Asmet Salud Certificate: Steps, Membership and MORE

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ASMET Salud is one of the several companies promoting Health, an insurance company that uses a comprehensive risk management model. It contributes to the well-being of the health conditions of its members who are in the country of Colombia.

To improve its service, the organization has created an online platform. In which users can make their requests, procedures and inquiries in a simple way, and without lines or wasted time.

The ASMET Health certificate It is one of the most required documents on the ASMET page. If you do not know how to manage it, here we advise you how to originate it.

Steps to Obtain the Asmet Salud Certificate

How to process the Asmet Health Certificate ?, The Asmet Salud organization enabled on its web platform an option for which users can make their requests, procedures and inquiries in a very simple way, without lines or wasted time, here we guide you with the steps to follow:

  1. The first step is to enter the page Web Asmet Health official.
  2. Within this web platform, look for the Affiliate section.
  3. Within the section, just click where you specify Enter Here.
  4. When you open the new window to enter, then view the section, to log in with your personal data already created.
  5. In this section, you must fill in all the fields that are requested with your personal information, as an affiliate that you are.
  6. Once you have completed the issuance of personal data, click where it says Affiliation Certificate.
  7. The Asmet Health Certificate it will be available in the system when you want to download or print it.

It should be noted, for those people who are identified with the type of document as Adult without Identification; His identification number is the code of the region and the municipality where he resides, consecutive to the identification record in the EPS.

It is necessary to consider that this applies to the elderly. Of the third age, indigenous adults without identification, indigent adults who are not registered in the National Registry of Civil Status.

For newborns under between 0 and 30 days of birth without identification, their number will be the document of the mother or head of the family.

How to Affiliate to Obtain the Asmet Salud Certificate?

Initially, if you are an individual who is not affiliated with the Asmet Salud online system, we will indicate the guidelines for its processing, without much difficulty.

Follow these instructions to get into your online affiliate platform:

  1. Very well, enter the page Web.
  2. You must look towards the section where it says Affiliates.
  3. Then, once this is done, you must click on Virtual Office.
  4. Once inside, click on Get User Account.
  5. It will ask you for a series of personal data that you must provide.
  6. Once you have provided all the requested data, you will already be registered in the Asmet Salud online system.

Membership Form

Below we present you the form that you must fill out for your affiliation in Asmet Salud.

What is the Asmet Salud Certificate for?

Be a carrier of the Asmet Health Certificate In Colombia it has a great variety of benefits, which you can enjoy from the moment you are affiliated, among them we find:

  • General and specialized medicine consultation is covered for all its members.
  • Provides outpatient and hospital surgical medical care.
  • Care of deliveries and cesarean sections.
  • Get dental care.
  • Provides promotion and prevention programs.
  • Early detection.
  • Specific protection.
  • Actions for the recovery of health, images, tests and diagnoses.
  • Rehabilitation services, medications.
  • Transport services.
  • Alternative and complementary therapies.
  • Home care, according to medical indications.
  • With this certificate, you can fully request any type of care in the shortest possible time. Thus, the attention that the affiliate receives can be raised even more.
  • Asmet Salud grants several types of discounts, which can be found as part of those who obtain the Asmet Health Certificate. This obviously gives rise to a great pleasure, feeling supported with an EPS that gives discounts just by obtaining the membership certificate.

Request for Health Services

At the time of requesting health services, the member must take into consideration that they must have some documents that are necessary to verify their identity before the Asmet, these are:

Service request

  • Identification document.
  • Go to first level health centers and hospitals that are in the municipality.

Appointments with Specialists

  • Report of referral to a specialist doctor, made by a primary IPS general practitioner.

Services that are priority with Specialist

  • For these services with specialists, for laboratory tests, medications or X-rays. The hospital or clinic is responsible for taking the corresponding steps.


If there is an emergency with the member, initial care can be provided at any of the health institutions in Colombia. Urgency is understood when there is danger of life, for its due attention, money, membership card or service contract is not required. Similarly, the request for additional documents is not required. No special care should be given to any particular patient, everyone should have the same care.

What is it?

Among all the Health Promotion Entities, one of the recognized and with a large number of affiliates who certify it is the EPS Asmet Salud.

The affiliate is the raison d’être of the organization, from the beginning to the present, Asmet Salud is constituted as one of the largest EPS in Colombia, with a number greater than one million interested, already with its Asmet Health Certificate.

Asmet Salud EPS is a company with a mutual, community and solidarity principle that was created in Tambo del Cauca. Around twenty years ago, thanks to the Empresas Solidarias en Salud project that the Government implemented in 1993.

Your social commitment

It focuses on development as a health promoting company. From its inception to the present, Asmet Salud has been working intensively on corporate social responsibility issues. Due to its contribution to increase the living conditions of the affiliated Colombian population.

In its projections as an organization, it has the National Government, it has a period of seven years to make improvements in the company through long-term loans.

Asmet Salud received from the Municipal Council of Popayán the highest decoration awarded by this corporation «La Cruz de Belalcázar.» Which means for the organization one more responsibility to continue contributing to the well-being of Colombian citizens.

THE Asmet Health Certificate it constitutes an important resource, to be able to enjoy the benefits that this important insurance organization offers in the Colombian territory.

You have agile and efficient processes, you avoid periods of deficiencies, access to a second medical opinion, use of electronic means. To streamline administrative procedures, continuity in the provision of service in the same EPS without having to start a new medical record.


The National Superintendency of Health – SNS through his Resolution 011263 of 2018, established Preventive Measure of Special Surveillance for Asmet Salud EPS SAS. In order for the EPS to carry out essential actions to improve financial, health and satisfaction indicators. Aimed at giving greater results in the insurance of the affiliated population and guaranteeing the financial profitability of the entity.

The planned measure seeks to carry out strategies in search of technical, administrative and financial recovery to continue operating in optimal conditions, health insurance and flow of resources from the General System of Social Security in Health. Reason For which hard work is necessary in conjunction with each of the Health Service Provider Institutions that make up the organization.

Asmet Salud EPS SAS is working, through its MAIAS Comprehensive Health Care Model and the creation of a Comprehensive Network of Health Service Providers (RIPSS). In accordance with the identified needs, in the achievement of the objectives established in the short, medium and long term. In order to support health services to the entire affiliated population with principles of integrity and continuity.

Mainly, the insurer has evolved according to its reorganization plan, projected until 2026. In the management of resources through the capitalization of the company, and contribution to the liquidity of its provider network in 2018. Through direct transfers with a percentage higher than the industry average.

To date, the actions and strategies necessary to achieve the proposed goals have been implemented. To faithfully comply with the imposed measure, always aiming for the welfare and satisfaction of the users.

Contact information: Asmet Salud EPS

On the other hand, if you have doubts, complaints, observations, proposals, you have personalized customer service at their headquarters, with their social networks and telephone service.

Address – Main headquarters: Carrera 4 # 18N – 46 Sector la Estancia (Popayán – Colombia) Telephone: 8312000 National toll free line: 018000913876 Fax: (092) 8339444 Cell phones: 3188030896 – 3188030898 Post office: – authorize.


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