AFIP Form 649: Format, Filling and MORE

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Do you need to manage the AFIP Form 649 and you don’t know how? Through this article we expose all the information that interests you to obtain it.

Here you will find what the Form is, how it should be filled out, what it is used for, who should complete it. You will also learn about what the AFIP is and much more information. Do not stop reading the information we have for you.

AFIP Form 649 Format

In the past, managing any Form was very annoying, since you had to make long lines and go to agencies far from our home address. Nowadays, thanks to the progress of technology, most of the errands can be carried out online.

The AFIP Form 649 It is very easy to obtain, you only have to meet the required requirements, with which the process is optimally complemented. The requirements are mentioned below:

  • The DNI (National identity document).
  • The CUIT (Unique Tax Identification Code).
  • Possess the CUIL (Unique Labor Identification Code), which is issued by the company where you work.
  • Have a legal contract from the company or institution where the settlement is to be issued.
  • Count on more than two (2) payments during working time.
  • Credit deductions and missing contributions each year.

Obeying these requirements, the online search is started by entering «Form 649 AFIP», and press the link that appears as the first option. This Form can be download through this link. When it is downloaded, you have the opportunity to print it, fill it out and deliver it to the stipulated institution.

How to fill out the AFIP Form 649?

To fill the AFIP Form 649, it must be taken into consideration that the calculations of the entrances within the company have to be made. In the event that the employer has had some years working in the institution, the income reflected within the company must be found.

Before filling out the Form, you should have a pen with preferably black ink on hand. It is suggested that two (2) Forms be printed to prevent errors and strikeouts. The steps to follow to fill the AFIP Form 649 are as follows:

  1. The first section of the Form asks that the personal information of the employer and the company: Names and surnames, information of the withholding officer, the address of the town, the dates of discharges, etc.
  2. With regard to the second section (it is more extensive), it is recommended to read carefully each of the proposed approaches and be filled out according to the situation of each person.
  3. The last section indicates that data should be placed to complement such as: Quotation costs, labor discounts, bank or business loans, insurance premiums, etc.

To Take into Account: At the end of filling out the Form, the employee’s DNI (National Identity Document) must be attached and presented at the AFIP office.

What is AFIP Form 649 for?

The AFIP Form 649 It can be used for various situations, which are of great help to employees in the financial, private or public sector who perform administrative functions. The withholding officials of Income Taxes or financial positions to request their payments, require it.

Usefulness of AFIP Form 649

  • Carry out the total liquidation for reasons of dismissal of an employee or inactivity (to stop working voluntarily).
  • When an annual payment can be made, it is required to have the AFIP Form 649
  • It highlights the most fundamental qualities between the employer and the company.
  • Its essential function is grant the payment request every year.
  • Seeks proof of dismissal by the company to an employer.
  • It reflects all the wages that the employee earned during his entire period of employment.

Each of the utilities of the Form are essential for business institutions, and for their workers. This is because, when granting a final settlement or every year, this Form must be filled out.

Who Should Fill It Out?

The AFIP Form 649 it must be filled out by the employee, as a certification to establish what the amount of the settlement should be, after being dismissed from a job.

This is a requirement requested by the AFIP, which requires that the indicated information be accurate for the purpose to be fulfilled.

Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP), is an organization that is in charge of carrying out tax, collection and customs diplomacy of the resources of the social security of Argentina. This was founded in 1997 and is made up of the General Customs Directorate (DGA).

Likewise, it is made up of the General Tax Directorate (DGI) and the General Directorate of Social Security Resources (DGRSS). This information is found in Decree 618/1997.

What is AFIP Form 649?

When referring to AFIP Form 649, there is talk of a sworn statement issued by the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue). Said documentation is granted in order for the employee to fill it in with the requested data.

To fill out the Form, it is required to indicate the total of the payments of the hours and job position, which the worker fulfills within the company. The amount indicated must be in accordance with the calendar date of the current year, from the month of January until the date of issue.

In the country the General Resolution 2437 AFIP, determined that it should be done when workers require a tax payment, due to internal or external conditions of the company.

Qualities of AFIP Form 649

  • Used to produce a refund every year.
  • In the event that a worker is about to leave the company or is dismissed for a justified reason, the AFIP Form 649 to signal the final return of the employee.
  • Indicates a quantity of data, which must be admitted by the withholding officer.
  • It is possible to print and fill it for free.
  • Reflects an informational settlement, about the period worked by the employer in all its work function.

NOTE: The AFIP determined that as of January 2019, institutions, entities and private or public companies must renew the payroll form directed by the AFIP. This to award the full balance of the winnings.

What is the SIRADIG AFIP?

The SIRADIG (System for Registration and Updating of Income Tax Deductions)It is a government entity connected with AFIP, which is in charge of registering all AFIP employers. This instrument helps Argentine workers to carry out different procedures efficiently and optimally.

The employers who must register in the system are listed below:

  1. Individuals who have income from job functions in commercial, organizational, public systems, officials of the Judicial Power of the country, public magistrates, judges and tributaries.
  2. Self employed (accredited by the Labor Law and under the administrative rules of legal work).
  3. Retired and retired officials, who are independent from work and conduct their own income.
  4. Community and corporate cooperatives (social campaigns, LGBT mutuals, etc.).

Some Frequently Asked Questions

From what amount is Income Tax paid, and what is the non-taxable minimum?

With respect to the non-taxable minimum, for the last year it was $ 38,301.85 pesos every month, regardless of marital status.

This amount may vary by people who are in charge and are declared. According to how much the minimum is exceeded, that will be the percentage of the tax that will be canceled.

It should be considered that the computation of the tax is made on the total salary, regardless of how many series are owned, and at the time of use it may affect a single series or several.

When collecting a retroactive, is the Income Tax paid?

It’s not mandatoryHowever, obtaining a retroactive account does not mean that Income Tax has to be deducted. This will be deducted, if it corresponds to the time the retroactive is received:

  • In the event that they are wages for the current year.
  • Yes, without wages from previous years.

As you already know the AFIP Form 649, is where the Income Tax is declared. This is very easy to download and complete, you just have to follow the steps detailed above.

The objective of this Form is that when a worker is dismissed, through it the fair payment that corresponds to him for having worked in a specific company is reflected.

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