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The Certificate of Assets or income is based on that document that you must receive each year in case you have an independent job. Likewise, this is issued by the company to which you provide benefits under your employment responsibilities. In the same way, in this certification you can find net and gross income.

Likewise, all the received capital that you have must be reflected within it. Therefore, you will have the availability to proceed to correctly declare all your income taxes or personal income tax. Below we will tell you what this information is for, how you can obtain it, necessary documents and much more.

Documents Needed to Obtain the Certificate of Assets

To start, you must take into consideration each of the documents necessary to obtain the Certificate of Assets. However, we can mention that these are very simple and may be within your reach. Below we will indicate the data that you must submit for the application process:

  • Identity Document or NIE in the instance that you are a foreigner
  • Show the NIF data that respectively reflects the tax identification code

    Finally, part of this procedure consists of assisting the Human Resources department of the company where you work. At the same time, you can choose the second alternative that is based on moving to a Tax Agency headquarters. Thus, once the fiscal year is over, the entity is obliged to grant the document.

    Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Assets

    In the same way, specify the application process for Certificate of Assets it is something very simple. Because it is issued by the specific company in which you work. However, if your job is completely independent, you should go to a Tax Agency in a residential area.

    Likewise, the steps you must follow to complete the requested certification are the following:

    • Go to the facilities of the labor entity in which to work or to the Tax Agency, depending on your situation
    • Go to the Human Resources department respectively, in case you go to the company
    • Identify your position as an employee within the institution or as a taxpayer along with personal data in the Tax Agency
    • Formalize your request using the complete form that validates the preparation of the initial process
    • Wait for the specific notification regarding the procedure and get your Certificate of Assets subsequently

    To conclude, after you have carried out all these indications correctly, you will be able to have the required certification. Thus, you will proceed to its proper use through legal procedures that they need in some moments. In this way, you can see that you can obtain it as a Spanish citizen of origin or a resident foreigner.

    What is it for?

    In the same way, it is essential that you know what the Certificate of Assets properly. With which, some of the functions that we can indicate to you are the following:

    • Legitimize the capital that enters each of your active accounts during a specific period of time. Likewise, under this premise, the income tax process that belongs to you will be carried out.
    • It allows you to make the cancellation of tax rates in a proper way. Thus, no type of impact will occur within the earnings in your financial activity
    • Once you have this certification, you will be able to carry out settlement payments, depending on the instance in which you are.
    • In the same way, you can apply for bank loans or mortgage loans, in the financial institution to which you are associated
    • Also, the Certificate of Assets fulfills the fundamental role as the main requirement suggested by certain banking institutions
    • Therefore, it is necessary that you have this document for the circumstances in which you decide to carry out specific procedures
    • This data reflects all the income or exact capital of money that you receive in your savings or checking accounts
    • As a last function, it shows the payments that you have made later in reference to the tax rates

    Also, this certification validates that you have those tax withholdings. To exemplify this, we can mention that when you retain these raised rates, it must come from your own account to cover said value expenses. Therefore, if you have an establishment whose tax is around € 100, a withholding of approximately 19% is applied.

    In conclusion, the example that we gave you in the previous paragraph can infer that later you will only have a value of € 19 as income to collect. Which, implies that this must be corresponded by your respective labor entity. In order to do so, then it becomes the tax rate that you will have to cancel.

    What does the Certificate of Assets include?

    On the other hand, we can tell you that the Certificate of Assets It can be presented in a format that reflects different data and criteria. Obviously, the main reason for this is that there is a wide variety of classifications inclined towards this certification. Therefore, it is necessary that you take into account the purpose of the processing that you want.

    In the same way, in addition to the aforementioned, it should be noted that many institutions are responsible for providing this document. Likewise, it can grant the essential mission of being understandable and fully validating each of the income that you have received in a period of time that has elapsed. As well as expenses incurred.

    Some of the data that you can view within the Certificate of Assets We will indicate them below:

    • General specification of the certification you requested (income and expenses)
    • Name and surname of the person responsible for the care in the Human Resources Department of the labor entity for which you work
    • ID number that you have as identifying information
    • Initial date that guarantees the start of your work within the given company
    • Suggested selection that infers if you will continue to provide services within the company for at least 6 months
    • Approximate total amount of gross income you received during the current year
    • Location in which you are carrying out the processing (name of the entity responsible for issuing it)
    • Day, month and year that determine the moment in which the obtaining and sealing of the Certificate of Assets

    To conclude, within the certification format, the entity reflects an attached note. With which, within it you can view the section that infers the conditions of issuance of the document. Therefore, this will occur based on the accreditation effects regulated by you. As well as, in reference to what is established in Royal Decree 1472/2007.

    What is it?

    The Certificate of Assets It is a document justified by the company in which you work respectively. In the same way, this reflects the amount of capital that enters each of your accounts as withholding. Also, as we have mentioned before, this data is of mandatory quality and therefore you must request it continuously.

    At the same time, this personal format should show the original broadcast by the labor organization. As well as the signature of the head of the Human Resources Department. That is why, only in this way can each of your data regarding amounts paid within the monthly period be validated. However, not counting the debts you have.

    Similarly, this certificate is governed by an exact amount of capital that you must pay to continue with the application process. However, this payment will not be shown within it. Due to this, we can mention that the criteria inferred in the document will be related to your earnings in the workplace.

    MODEL 130

    It corresponds to the payment model of the fractional cancellation that you make regarding the tax due. This, in turn, applies if you are a self-employed or entrepreneur. As long as, in both cases, you remain dedicated to an economic activity in the one that you receive monthly capital income.

    Likewise, this payment can be carried out on a quarterly basis. With which, you must do it within the headquarters of the Tax Agency in the town of Spain that you specifically reside. Also, while you receive monetary income for performing work, you are obliged to present this demonstration document.

    To fill it you can do the following:

    • Enter the page by Contasimple
    • Register within the system with each of the suggested data
    • Enter your expenses and bills respectively
    • Click on «fill in the form» and fill it out properly under the criteria referred to in it.
    • As a last step, proceed to download it and present it to the corresponding entity for the processing you want at the time

    On the other hand, among the types of certificates that you can request in this regard, we mention the following:

    • Business certification of real wages
    • Rent withholdings
    • Assets or income withholding

    Support your income and keep working!

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