AFIP Form 408: How it is, Steps to Fill It Out and MORE

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The Form 408 AFIP It is a document granted by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues. Likewise, this entity has a wide variety of procedures that can be carried out through forms that applicants must fill out. Therefore, it is important to know how to manage each of these obligations.

Also, this institution is responsible for promoting due compliance with the corresponding affidavits, allowing people to make these processes as simple as possible. Below we will tell you everything you need to know about this document, how to complete the format and more.

What is the AFIP Form 408 like?

In this section we tell you what the Form 408 AFIP and everything you need to know about it. With which, this form is divided into different sections, among which you will find personal data such as name and surname, and the denomination or company name. In the same way, it is divided by the following items:

  • Finding first item 1: tax enforcement trials
  • At the same time, item 2: appeals before the federal courts or the nation’s tax court
  • Finally, item 3: debt in administrative discussion

Steps to Fill Out Form 408 AFIP

  • The first thing you should do is download the relevant AFIP Form 408, this can be done directly from the AFIP website.
  • Once downloaded, we will proceed to complete Item 1 called «Tax Execution Trials»
  • Next, you must write down the Cause Cover and the name of the Intervening Fiscal Agent
  • Later we will put the number of the questionnaire, the pertinent tax, the year, term and amount of the same
  • Once the previous steps are completed, you will go to Item two
  • In this part you have to indicate the file number, the court or room, would segregate it or nomination
  • Then you have to place the Cover of the Cause, and then go to «Resolution or settlement appealed»
  • At the end of this part, we must bear in mind that this session must be added to the file
  • Then you will make the check for the AFIP where you will place the next data such as surname and names, denomination or company name
  • Then you can proceed to make the check for the depositor
  • In this case we will provide the following information: Surname and names, denomination or associated reason, CUIT, in summary the data cited in the check for the AFIP
  • Once this part is completed you will have to fill out Item 3, which is called «Debt in administrative discussion»
  • If you have any observations about the procedure, you can write them down in the Observations box.
  • Then, to finish the form, you must proceed to put the data and the site, and the signature of the holder. In the case of not being the owner, you must put your personal data, such as name and surname and address of address
  • It is important to remember that you must have a copy for each cause that you are going to present

What is the CUIT?

In the same way, we clarify that by means of the AFIP Form 408 you can request your Unique Tax Identification Code CUIT. Thus, this password is necessary to complete the legal process, so you must be very careful when entering all the information to avoid errors.

Within this context, you must take into account every month to register and pay everything related to your gross income, depending on what you invoice and the economic activities you develop. In addition, it is your responsibility to present the following documentation so that you can request your CUIT:

  • Original and two photocopies of your ID.
  • Two documents that confirm your registered tax address for no more than 60 days in the name of the person making the request.
  • Such documents can be: o Invoice for a public service, such as a bill for electricity, gas, telephone, water, among others o The statement of your bank account

  • Summary of your credit card
  • Property title of registered address
  • Rental contract of the declared address or Certificate of address issued by the police in the jurisdiction that corresponds to you
  • A municipal authorization
  • Similar authorization
  • Certificate of verification issued by a notary or notary public
  • Certificate of the file number assigned by the National Directorate of Migration,
  • Argentines over 75 years of age and those who are legally incapacitated must present their civic or enrollment pass.
  • Once the requirements described above have been delivered together with Form 408 in the AFIP office of your choice, you will be given your CUIT and tax code

What is the AFIP Form 408 for?

  • On the other hand, it is time for you to know what this important Form 408 AFIP is for
  • Therefore, this serves as an essential requirement for the affidavit for search and / or withdrawal.
  • Because it gathers each and every one of the data, as well as the precise information provided by the depositor to carry out the affidavit process.
  • It is essential that when filling out this document it is presented in good condition, to avoid delays and rejection of the process

Who should fill it out?

  • It is important to clarify who must fill out this important document. Then this question will be clarified
  • As you probably already suspected, this form is necessary for any natural person in the Republic of Argentina

What is AFIP?

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) is an entity or, if you want, the organism in charge of the execution and regulation of the tax policy, in addition to also controlling the collection of the resources of the social security of the Argentine nation.

This is an entity that was founded in 1997, by decree 618/1997. Like any organization, this one has a mission, which is based on running the Argentine tax system. As well as the customs system and the resource system of the country’s social security, doing it effectively.

In the same way, the entity has the purpose and purpose of promoting a culture of compliance with obligations on a voluntary basis. With which, it brings with it social inclusion and the formalization of the economy.

Finally, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues has a vision, which is to promote the development of Argentine society, promoting it as an entity committed to its tax obligations. Thus, compliance with these tax obligations will be voluntary and can be done as simply and quickly as possible.

What is Form 408 AFIP?

The Form 480 AFIPAlso called the Raid and / or Withdrawal Form, it is the filling and registration instrument used by the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue) entity. To carry out the process of the affidavit of search and / or withdrawal.

This document is issued directly by the AFIP. Who is also the entity in charge of managing it. It is also a form that you must submit as a person relevant to the affidavit. Exactly it must be used one for each cause, that is, it must have a copy for each cause present.

Thus, we have reached the end of this article, we hope that the information provided will be of help to you and that now that you know what the Form 408 AFIP, which is the AFIP, what it is for and, most importantly, how to fill it out, you can carry out this process easily and successfully and fulfill your legal duties.

Comply with tax legalities!

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