of legal persons, you must order these documents:

  • Identity Document (only the digital ID will be valid).
  • Authenticated copy of the rules that regulate the operation – social contract, statute, etc. – of the legal person.
  • Documentation that accredits the legal representative of the entity (meeting minutes, judicial decision, etc.). In the case of regular companies, the appointment of the position must be registered with the Public Registry of Competent Commerce.
  • Multinota Format – F 206 / M.

If you’re dealing with a bankruptcy or bankruptcy trustee, here’s what to check:

  • Trustee’s identity document (only the digital ID will be valid).
  • Judicial resolution of appointment.
  • For trustees.
  • Identity document (only the digital ID will be valid).
  • Copy of the trust agreement.
  • Trust contract in the terms of Law 24,441 or documentation that proves it as such.

In the case of a legal representative of Consortia of Law 13,512, check these items:

  • Identity document (only the digital ID will be valid).
  • Copy of the co-ownership and administration regulations and its registration in the corresponding registry and / or documentation that accredits it as a representative (Minutes of Assembly, etc.).

In the case of a diplomatic representation, organize these documents:

  • Identity document (only the digital ID will be valid).
  • Copy of the certificate that accredits the diplomatic representation, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship.

For a Proxy Relationship Manager, you must have this list of accomplishments:

  • Tax code, Multinota form F. 206 and supporting documentation.
  • Form No. 3283 / F or Form No. 3283 / J, depending on the case.
  • Authentic copy of the guardianship testimony (incapable persons).
  • Authenticated copy of the judicial testimony of guardianship or guardianship (minors under 18 years of age not emancipated).

In the case of a probate administrator, you must have the following documents:

  • Certified copy of the judicial appointment of the administrator.
  • For legal representatives, executor or legatee.
  • Obtain the fiscal key.
  • Authenticated copy of the death certificate.
  • Marriage book or birth certificate that proves relationship.
  • Authenticated photocopy of the adoption judgment testimony, if applicable.
  • Documentation that proves the legal representation.

Just for your additional knowledge: the processing of form 3283 may also be required by persons deprived of liberty. The requirements for this type of situation are the following:

  • Certification of deprivation of liberty.
  • Certification of the procedural situation.
  • Certified copy of the guardianship testimony, in accordance with the Penal Code.

Utility of AFIP Form 3283

As you are disabled or have notorious difficulty in going in person to a dependency of the AFIP, you have the option of having a relationship manager, a legal person or an authorized legal representative to carry out the procedure you need.

Using form 3283 you can authorize another person to represent you before the AFIP and carry out different types of assignments that you need.

You can do, through the person authorized by you, all these procedures:

  1. Notify files and summaries.
  2. Request and withdraw securities.
  3. Sign Affidavits and requests for term or extension.
  4. Remove documentation added to files and actions.
  5. Sign provisional or definitive receipts.
  6. Sign letters (payment obligation).
  7. File administrative appeals.
  8. Claim defense or file appeals.
  9. Receive the amount of returns.
  10. Give up the earned prescription.
  11. Recognize debts.

You can use either of the following two roles, so that they can represent you:

  1. A legal entity relationship manager, if you are a legal entity yourself. They can use the competent computer services.
  2. A relationship manager of the attorney-in-fact, when it is the case of a natural person with a tax code to act on your behalf, given the impossibility that you have to go directly to an AFIP headquarters and do the procedure you need.

Who should process it?

Following the roles described above, you can enable other people with this tool to use their tax code for the services of the AFIP website.

In order to carry out actions on your behalf, this person must log in with their «tax code». Then, you will have several types of authorizations:

  • The relationship manager.
  • The sub-manager of relationships.
  • An internal user.
  • A special restricted user.
  • A proxy relationship manager.

In order for you to carry out this procedure, in addition to all the elements listed above, you must also have the tax code and submit the Multinota form (F. 206).

What is the AFIP?

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) is the body that executes the tax, customs and collection policy of the social security resources of the Argentine Nation.

This is the institution to which you must go to process and obtain the AFIP Form 3283.

It was created in 1997 (Decree 618/1997) and is made up of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the General Tax Directorate (DGI) and the General Directorate of Social Security Resources (DGRSS).

It is important that you know everything about their functions and assignment bodies so that you can be up to date with the taxes and thus flow with the procedures that you need to carry out.

Above all, in case of the impediment that you have to attend physically and directly to its different venues.

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