ART 80 LCT Certificate: Delivery, Where to Get It and MORE

The Argentine government and its constitution in general are aimed at protecting citizens and in particular protecting the working class. It is considered that labor mobility in the country is very aggressive, therefore, the constitution has created certain mechanisms that protect the worker.

Within this context, the ART 80 LCT Certificate. It has the purpose of protecting workers and their respective social security, therefore, in this article we will teach you how to request and obtain the certificate of Article 80 of the Labor Contract Law.

Comply with the rules and protect the social security of your future.

Delivery of the ART 80 LCT Certificate

The delivery of this document is managed by the company in conjunction with the Federal Administration of Public Revenue, better known by its acronym as «AFIP»

In particular the Directorate General of Social Security Resources, It is the department in charge of managing the collection and supervision of the contributions made in order to finance social security. In this sense, the «AFIP» is the entity in charge of granting the certificate.

The same is delivered by the «AFIP» once the applicant and the employer have complied with the application parameters. Once the contributions, the inspection, the worker’s layoffs are confirmed, the entity will issue said certificate by email.

Once you have received the email containing the certificate, you have the possibility to print it or, failing that, to keep a digital backup of it. It is your decision, the important thing is to maintain stable social security for the country’s workers.

Where to obtain the ART 80 LCT Certificate?

As indicated in the previous section, the certificate will be obtained through a cooperation between the company where you worked and the «AFIP». Therefore, you must make a request to the Federal Administration of Public Revenues, but letting the company know.

The company you worked for must have knowledge that you are requesting the certificate of employment so that you can carry out the necessary legal procedure. Next, we leave you a list of steps to follow so that you get your ART 80 LCT Certificate Online successfully.

Steps to follow

  • The first step is to enter the official website of the AFIP
  • Once you are there, you must enter the user portal located in the central right part. You must click on «get into«
  • There you must enter your Fiscal key.
  • After logging in, you must go to the «Certification of services»And click on the option«ART certificate. 80 LCT«
  • Ready, wait for the parameters to be verified and wait for it in your email.

The online procedure is very simple, however, in the same way you must have the advice of a trusted lawyer. Because, at certain times, you will need certain legal assistance, remember that this is a constitutional document and procedure.

Data included in the ART 80 LCT Certificate

The certificate contains the same information, regardless of the company where the applicant has provided his labor services. Because it is a document issued by a single entity and therefore its structure is similar for all workers.

In this section, you will be able to know in detail each of the data and information that is reflected in the work certificate. Here, we leave you a list of the data so that you can read it more comfortably and easily.

  • Personal information: Names and surnames of the worker, identification card.
  • Residence address signed in the employment contract.
  • Contact: phone number and email.
  • Type of employment contract: the employment conditions are specified in detail.
  • Work period: dates on which activities began and ended.
  • Description of the position and responsibilities of the person.
  • Salary or salary that the applicant received during the work period.

All certificates must contain at least that information, in the case of certain particular jobs the certificate could contain even more information. For example, in the case of sales consultants or sellers, sales must be expressed in quantity and in monetary terms that they contribute to the company.

Because sellers can have different contractual conditions, because they can have salary or salaries that depend on the commissions or sales made during the month. As well as this case, there are others that are discussed in the Labor Contract Law.

Fines Regarding the ART 80 LCT Certificate

As you may have found out, the work certificate is a mandatory document according to the constitution. In this sense, it is important to remember that any breach of the laws or the national constitution merits a fine or punishment.

As this is a document that must be delivered to people by mandate of the Law, failure to do so can lead to fines for the employer and the worker. Here are the infractions of the law that could lead to penalties.

  • Failure to deliver the certificate within two business days could result in a fine to the employer of up to three wages.
  • Lying or falsifying a required document can have consequences depending on the severity.
  • Breaking the rules of the employment contract.

These are the main acts in the process, which can be punished or punished by Argentine law. In the event of any of these or other breaches of the rule, the AFIP will be in charge of studying and evaluating the case, in order to grant the fairest penalty in accordance with the Law.

It should be noted that the law is impartial, despite being a document aimed at workers. They can be penalized by the authorities in case of breaching or violating the law in any of their processes, there is no preference between worker and employer.

Document Model

The structure of the document is similar for all workers in the country. The certificate can express a lot of information about the person, if you do not know the data that is reflected in it, we suggest you read the section «Data included in the ART 80 LCT Certificate»

The work certificate is also a very important document when people want to get a new employment contract. Because it states to employers that the person has worked before in other institutions and also expresses the activity carried out.

Therefore, companies usually ask applicants for a work certificate, in order to study their employment records. In it they evaluate the time that he belonged to the company, the activities he carried out, the income received and more.

In other words, the document has much more than just a legal utility. In this way, the document was made with a structure that allowed its validity throughout the entire national territory. It does not matter in the city that you are, you can present your ART 80LCT certificate and it will be totally valid.

It can even provide much more information to an employer than a simple certificate issued by the company. Because this certificate involves a government institution, which is committed to the development of the nation.

What is it?

On a daily basis, many people find and others lose their jobs. This is due to the fact that, in current times, companies seek to specialize as much as possible and this is achieved by finding the best possible personnel. In that sense, many people are laid off every year.

The State must ensure the rights of workers who were fired and who made contributions to their Social Security during their work period. In that sense, the ART 80 LCT Certificate it comes into play when people are fired or, for some other reason, terminate their employment relationship.

When people terminate their labor relations with a company, according to the Argentine National Law, the company or the employer is obliged to issue a certificate or proof of work for the services rendered.

It must clearly express: the income received during working time, the time that the worker participated in the company, the contributions or contributions made by the company from the income generated by the people.

All this with the purpose of protecting the rights of workers. In addition, monitor and make companies commit to comply with their obligations, in terms of contributions and contributions to the social and union security system.

The simple fact that companies delay in issuing this document, can cost the applicant a remuneration of three salaries. Therefore, it is a document that must be kept in mind for both the employer and the worker.

Work is the main source of growth in the country, we must protect and promote the source of growth.

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