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If you work in the profession of education in the country, you have to be associated with the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa Rica (ANDE). This will allow you to be registered with an entity that will be responsible for ensuring your rights and duties as an educator. Now, to have legal proof of your registration in the association, you will need to obtain the Ande certificate, delivered by the institution.

But if you don’t know what this certificate is about, this article can help you a lot; since we will write a little about the download method that this document has and the importance of being registered and certified in ANDE. In addition, we will mention the virtual parallel activities What you must do to obtain this document and the commissions in charge of carrying out these activities offered by en Ande.

We invite you to continue with the readings and get the most out of it!

How to Download the Ande Certificate?

The first thing you should know about this certificate is that it has a virtual version that you can download from its website, to save you and streamline the processes of this procedure.

In this way the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa Rica seeks to help its members and interested parties, so that they have the availability to obtain the Ande certificate at any time of day and from anywhere in the country.

On the other hand, this virtual system to achieve the Ande certificate It is part of the large number of activities and services that the association has available to users of its website.

Now, the procedure you must follow to register on the A websiteNational Association of Educators of Costa Rica is the following:

  1. Access the next LINK.
  2. Specify your nationality (Foreigner or Costa Rican).
  3. Enter your Identity Card number.
  4. Provide your two names -If that’s the case- and your two surnames.
  5. Write your email address.
  6. Register your cell phone number.
  7. Create and enter an access password.
  8. Click on the box for «Accept Terms and Conditions».
  9. Finally, click on the button «Keep».

Congratulations, you have registered on the website!

ATTENTION: We recommend you save the password you have created in a separate document or write it on paper; since this will be you «wrench» to access the virtual system of the National Association of Educators of Costa Rica.

Finally; Once you have registered on the website of the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa Rica, you will be able to access the institution’s online system. In this way, you will have access to your Ande certificate anytime, anywhere, to be able to download it when necessary.

Virtual Parallel Activities to Obtain the Ande Certificate

Being registered in the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa RicaYou will have access to endless services offered by the institution through its website. Among the services offered are the Virtual Parallel Activities that Ande carries out annually, to share new knowledge about the guild.

These activities are of great relevance within the world of learning, which is why many educators do this «seminar» for Obtain the Ande certificate that you grant for participating in this event annual. Normally, the date of the Virtual Parallel Activities is mid-October of each year.

Now, the main theme of these activities is the improvement and collaboration of educators with each other within the guild. For this, professional, union, labor, gender and current interest activities are developed. In this way, it is about encouraging the participation of many educators and people related to the educational world.

The best thing about the event is that it is totally virtual, which facilitates the participation of people; since they can connect from anywhere in the country to intervene.

In addition, the participations of the speakers and the activities carried out are available at any time; so the participants will be able to check the information when they are available.

On the other hand, if you need additional information about the Virtual Parallel Activities, you can make use of the following support contacts:

  • Call center; You can dial 4055-4200 and clarify your doubts.
  • Email address; You can send an e-mail to, if you want more information about the dynamics.
  • Site staff; You can go to the association’s offices if you prefer to have a face-to-face conversation to clarify your doubts.

Activities Commissions

On the other hand, to be a little more specific about how the Virtual Parallel Activities, we should mention that these are divided by commissions, who are in charge of making a presentation each day of the event.

Total there are 12 commissions that must present an activity on a certain day of the event. Now, if we take into account that, normally, these activities last a maximum of three days, we can obtain the following division:

  • The first day three commissions will each present an activity.
  • At second dayAgain, there will be three commissions that will present three activities (each will carry out one).
  • Finally, the tthird and last day there will be four activities to be carried out; since there are four commissions that must work.
Event Schedule
First day
  • Laboral things.
  • Social service.
  • Women’s Commission.
Second day
  • Public relations.
  • Professional Improvement.
  • Union Organization.
Second day
  • Youth Commission.
  • International matters.
  • Middle education.
  • Trade Union School of the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa Rica.

The schedule presented is based on the last event held by ANDE (2019).

NOTE: Can access the ANDE website, to have access to the topics that each activity committee usually presents during their participation in the Virtual Parallel Activities.

Theme of the Activities to Obtain the Ande Certificate

As we have mentioned before, the theme that is usually developed during the Virtual Parallel Activities carried out by the National Association of Educators and Educators is the professionalization of the union and its participants.

In this way, Ande seeks that each user can have access to an event in which they can share your educational strategies with other colleagues and learn new from your colleagues. In addition, there will be participation of several speakers who will add new tools to the knowledge of each educator.

On the other hand, a point in favor of this activity event is that each scheduled track will be uploaded as a video, so that each participant can review it calmly when they have time available, during their day.

Now, the topics that are usually touched during this event vary with each year that the activities are carried out. But nevertheless, the topics to be developed are the following:

  • Union Affairs.
  • Professionals.
  • Of work.
  • Of genre.
  • Topics of current interest.

With these issues that seek to strengthen, the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa Rica seeks increase the participation of people affiliated with the union.

What is the Certificate of Walk?

The Ande certificate that we touch on in this article is the one that the association delivery to the participating users of the Virtual Parallel Activities. This is because the event has a lot of recognition in the country; So having a certificate of participation in one of these activities adds a lot of value to your record as an educator.

Now, in order to access this certificate issued by the association, you must enter and register on the Ande website. This way you make sure you can download your certificate, once you have participated in the Virtual Parallel Activities.

Also, once you are registered, it will be very easy for you to get and download your Ande certificate for participating in this annual event organized by the association. In order to have your certificate, you must be aware of the event day by day; since every time an activity ends, you will be sent a notification confirming your participation in said activity.

Then, you will also be sent a message with the web link that you must access, to download and get your Ande certificate.

What is the Ande?

Finally, perhaps we have talked a lot about the National Association of Educators and Educators of Costa Rica (Ande), but we have not delved into this. In the last lines of this article, we will try to do it.

In the first place, the Ande has the mission of defending and dignifying the people who develop work activities in the area of ​​education. To do this, they offer quality, effective and trained services for each of their users.

Now, in order to accomplish their mission, they try to guide themselves through five core values What are they:

  • The service.
  • The Solidarity.
  • Respect.
  • The responsability.
  • The honesty.

On the other hand, they are also an organization that offers an endless number of activities, courses and trainings; so that educators can update themselves in their area of ​​work and have a Ande certificate that supports the knowledge and skills acquired.


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