AFIP Form 460 J: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The AFIP Form 460 J is a document intended to benefit health services for you and other employees in Argentina. Thus, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), constitutes the organism in charge of the execution of tax and customs policies and collection of resources of the Nation’s social security.

Similarly, it is important to note that said form is requested by any natural person in the Republic of Argentina. If you are interested in obtaining it, this info will interest you. Next, we will tell you what it is and how you can obtain it, its usefulness, the process that your application entails and more.

What is the AFIP Form 460 J like?

First of all, you should know that AFIP Form 460 J It is a format implemented by the Government of Argentina as a registration tool or instrument. Thus, it is aimed at all independent or monotax worker in the Federal Administration of Public Revenue. At the same time, it allows you to get your Unique Tax Identification Code CUIT.

Reason for which, through the web pages that the State, has for this purpose, you will be able to find the aforementioned respective Form digitally. With which you can fill it out on your computer and print it. Likewise, you can proceed to print a copy and fill it out by hand, if that is what you prefer.

How to fill it?

  • You must indicate the type of procedure to be carried out, if it is for the first time your registration or a modification in the data of your registry You must also indicate the reason, among which you can choose an immigration agreement, trade or spontaneous
  • Your personal identification data, that is, the date of birth, sex, nationality (Argentine or foreign), the type and number of the identity document, type of residence and validity
  • The information corresponding to your referential data, such as surnames and full names, in addition to the married name, if applicable.

  • The address of your fiscal and real domicile, specifically, describe your street name and number, sector to which it belongs, tower, floor, department, block and any additional data as a point of reference
  • You must present a receipt for a service, rental contract or property title in order to corroborate the above information
  • Next, in the economic data section, you must enter your main and secondary economic activity, the name of each of them, its code and the start date in the order indicated there.
  • Now, the tax information, which refers to the nature of your taxes, their denomination and number and the date of their registration. As well as, your perception or retention regimes, if applicable.
  • Finally, it is up to you to enter your social security data, that is, the start and end dates, the name and the code of the same

Important aspects

Once you have completed all of the AFIP Form 460 J, you must go to an AFIP agency and proceed to enter it, where they will additionally request a tax in your name and your respective identity document. You can do it at the AFIP office closest to your home.

If your information corresponds to the monotax status, the second page of the form containing the economic, commercial and tax data must be submitted without information, that is, blank. Consequently, you can start recording your gross income and obtain your CUIT for your different payment processes.

CUIT application

It should be noted that through Him AFIP Form 460 J You can apply for your Unique Tax Identification Code CUIT. In this sense, this key is necessary to complete the legal process. So you must be very careful when entering all the information to avoid errors.

Within this context, you should take into account every month to register and pay everything related to your gross income. Depending on what you bill and the economic activities you develop. In addition, it is your responsibility to present the following documentation so that you can request your CUIT:

  • Original and two photocopies of your ID.
  • Two documents that confirm your registered tax address for no more than 60 days in the name of the person making the request. Such documents can be:
  • Bill of a public service, such as electricity, gas, telephone, water, among others
  • Your bank account statement
  • A summary of your credit card

  • Property title of registered address
  • Rental contract of the declared address
  • Certificate of address issued by the police in the jurisdiction that corresponds to you
  • A municipal authorization or similar authorization
  • Certificate of verification issued by a notary or notary public
  • Certificate of the file number assigned by the National Directorate of Migration
  • Argentines over 75 years of age and those legally incapacitated must present their civic or enrollment pass

To conclude, once the requirements described above have been delivered together with the AFIP Form 460 J In the office of the headquarters of your preference, you will be given your CUIT and tax code. Through which you can enter the system and proceed to make the respective registration.

Utility of AFIP Form 460 J

As we have already described in the previous point, this respective document aims to request your CUIT number and your tax code from the AFIP. In this sense, through them you can enter the system and proceed to carry out all the required legal procedures in the instance that you need.

Likewise, when carrying out the entire delivery process of the AFIP Form 460 J With the required supporting documentation, you can start recording your gross income. As well as, obtain your CUIT and tax code for your different payment processes and tax returns, and comply with your tax duties.

The presentation of the AFIP Form 460 J It allows duly registered citizens to fulfill the functions of independent workers or as monotributistas. Consequently, they can develop different economic activities that circumscribe them in the monotax. Among which they can be a driver, a nurse, etc.

Now, if you respectively comply with any of the characteristics detailed below, you must be excluded from the categories inclined towards independent or monotax worker:

  • Carrying out or having carried out business of importing services or goods in order to market them
  • Receive income for acting as administrator, director or being part of a company
  • Obtain income greater than the maximum designated by the AFIP
  • Be registered in the general VAT regime. Being that, those exempt from this tax can register with a different activity within the monotax
  • Have registered more than three sources of income or operating units

Federal Revenue Administration

The Federal Administration of Public Revenue (AFIP) is the public body created in 1997 by the Argentine Government. Likewise, he is in charge of the execution of the tax, customs and collection policy of the Nation’s social security resources. As well as the Administration of the tax system.

The aforementioned Agency is made up of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the General Tax Directorate (DGI) and the General Directorate of Social Security Resources (DGRSS). At the same time, it arises from the public needs of society and is satisfied through the participation of the State.

In this sense, this specific public entity’s mission is to administer the tax, customs and social security resources system in an effective, simple and equitable manner; promoting the culture of voluntary compliance, the formalization of the economy and social inclusion.

What is AFIP Form 460 J?

At the end of this writing we want you to know more about what is called Form 460 J of AFIP. With which, this is the document that allows Argentines as independent workers or monotributistas to request their Unique Tax Identification Code CUIT, as well as their password fiscal.

Additionally, the CUIT is a number that is used and is part of the Argentine tax system. In this sense, through it, legal or physical persons that do not have dependent employment relationships are identified, this code is obtained through Form 460 J filed with the AFIP.

Consequently, with all the information provided here, you can obtain your Unique Tax Identification Code CUIT. Thus, this constitutes a code composed of two (2) digits that determine the type, eight (8) digits that make up the number of your DNI and one (1) last digit assigned randomly.

Finally, it should be noted that there is the Unique Labor Identification Code CUIL. In this regard, the aforementioned key is used in those workers who maintain a relationship of work dependency. Therefore, we hope that this information has been very useful and that you can carry out the process described above in the best way.

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