AFIP Form 575: How it is, Steps and MORE

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The AFIP form 575 It is a document that you should have on hand whenever you start any employment relationship with a new domestic service employee. Through this tool you will be able to pay and declare the contributions and social security contributions of the workers of private homes that you are in charge of.

Likewise, it is vitally important that you know how to make the correct use of these documents to meet the objectives of the information. That is why in this article we explain how to fill out the format or document, the steps to follow and everything you must do to obtain the AFIP Form 575.

What is the AFIP Form 575 like?

  • First of all, in this section we will tell you what the AFIP Form 575 and everything you need to know about it
  • When you have the form you will realize that it is divided into different sections
  • With which, you will be able to view the data referring to social security contributions
  • These data are the voluntary contribution (MINIMUM $ 33) and the interests you obtain through said contribution
  • Social Security Contributions

  • Contribution Difference
  • Compensatory Interest for Difference in Contributions
  • Additional Capitalizable Resources
  • Difference of Contributions and Adherents of the determined Social Work
  • Primary family group coverage, until 2006
  • Occupational risks covered by an insurer
  • Differentiation of occupational risk insurer

Steps to fill out the AFIP Form 575

In the same way, below we will proceed to indicate the steps you must follow to fill out the FForm 575 of AFIP. With which, we suggest that you read each of the aspects of the procedure carefully. Thus, you can guarantee an optimal result and the success of your respective processing, for the moment you want it.

  • First of all, you must fill out the CUIL worker of private homes and the month and year for which the contributions and contributions are entered
  • Then, you have to proceed to fill in item 1: Social Security Contributions
  • Which is completed if the worker of private homes chooses to make voluntary contributions for the retirement regime
  • You must indicate with a cross if you are going to pay the difference or the interest in case of late payment
  • Thus, item 1 is a monthly sum, which may not be less than $ 33 for contributions to the National Social Security Scheme
  • Next, you must fill out item 2: Social Security Contributions
  • Therefore, this indicates the minimum necessary to access a future pension benefit
  • Also, you must indicate with a cross if you are going to pay the difference or the interest in case of late payment

  • That is why item 2 is a monthly amount, resulting from the difference between the sum of $ 35 and the amount of the mandatory contribution entered by the employer or employers
  • Item 3 – concept 893, must be completed in the case of paying the coverage of the primary family group. You must indicate with a cross if you are going to pay the coverage of the family group or the interest in case of late payment
  • In addition, you must add adherents for the coverage of the Obra Social
  • This item is an additional sum of $ 419 per month for contributions to the National Health Insurance Scheme.
  • Finally, you must fill out item 4 – concept 932 which is completed in the event of the beginning of the employment relationship
  • Finally, once you complete the AFIP form 575 You can go to an office of the entity to declare your contributions with your receipt of their payment

What is the AFIP Form 575 for?

On the other hand, once the above mentioned, it is time for you to know what this important document is for. In this way, you will be able to know the exact usefulness of it and in what situations its availability can serve you. Next, we explain the usefulness of the Form 575 of the Federal Administration of Public Revenue.

Now, this form allows you, as an employer, to communicate the contributions required within the current regulations. Likewise, it serves to generate a record with the personal data of you as the employer and the employee of the contribution payments, as well as the generation of the electronic payment flyer and the salary receipt.

In the same way the AFIP Form 575 It is used for contributions to the worker’s social security. At the same time, you have the willingness to make some of the voluntary advance payments from the occupational hazard insurers. Thus, some of the benefits of form 575 are:

  • Health coverage through affiliated social works
  • Retirement contributions
  • Insurance in an entity for occupational hazards
  • Special rates thanks to the SUBE card
  • Holidays and special licenses when necessary
  • Deduction of taxes on earnings, wages and contributions for employers who meet the payments
  • The impossibility of taking legal actions against either of the two parties, as long as all the responsibilities within the regulations are met

Who Should Fill It

  • It is important to clarify who must fill out this important document. This question will be clarified below:
  • Any person who has an employment relationship with a new domestic service employee within the Argentine Republic

Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)

In the same way, you will surely wonder what the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) is. Well, don’t worry, we will explain it to you in this section. With which, below we will point out some of the most important aspects that make up this organization in Argentina.

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) is an entity or, if you will, an organism in charge of the execution and regulation of tax policy. At the same time, it is in charge of controlling the collection of the nation’s social security resources.

Likewise, it is an entity that was founded in 1997, by decree 618/1997. Like any organization, this one has a mission, which is based on running the Argentine tax system. As well as the customs system and the system of resources of the social security of the country, doing it effectively, with the purpose and purpose of promoting compliance with the obligations

In the same way, they try to ensure compliance with these responsibilities on a voluntary basis. That is why it leads to social inclusion and the formalization and development of the economy. Therefore, it works as a great contribution to the financial sector that covers the national territory.

Finally, the Federal Administration of Public Revenues has a vision, which is to promote the development of Argentine society, promoting it as an entity committed to its tax obligations. This means that the fulfillment of these tax obligations is voluntary and that they can be carried out as simply and quickly as possible.

What is AFIP Form 575?

Now, we are about to reach the end of this article, but we cannot leave without first clarifying what the form is. Therefore, in this section we will explain to you in a much broader way, what this format consists of. In other words, we suggest that you pay attention to the following information and take into account the aspects that we point out to you.

The AFIP Form 575 It is a legal document for the voluntary payment of contributions, contributions and to the insurers of occupational hazards of domestic workers. At the same time, it is also aimed at the staff of private houses hired by Argentine citizens. There are two specific cases in which this form is used:

  • When the staff or domestic employee wants to use the benefits of being treated through their social work, but makes contributions to this less than the total. This figure is found in 35 pesos
  • In this case, the form is used to make the payment of the difference between what the employee is contributing and the total amount (536.35 pesos)

  • That is, it has the purpose that employees contribute the total without regardless of the weekly hours they have recorded
  • The second case is when the registration of the contributions is made.
  • Thus, this case applies when the first installment of payments is made to occupational risk insurers.
  • So we can cover this insurance for work during the first month in which the service begins

On the other hand, during the course of each year, the Federal Administration of Public Revenue is in charge of issuing the values ​​of the contributions for domestic employees and staff of private homes. They come into effect as the established period progresses.

In the same way, these can easily vary depending, to a greater extent, on the salary increases declared by the Executive, as has happened during the last year. Finally, we hope that this information has been to your liking and can work for you by the time you decide to carry out this procedure

Contribute to the payment of your contributions in the correct way!

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