AFP Forecast Sickness Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The AFP Forecast Sickness Form it is a piece of information that functions as a declaration of illness. Likewise, this allows the examined employee to enter a pension fund in case of being incapacitated by the company. Therefore, it must be completed and signed by the employer, the member, or their representative and by the corresponding doctors.

In the same way, this has the intention, on the part of the employer, to determine if the worker is in the conditions to carry out his role within the company. Thus, in this article we tell you everything you need to know about this important process. From the format of the form, its respective filling, its usefulness and much more.

AFP Forecast Sickness Form Format

First of all, it is up to us to tell you about the Format of the form, being an important aspect in this process. The format of the AFP Forecast Sickness Form It has several sections among which we can mention the following:

  • The worker’s identification data
  • The worker’s employment information
  • The exposure background
  • The clinical examination
  • And finally the verification

In the worker identification data section, you will find the names and surnames of the employee, the CUA, the insured’s registration to the health managing body, the name of EGS, sex, date of birth, marital status, nationality and last domicile address.

Then in the labor information section, you will find the start date of the employment relationship, the occupation of the employee, the name or company name of the employer, the telephone number, the fax, the employer number, the address of the company. and finally the record of services such as previous companies and years of experience.

Also, the section on exposure history, are the pollutants and time to which the worker was exposed during his working life. Then, in the clinical examination section, there is the start date, the evaluation and the presumptive diagnosis of the health professional who performs the examination.

Filling of the AFP Forecast Sickness Form

Now that you know the format of the AFP forecast disease form, it is up to you to indicate the steps to follow for its respective filling and subsequent delivery. To complete the AFP forecast illness form, you only have to complete the following information:

Identification data

  • Both the paternal and maternal surnames are necessary, even if you obtained a married name they are not required.
  • You must put your name or names in case you have more than 1.
  • Give information about which was your health managing body and what is the registration number by which you are insured

  • Next, you must compulsorily enter your identity card number
  • You must enter what is your birth sex, whether female or male.
  • You must enter the full date of birth in the form of day, month and year.
  • In addition to placing there with your marital status, that is, if you are a divorced widower or married single partner or others.
  • And finally you must put the information about your nationality

Address Information

  • The department in which you are living together with the province, town or city.
  • It must also be specified which is the neighborhood area or the organization where it is located must put local cell phone numbers to contact.
  • Sidewalk about the avenue street the passage the building with its number the block and the department

Labor aspects

  • You must enter here if you are a dependent or independent worker and if it is the second case also your NIT number
  • Then, you must enter what was your date of entry with this employment relationship
  • You must state what is your occupation in addition to the business name or the name of your employer together with the employer number

  • Also information about your employer’s NIT for telephones and other ways of contact
  • You must place the province department of the neighborhood city are the urbanization locality where it is located
  • Clarifying to the street avenida pasaje the block number building office or PC in which it is located

The following sections that you will find in the AFP forecast illness form are filled out by the doctor who performs the exam or by the employer. These sections are: exposure history, clinical examination and verification. It is important to note that the form can be downloaded from the Internet and filled out manually.

However, the filling can not have errors, nor taps and that the data provided must be true.

What is it for?

  • Now, at this point in the article, it is relevant that you know the usefulness, that is, what is the use of the AFP Forecast Sickness Form
  • This is a form that serves the employer as a kind of declaration of illness, where by means of a medical examination
  • Thus, it is carried out by a health professional, diagnoses its workers with a disease that disables them from their work within the company
  • From the point of view of the employee, this form is used to enter a pension fund that allows economic subsistence

What is AFP Previsión?

On the other hand, in this section we will talk a little about what is the AFP forecast and much more. With which, the Pension Fund Administrator is a company established in 1997 to manage pension funds in Bolivia, hence its acronym AFP. Thus, the mission of this company is to contribute to the welfare of the Bolivian Society

That is why it seeks, through fair and dignified pensions, to create value for the Client and the Shareholder. Also, within the vision of the company, we find that it is born as a statement that establishes the high-level objectives of the human team. From what we can offer, married to the needs of all those who are linked to BBVA Previsión AFP.

That is, customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and society as a whole. So this is based on leadership, innovation, and people. That is why, the statement of the corresponding vision is the following: «At BBVA Previsión AFP we work for a better future for people.»

What is a Pension Fund Manager?

Here we tell you what a pension fund manager is and everything you need to know about these organizations. The Pension Fund Administrators (AFP) are private financial institutions whose sole purpose is the administration of pension funds under the modality of personal accounts.

Likewise, they grant retirement, disability, survivor pensions and provide burial expenses. Furthermore, the sole and exclusive purpose of the AFPs is the administration and representation of pension funds. Its assets must be separated from the assets of the fund that it manages.

Likewise, its role is determined by the Pensions Law No. 1732 of November 1996 (in Bolivia). Which establishes that the AFPs fulfill the constitutional mandate to ensure the continuity of the means of subsistence of human capital. Through the Compulsory Social Security administration. In this sense, the AFPs have the dual function of:

  • Provide old-age, disability and death pensions, as well as capitalization benefits
  • Collect savings and invest these resources efficiently

What is the AFP Sickness Forecast Form?

Now, we are almost at the end of this article, but we cannot leave without first talking to you about what the AFP disease forecast form. Below we indicate everything you need to know about this important information and some additional suggestions that you must take into account, indispensable.

Therefore, the AFP sickness form is a legal document that serves as a kind of sickness declaration. Thus, by means of a medical examination, carried out by a health professional, it diagnoses its workers with a disease that disables them from their work within the company.

It also allows the employee to enter a pension fund that allows economic subsistence. With which, as we indicated above, this important document must be completed and signed by the employer, the member, or their representative. As well as, by the doctors who have attended the employee’s case.

Finally, it is important that we mention a suggestion of great significance to you. This corresponds to the fact that you must be careful with the data you provide. Just as it is necessary that you go to a good health service so that your medical exams are completed optimally.

Therefore, as we have reached the end of this article, we hope that the information we provide will be of help to you throughout this process. So that you can carry out the process successfully and cover the needs you have for the given moment.

Take care of your health and do continuous check-ups!


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