AFIP Form 711: Format, How to Fill It Out and MORE

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First of all, before exposing everything concerning the AFIP Form 711 We want you to know what the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) consists of. Thus, it constitutes the organism in charge of the fulfillment of the tax, customs policy and collection of the resources of the social security of the Nation.

It is important to note that this form is requested by any employee with a dependency relationship in the Republic of Argentina. Therefore, if you are interested in this procedure, you can continue reading. Next, we will tell you what it is and how you can obtain it, its usefulness, the process that your application entails and more.

AFIP Form 711 Format

First of all, you should know that the AFIP Form 711 It is a format established by the Government of Argentina as a fiscal tool or instrument. In this regard, it must be used by any employee with a labor dependency relationship, to declare their income taxes before the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP).

Within this context, through the web pages that the State has for this purpose you will be able to locate the aforementioned Form 711 in digital format. Consequently, its completion can only be done electronically, so you only need to download it on your laptop or computer, and so you can proceed to print it.

How to fill it?

  • In principle you must proceed to download the form in this Web page
  • After downloading the respective form, you must start filling in all the required fields
  • The filling process must be done in the order presented, that is, start with the first box observed called: Income and Expenses of the four categories Source Argentina
  • In this table you must enter the information corresponding to the total taxable income, the total participation in companies, the expenses and deductions, the net result, losses for shares and for derivative financial instruments.
  • Next, you will identify the next table entitled: Income and Expenses of the four categories Foreign source
  • To determine the Tax, you must indicate based on the source of origin if it is Argentine or if the source is foreign.
  • The specific data to be placed are: Net result of the categories, Adjustment by transfer price, Reciprocity international treaties, Tax deductions

  • Next, general deductions, Tax result, Previous losses, compensable FA losses, Final result, Deduction S. Art 1 document 1006/13 and 1242/13, Net income subject to tax, Tax determined
  • Within Determination of balance you must place the information on law 25922, minimum presumed profit, tax credit, liquid fuels, withholdings, among others
  • The third category called: Assets and Debts, you must record the total assets in the country, debts in the country, net worth, total assets abroad, total debts abroad, net worth abroad, total net worth
  • Fourth category entitled: Equity Justification, You are going to enter the amount consumed, tax result for the period, net worth at closing, net worth at beginning, among other data
  • Fifth and last category named Facility Plan, you must indicate the balance to be paid in installments, the number of installments of your preference and the amount of the payment on account
  • Once the process is finished, it is your responsibility to identify the form, whose personal data was placed at the beginning of the process. Such as name and surname, period, CUIT or CUIL number, among others
  • Finally, as the last step, you must place the signature of the person who carried out the procedure electronically

Sworn declaration

  • The entire filling process must be done electronically, for which you must enter the AFIP website
  • Then you start the session with your data, entering your CUIT number and password
  • Next in the title My services you should look for Human Human Earnings – Integrated Portal
  • These options will be displayed below: My affidavit, my next due date, my previous affidavits, and our share. For which you must select the first option My affidavit and click on start
  • Then you enter the year of your affidavit
  • Then you must fill out the form
  • At the end you must go to Submit a sworn statement and select Submit

It should be noted that for the execution of the entire process previously detailed it is essential to have your Unique Tax Identification Code CUIT. Or, failing that, know the Unique Labor Identification Code CUIL used in those workers who maintain a labor dependency relationship.

What is the AFIP Form 711 for?

In relation to this point, form 711 related to income taxes is used to file the affidavit corresponding to the earnings of natural persons. Within this context, it must be presented by all employees who have a dependency relationship, based on the amount generated from their annual gross income.

The quoted AFIP Form 711, It is a registration instrument where you, as the obliged subject, provide all the information and data for the required one. Through which the AFIP can maintain control of all tax returns in the country and thus be able to regulate income taxes.

In this sense, the use of this tool for control of the tax system in the Republic of Argentina is of great importance. Likewise, it is of vital utility for citizens in the fulfillment of their formal duties to avoid fines or infractions considered tax crimes.

Also, it is important to note that, in case you are an employee who exceeds the amount of $ 144,000 in income, you must submit two affidavits. In this case, it is your responsibility to complete part of Form 711 Income Tax, Form 762 / A Personal Property Tax F., additionally.

NOTE: it is important that you bear in mind that, when completing the form 711, the system reflects a document or receipt with your data. Through this voucher, the AFIP confirms the successful completion of the affidavit process with respect to income taxes.

Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP)

The Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) is the public body in charge of processing the Affidavit of Tax Earnings in the Argentine Republic. Which, is in charge of the execution of the tax, customs and collection policy of the resources of the social security of the Nation.

The aforementioned Agency is made up of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), the General Tax Directorate (DGI) and the General Directorate of Social Security Resources (DGRSS). This was created in 1997 and arises from the public needs of society and is satisfied through the participation of the State.

In the same way, this public entity’s mission is to administer the tax, customs and social security resources system in an effective, simple and equitable manner; promoting the culture of voluntary compliance, the formalization of the economy and social inclusion.

At the same time, AFIP is firmly committed to taking measures aimed at increasingly protecting the integrity of its agents in the performance of their tasks. Thus, it provides the necessary responses to the growing demand for transparency and accountability derived from the trust of citizens.

To conclude, we can tell you that the AFIP Form 711 contentivo of the Individual Profits – Simplified Regime is a document. For the affidavit of Income Tax. Likewise, it is under the regulations of the Federal Administration of Public Revenues AFIP since it is the Body that regulates the tax system.

Ethical values ​​of AFIP

  • Juridicity, Comply with the national constitution, international treaties and all other current norms and general legal principles related to the performance of the duties of citizens
  • Integrity, represents a straight and transparent position with respect to the situations handled by the organism

  • Vocation of service, maintains the purpose of developing and providing services with the promotion for citizens to voluntarily comply with their obligations
  • Professionalism, Its internal processes are designed to fulfill its mission correctly and effectively to continuously improve and provide quality services
  • Proactivity, they remain committed to the continuous improvement of their intervention process
  • Social responsibility, they are positioned to consider and balance the impact they will have on the entire public when designing their management strategies

What is AFIP Form 711?

At the end of this writing we want you to know more about what is called AFIP Form 711, by the time you need to obtain it. Also, you should know that all employees who have a dependency relationship must present it. With which, it must respond to the basis in the amount generated as gross annual income.

Thus, it is a registration instrument where you, as an Argentine and obligated subject, provide all the information required in the form. In order for the AFIP to maintain control of all the affidavits in the country. In order to regulate income taxes in this way.

Within this context, you should know that the AFIP Form 711 It is a format established by the Government of Argentina as a fiscal tool or instrument. Reason why its use by citizens is mandatory. Regarding the fulfillment of their formal duties to avoid fines or infractions considered tax crimes.

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