ARL Beehive Certificate: How to Get It, Membership and MORE

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Are you a client of Colmena Seguros? If your answer is affirmative or if you want to be, in this article you will learn about the company, the services it provides, about the famous ARL Beehive Certificate and many more things that will serve you as a customer.

ARL Colmena services are aimed at people who want to mitigate labor risk. It provides protection against possible health problems, it also provides health assistance to prevent health problems. But mainly, it seeks to protect people from the occupational risks they face, thus generating well-being among its clients.

What are you waiting for? avoid occupational risks and insure your life.

How to obtain the ARL Colmena Certificate?

ARL Colmena is undoubtedly one of the most important insurers in Colombia, because it focuses on serving workers and thus improving their living and working conditions. It stands out for its generous life, prevention and health care insurance, but above all for its insurance that seeks to insure workers against occupational risks.

Once, you are already a client of the Hive, and you are sure that you will have a better quality of life. It is important to be up to date with the accounts and fees, to maintain the quality of life or security provided by the insurer.

That’s what the ARL Beehive Certificate, to certify that you are a client and therefore a beneficiary of the products and services that the Colmena provides to its users. If you do not know how to obtain it, then we will teach you how to acquire it. Quiet!

Steps to obtain it

Obtaining it is very fast and very simple, you only have to have affiliated at least 60 days before. To do so, you must complete the following steps and you will be able to obtain it successfully.

  • The first thing you should do is go to the official website of Colmena Seguros.
  • Then, go to the occupational hazards section through the following link.
  • You must enter the virtual office, entering your username and the respective password.
  • Once you enter, you can obtain your certificate.
  • It is important that you review the data before downloading and printing it, such as: your name, identification number, address, among others

Another alternative is to enter the following link, fill in the document type data and the respective number. Then click on generate.

It is important to make two clarifications, the first is that if there is any discrepancy between your personal data and those that appear in the certificate, you should contact the customer service or go to any of the offices.

The second is that in order to access the «virtual office«, You must be previously registered and affiliated. If not, you can learn how to do it in the next section that is dedicated to the affiliation process.

Affiliation for the ARL Colmena Certificate

The affiliation with the ARL Colmena, which allows acquiring the Certificate to cover occupational risks. It consists of two processes, one in person in which the contract is discussed, and the other in a virtual way that consists of registering before the system of the «Virtual office«. Which are described below.

Face-to-face process

It consists of a series of steps that are carried out with agents authorized by the company, the steps are named and described in the following list. They are very simple, you just have to know how to complete them.

  • Contact with authorized agent: this step consists of establishing an appointment with the insurance agents of ARL Colmena, to schedule the appointment you must call 229594000 or call the number of your corresponding regional branch that we leave in the following image.
  • Discussion of the contract: this step consists of reviewing the contract in the appointment with the agent to review the conditions of the contract. Also to evaluate the obligations that it implies for the client and the insurer.
  • Statement: This step consists of informing the insurance company about personal and family medical conditions, this step could require future clients to have a medical examination.
  • Check the plans: you can enter the page or contact the insurance agent, and thus find out about the plans or coverage available.

Virtual process

It consists of registering the data of the company where you work, personal data, the contract and more, all this before the virtual office system. During the process you will be able to establish your user and password, to be able to enter the system.

  • In order to register in the system, you must enter the portal of the virtual office and click register.
  • The first screen requests company data, but if you are an independent worker you must provide personal data.
  • Then you must present the client’s contact information and the respective login information, it is important to fill in the requested information correctly. Because they are the source of information for ARL Colmena to communicate with you.
  • Finally, you must read the terms of service and accept them.

Joining and registering is very simple, do it and acquire your ARL Beehive Certificate. Remember that it is essential to enjoy the services provided by ARL Colmena

ARL Beehive benefits

The benefits of being an ARL Colmena Insurance customer are many. However, in this section we show you a list in which we will describe the main benefits.

  • Being a client of ARL Colmena increases the quality of life and working conditions.
  • You will have medical assistance to prevent possible health problems.
  • You will also have at your disposal a store that exclusively sells medicines, the home delivery service has no extra cost. This is a very important benefit.
  • The client will have coverage associated with occupational risks.
  • Once the client is affiliated, he will belong to the «Labor risk system«
  • The client or beneficiary can access any service provided by the insurer with only the ARL Colmena Certificate.

Read on and learn much more about the insurer and how it works. If you still don’t know how to get the ARL Beehive Certificate, we suggest you read the previous sections. But if you do not know what the certificate is and what it is for, we recommend you continue reading and go to the end.

ARL Colmena Website

On the official website of ARL Colmena or Colmena Seguros, you can find a lot of information about the company. You can access using the following link, on the page you have information about the institution, about the products and services, also about the different ways of contacting the customer service center.

Next, we bring you a list of the most relevant information that you can find on the official website of ARL Colmena:

  • On the website you can find information about offers or insurance for occupational risk, but you also have information on life insurance separately. In order to distinguish both services.
  • You can research the history and official purposes of the company.
  • You can find out about job offers to join the Hive work team.
  • One of the most important things is the possibility of accessing the «Virtual office»That allows users to access their account, acquire their certificate and learn about their insurance accounts and personal information.

The website and remote customer service is the main ally in these times of distancing. That is why it is important that you know more and more about the website and learn to use it for your own benefit.

What is the ARL Colmena Certificate?

To be able to know what the ARL Beehive Certificate, First you must know about the services and benefits that being a client of ARL Colmena brings to you. Because the certificate is a document that states to the institutions allied to ARL Colmena, that you are in fact a client of the insurer and that you can benefit of their services.

It is important to note that the insurance not only applies to people who work in companies, but also applies to independent workers in the Colombian territory. As a large number of clients subscribe to ARL Colmena insurance, a document is needed that certifies that they are a user of an insurance plan offered by Colmena insurance.

That is, if as a client you want to attend your medical assistance included in the contract, in order to be treated by you must first present your respective identification and your ARL Colmena Certificate. It is part of the verification process, not only of whether you are a client, but also to which insurance plan you have subscribed.

Join the Beehive, register and start enjoying all the services and benefits that this brings to your life. Increase your quality of life and your working conditions. The process is very fast and simple not to do it, do not miss the opportunity to acquire quality services and mitigate occupational risk.

!join up to ARL Beehive!


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