Animal Movement Form: Format, Filling and MORE

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The Animal Movement Form Format, it’s a SAG official document that accompanies all the movements of the animals.

If you want to know everything about this form, steps and tips, do not hesitate to continue reading to obtain this document successfully.

Animal Movement Form Format

Before getting the Animal Movement Form, you have to fill a Account Request Form. With this it is a direct pass to enjoy this service, entering this link

This document is in PDF and can be found in the registration page of the Filling of the Animal Movement Form

You can know a little more about this file, entering this PDF

Filling the Animal Movement Form

It should be known that, to carry out this procedure, it is necessary to meet a series of requirements that are important in the process.

There are two ways to register animal movement, through the FMA

Paper Format: can be requested at any SAG office, you can know the directories of the offices and units of police from Chile intended for delivery.

Functionality by the web platform: the user is required to be registered in the Official Livestock Information System, SIPECweb

To do this, you must complete the Account Request Form for the Establishment Owner and deliver in the SAG office closer.

When you have the Account Request Form ready to Establishment Owner and deliver to the nearest SAG office.

In this form you must fill in the following information:

Data and Owner of the Establishment or producer: Full name, Legal or Natural Person, RUT, sex, email, landline, cell phone, establishment RUP.

Data of the Accredited Veterinarian -MVA: Full name, RUT, Sex, Email, Landline, Cellular.

Some instructions that must be followed, and they are:

  • Application only available to establish registered with RUP (Unique Livestock Role). If the establishment is not yet registered, approach the SAG office in your jurisdiction.
  • The key given It will give them access to establishments in which the person is listed as the owner or producer according to the system.
  • If the request is made in a person other than the owner, you must attach to the form:
  • Simple photocopy of ID holder’s identity
  • Simple power of attorney issued by the holder who authorizes the completion of the process
  • Simple photocopy of identity card of the person who carries out the procedure.
  • User account and password It will be sent to the email registered in this application.
  • If after the owner of the establishment want to make change or deletion of MVA, it can be done directly in the system with the user account.
  • If when entering the system with the user account, you can access one or more RUPs that are not your property, you must have the obligation to inform the SAG office of the jurisdiction.
  • Once the form is completed and signed, please take the photocopy to deliver in OF. SAG, which is signed and stamped once received.


What is the Animal Movement Form for?

According to law 20,596, It is an official document that protects all transport of animals within the country, in accordance with the law, improving the control for the prevention of crime of cattle rustling.

This form tries to help many animals to reach their destination, and therefore, certain parameters and regulations must be met that can be of great help, we mention some points of this law that helps these animals.

Who should process it?

The people who can make this, this choice is very specific and dictated by law, are:

  • This is for animal owners whose establishment is registered in the SAG Official Animal Traceability Program and have a Unique Livestock Role of the establishment.
  • People who are authorized by the owner of the establishment, who must make a prior registration in the SAG software (SIPECweb)

How and when should the procedure be done?

This document has no expense whatsoever, but certain steps must be taken to expedite this process and they are:

  • Click this link where you will open a tab to access.
  • Enter the user account and password, and click on «get into». If you are not registered, request the password and complete the «Account Request Form», to deliver it to the nearest SAG offices.
  • Complete the form for the animals you want to move (by Official Individual Identification device and / or by lot)
  • At the end of the process, you will get the Animal Movement Form in your hands. (FMA)

It is important to note that the FMA in electronic format must be printed twice and should be distributed as follows.

  • Copy 1: The transport of the animals will be accompanied and must remain at the destination establishment
  • Copy 2: Establishment of origin remains

If your best option is to do the paperwork in the offices, you can do it as follows:

  • Gather the required documents
  • Go to the office of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) or the Carabineros de Chile unit
  • Explain the reason for the visit: Request the Animal Movement Form (FMA)
  • Deliver the required background
  • Complete the data
  • As a result of the process, you can obtain the Animal Movement Form (FMA)

Important to note: THE FMA in paper format, must be delivered with an original, two copies and a butt, administered as follows:

  • Original: It must be delivered by the holder or representative of the establishment of origin in the SAG office corresponding to the jurisdiction. The delivery time will be a maximum of five business days after the departure of animals.
  • Copy 1: accompanied to transport and must remain at the destination establishment
  • Copy 2: Remain in the establishment of origin
  • FMA Reception Tail: Remain at the institution that delivers the form.

What is the Animal Movement Form?

It is an official document of the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG) that must accompany all transport of animals within the country, in accordance with the Law 20. 59, that improves the control for the prevention of the crime of rustling.

It should be used in all movements of: Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, cervids, camelids, South Americans, wild boars and buffaloes (buffalo)

In general, it is a set of legal and administrative regulations that imposes compliance with these requirements throughout the theme of the breeding, treatment, feeding, handling and sacrifice of animals.

That is why the cattle ranch is an end with reference to the crime of stealing livestock.

It is important to know that, thanks to this law, certain parameters are met with animals, that many citizens, they must be responsible.

Around the world there are various penal codes for the protection of these animals.

The action involves the subtraction of cows, sheep, horses and other animals that are owned by a person. This crime is common in nations that have a better well developed livestock activity.

Animals have great animal value, they protect spaces from dangers, they are part of the production of food and among other characteristics very helpful.

The subject who commits a cattle rustling is marked as a rustler. It should be noted that cattle hunting is also known as horse riding. The best known characteristics of the cattle ranch is that first jump to the eye, the zones chosen by the thieves.

Since it is a crime that in the which violence and animal transfer should be intervened very heavy, the goal of these people is to reach the most isolated fields, where they are exposed to less surveillance.

Many of the Chileans have been affected for such cruel scenes to benefit other people.

Animals are a great wealth for the human being, That is why these types of acts are practiced that damage the grenadier entity.

Thanks to these laws and these forms, a better way to protect the work of each of the citizens in Chile can be expedited, both protection for animals and for Chileans.


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