ANSES Form 2.55: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The ANSES Form 2.55 It is one of the most important, of all those processed by said institution. This is because it is aimed at those women who are planning to have a child soon, or are pregnant. For this reason, continue reading what we have for you in this article.

It is essential that you know how the Form is, the steps to obtain it, how to complete it. Also, what is it for, what it is about and what ANSES is in charge of.

What is ANSES Form 2.55 like?

It is important that the interested person observes in advance how the ANSES Form 2.55. This with the objective that it can be consigned in such a way that it is admitted by ANSES. Another reason is that some requirements must be submitted to be accepted.

The National Social Security Administration (ANSES) is very demanding on this issue. This is because there are many cases of scams where women who are not pregnant benefit from this. Likewise, there are cases where abusive men collect the benefit and do not give the money to the interested party.

For this reason, a number of requirements are requested to prevent all these conflicts, in a more infallible way. The requirements are listed below:

  • The main requirement is the National Identity Document (DNI). Also, the copy format of the parents of the baby that is on the way.
  • Obviously the ANSES Form 2.55 fully completed. The same can be easily obtained through this link.
  • If it is the spouse who requests the payment, they must present the marriage certificate or a certificate of cohabitation.
  • In the event that the petition has been consigned, and the pregnancy is interrupted, a medical report must be consigned that certifies it. This point is essential, so as not to oversaturate the system, that is, if the woman is no longer in the process of pregnancy should make the clarification.

NOTE: After having all the aforementioned requirements, they must be presented at one of the ANSES offices, following some steps.

Steps to Follow to Obtain ANSES Form 2.55

As in any procedure with respect to government-type diligence, some steps must be followed to complete the pertinent procedure. However, the steps are very easy and are detailed below so that you have an orientation and can be carried out comfortably:

  1. The first step is enter the My ANSES website and provide both personal and family information.
  2. As a second step, you have to completely fill in the ANSES Form 2.55. Giving great importance to items 1, 2, 3 and 10.
  3. The third step to finish is, schedule an appointment in the system and complete the information requested.

How to fill it?

To know how to fill the ANSES Form 2.55 correctly, below is a simple guide to do it easily:

  • The first part to fill out is Item No. 1 with the owner information. In other words, information from one of the parents.
  • Item No. 2 the procedure must be repeated. This time you have to write the second parent information. Which was not indicated in the section that was named in the first point.
  • In Item N ° 3, the employer information. There, the Unique Tax Identification Code (CUIT), company name, email address and room address are highlighted.
  • In Item N ° 4, it must be selected with an X what is being discharged. Likewise, a zero (0) must be placed in the respective quotas.
  • Then in Item N ° 5, you must indicate the time where you plan use the respective pregnancy leave. Likewise, the number of weeks that the interested party has been.
  • Item N ° 6 must be filled out by a doctor. In the case of presenting an original medical report and a copy, it must be authenticated by the employer.
  • In the case of Item No. 7 not much to add. This is because it only needs to be completed if there is Maternity Down, which is a frequent occurrence.
  • Item No. 8 must contain the pertinent information about the attorney-in-fact, in case you have one.
  • In Item N ° 9 it should only be completed if it is decided to appoint a representative, so the information requested must be indicated.
  • Finally, Item N ° 10 where signatures must be recorded both from the employer and those that are necessary from ANSES.

To Take into Account: The information that must be provided to complete the Form is very easy to find. This allows the procedure to be quite comfortable and light.

Usefulness of Form 2.55 of ANSES

One of the most frequent questions that many women have is what is the usefulness of ANSES Form 2.55. It should be noted that this Form has only one use, which is required by ANSES without any pretext. That is, it is used to manage the payment each month to pregnant women during the nine (9) months of gestation.

The reason is, because it is taken into account that these ladies are in a fragile condition, especially at the work level. That is to say, one of the justifications most reflected in the dismissal certificates currently is that women do not produce income during the pregnancy period.

This situation is very frequent, which is why it is taken into account as something very important. In the case of those women who are dependent on their partner. It should be clarified that not all ladies can register to receive this type of payment, since you have to consider some rules:

  1. One of these rules is that of employees with a dependency relationship, in other words, that work subject to receiving a salary.
  2. Ladies who work seasonally are also considered for this type of benefits because of the type of work that is more insecure.
  3. Those to help the monotax regimeare also considered when granting this type of official ANSES support.
  4. In the same way, if the woman is receiving any help through an Occupational Risk Insurer (ART). This includes the population that is in vulnerability.
  5. It is required to name that, if unemployment assistance is received. You have the opportunity to ask for the support they give in return relative to the prenatal period.

What is ANSES?

ANSES (National Social Security Administration), in an institution that does not depend on the national public administration of the country. This institution is subordinate to the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security. She is in charge of managing social security payments.

The salaries are those mentioned below: Unemployment subsidies, the Universal Child Allowance tool, prevention service and family contributions. Likewise, returns, information and registration of workers (granting of the CUIL number and service certifications).

This body was created on December 26, 1991, through Decree No. 2,741.3. Still in January 2001, the National Social Security Administration (ANSES). It had current and capital resources for $ 180 million pesos. The valuation of the Guarantee and Sustainability Funds reached in 2013, $ 206,377 million pesos.

Since the ANSES nationalized the former AFJPs (Retirement and Pension Fund Administrators), the amount of said securities increased by 157%. On the other hand, it is in charge of registering medical, work, and student procedures, among others, which are related to Argentine citizens.

The fundamental advantage of ANSES is that Authorizes managing labor certificates or Forms. In order to achieve very important procedures, which include companies and people natural.

What is ANSES Form 2.55?

The ANSES Form 2.55 It is highly requested and used by women in pregnancy or who are in prenatal condition. Indeed, the correct name of this format is Prenatal Form 2.55, so there is no doubt about its use when requested.

Therefore, it is a document that can be consigned to the ANSES, by all the ladies who are in full pregnancy. The reason for this is that they can obtain financial support that will be assigned to them by ANSES. This in order that they can cover their expenses in some way.

In the same way, this is the format that has been adjusted for it, since it is an expeditious and simple way to conduct inspections. When mentioning the inspections, it refers to support inspections, because the ANSES must be up-to-date with the accounts.

This is because only in this way will financial support be assigned. Which is intended for those women who require it, during the year that is currently opening. In the same way, it is a certification that must be presented if a rest is needed for pregnancy issues as such.

It should be noted that this certification is quite recognizable compared to other forms that are requested in the ANSES. Which are used for others individual issues about birth.

Knowing the information necessary to acquire the ANSES Form 2.55, the next step is to gather the requirements and submit them.

It should be noted that this is a great benefit for all women who are pregnant to have financial security, especially for those who are financially disadvantaged. We hope we have helped you with this diligence.

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