ANSES School Aid Form: How it is, Completed and MORE

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The ANSES School Aid Form It is a document with which at the beginning of each school year, it can be requested by each child before the National Social Security Administration, to receive financial aid.

The monetary aid granted by ANSES is an annual amount that is delivered to the representatives or parents of each child in Argentina with a school-age disability. If you want to know all the steps to obtain this payment Keep reading the article!

What is the ANSES School Aid Form like?

The ANSES School Aid Form It is an important document if you want to obtain the financial aid granted by the National Social Security Administration. The only requirement to receive this payment is that the child be between 1 year and 18 years old.

In order to request this form, it is mandatory that the children are attending an educational establishment that is officially incorporated. In addition, children with disabilities must have the authorization for payment issued by ANSES, in force.

You can consult any questions on the free telephone line 130, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

It should be noted that this form has 4 parts, in which each one carries different data and information. In the first part we have the data of the student or patient where the CUIL number must also be entered. The specific data are:

  • Names and surnames of the student
  • Telephone contact
  • Email
  • Address of the residence where the student lives
  • Your date of birth

In the second part of the form you can find the «Schooling data» Where as a selection you must mark the type of certificate you want between school, higher, differential or special school and the province where the institute where it belongs is located.

In the third segment of this document, the data of the student’s school or training center must be entered. The data must include the name of the institute and the course, in addition to selecting if the institute is officially registered and if the student is a regular at this school.

To finalize the form, the «Rehabilitation Treatment Data» where the name of the Rehabilitation Institute, the start date, the CUIT number and the date of issuance of the document must be placed.

Filling out the ANSES School Aid Form

It is important to know that the money can only be collected from the first of March. That is, the money will be available 60 business days later and can only be withdrawn when the process is completed.

In order to correctly fill out this form, any parent should check if their son or daughter is with all the charges that are needed for this document. That is why these are the steps to carry out this procedure:

  1. The person must enter the Anses website.
  2. You should look for the option of «My ANSES» to check if any of the family allowances can be collected per child.
  3. If it can be charged, you will have to select the option of «School certificate».
  4. In the event that people collect child allowances, click on the options for «Universal Assignment Book».

After the applicant has checked all the steps to be able to make this certificate, he must know the two ways to deliver all the documents. The first way is to do it through the ANSES website.

To do it digitally, you have to fill out the PS 2.68 school accreditation form, This form can be found on the ANSES page. When you finish completing it, it is advisable to print it and take it to the entity to be signed.

It is necessary that this document can be uploaded to the internet through ANSES, preferably in PDF format. The second option you have is to do it in person, so when the form is signed and completed, it must be printed.

The person in charge must go to ANSES and present the document, for this a prior appointment must be made to avoid any inconvenience. This presentation can be made until December 31st.

What is the ANSES School Aid Form for?

The ANSES School Aid Form It is a document whose function is to provide financial support for parents who need to pay for their children’s school or use that money to buy school supplies for their children.

For parents who have a child with a disability, whatever it may be, there is another school aid, which will always be able to be charged, as long as the Unique Certificate of Disability or CUD is presented. For any type of doubt, you can contact any ANSES organization in person.

The National Social Security Administration maintains the collection of this Annual School Aid automatically during the month of March. The presentation of this school certificate is mandatory to obtain this aid, you have until December 31 to present it.

In case of not being able to collect in March, it can be done just after presenting the School Certificate. There is also an option to charge 20% of the allowance that is accumulated each month, to be able to opt for this option, the Universal Assignment Book.

If there is a case that your child is 17 years old or older than 18 with a disability and is still in school, the School Certificate must be presented. In addition, another important requirement is that an affidavit must be made, verifying the collection of the family allowance.

Who is it aimed at?

The ANSES School Aid Form It is aimed only at those who collect the family allowance per child and the universal allowance per child, it is known as «Assignment for School Aid». The form must be processed before the National Administration of Social Security or better known as ANSES.

Any beneficiary who is registered in the Unique Family Allowances System, if they are in this system, the person may have the possibility of presenting the school certificate to ANSES in a fast and extremely simple way.

People can access both the website of the National Social Security Administration and the ANSES page through their personal social security password. It should be noted that the key can be created on the page.

So generally the annual school aid is usually deposited to the representatives who have some universal allowance for the children (AUH). And the single system of family allowances (SUAF). To be able to officially place this procedure, people must be able to present themselves at one of the nearby offices with the PS 2.68 form.

National Social Security Administration (ANSES)

The National Social Security Administration is an institution or body that is in charge of the entire Social Security administration. Among them are all the benefits and services of the entire Republic of Argentina, this body was created in 1991.

The main functions of ANSES are to grant retirements and pensions, as well as family allowances to all types of workers. Also those of giving some subsidies to families and unemployment benefits, all are financed by the National Employment Fund in Argentina.

Another function and probably the most important of all is to implement Social Security programs for all citizens and residents of Argentina. The National Social Security Administration has the Pension System Sustainability Guarantee Fund or FGS.

Among other services provided by ANSES are the management and settlement of universal child and pregnancy allowances for social protection. And expand it and grant the «Progresar» scholarships and ANSES credits for those who need it.

The missions of this organization are to make and carry out all the policies adopted by the government in terms of social security. Thus, being able to ensure the benefit of the entire population with benefits and services regulated by any current norm.

Its mission is also to administer with great responsibility and effectiveness, the Sustainability Guarantee Fund of the Argentine Integrated Pension System (SIPA). This is the manager of the retirement funds.

What is the ANSES School Aid Form?

The ANSES School Aid Form It is a document that can be requested and completed by any citizen in Argentina. The only requirement to fill it out is to have a child in school with a disability.

It can also be requested by people who receive the Universal Child Allowance, completing it earns the right to receive a payment of $ 1,701 for each child requested. This is a one-time payment per year and is collected in March, specifically.

This amount is normally used by parents to pay for their child’s school or some necessary school supplies. Finally, we can only wish you much success in this process and remind you that you can continue reading us.

Thanks for reading!

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