Automotive Domain Form 02: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Automotive Domain Form 02 It is a document that reflects the details of the vehicle in your possession. In the same way, it is necessary that you obtain this information in the event that you decide to buy a new car. Thus, this will serve as proof that you are the owner of it before the competent Argentine authorities.

Similarly, we suggest that you request this form with a significant period in advance. Thus, you can avoid many inconveniences or mishaps in the field of transit within the country. Next, we will tell you everything you need to know about this document, how you can obtain it and much more.

Requirements to Obtain Form 02 for Automotive Domain

Above all, it is essential that you take into account each of the requirements to obtain the Automotive Domain Form 02. In this sense, what you should do is collect carefully and as far in advance as possible this data, before carrying out the application process. Immediately, we will point out the requirements you need:

  • National Identity Document in force
  • Valid passport, in case you have a nationality other than Argentina
  • Document that proves the date on which you purchased the specific vehicle

  • Domiciliary data to register the place of residence in which the motor vehicle remains
  • Present the Automotive Domain Form 02 corresponding, completing each of the suggested data
  • Make the payment established by the National Directorate of National Automotive Property Registries (DNRPA)
After you have each of the requirements mentioned above, you must attach them in a folder and submit them to the DNRPA

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Automotive Domain Form 02

Likewise, once you take into account the essential requirements for this procedure, it is essential to mention another aspect. With which, this is the process that you must execute to obtain the Automotive Domain Form 02. That is why, below we will mention the succession of steps that you must complete:

  • First, you must access the web portal of the DNRPA
  • Click on the «Queries» option located in the upper left part of the tools panel
  • Select the alternative of «Sectional registers»
  • Then, it is necessary that you proceed to add each of the data suggested by the determined organization
  • Next, select the «Consult» box and continue with the procedure
  • Thus, the respective report will be made automatically and you will be able to view the details of the Automotive Domain Form 02

Finally, it is essential that you take into consideration all the steps that we suggested above. In this way, you will be able to carry out the application process properly. Likewise, in case you have any questions, we recommend you enter the web portal of the National Directorate of National Registries of Automotive Property (DNRPA).

What is it for?

  • The Automotive Domain Form 02 It is aimed at Argentine citizens who own a respective vehicle
  • Also, record each of your data as the owner of the vehicle
  • Maintains control of those driver’s licenses that are not in force
  • Check the details of your vehicle’s affiliation with the National Directorate of National Registries of Motor Vehicle Ownership (DNRPA)

  • Show content related to late payment cancellations
  • Present to the competent authorities each of the data inclined towards the instance in which a theft or loss of the vehicle occurs
  • Infer the damages presented to your vehicle at the time of registration in the DNRPA registry
  • Stores details regarding fines, faults, complaints, among other aspects

Data Contained in the Form

In the same way, it is essential that you take into account each of the aspects that are reflected in the Automotive Domain Form 02. Thus, it is much easier for you to recognize what this document is and if you are performing the procedure properly. With which, your data is the following:

  • Fiscal and administrative situation of the car
  • Registration number
  • Chassis
  • Exact date at the time you affiliated it within the Argentine Automotive Registry

  • Personal data that correspond to you as the owner of the vehicle
  • Number of National Identity Document you have
  • Industrial brand inferred to the automobile you acquire
  • Car version

As a final point, we can tell you that the Automotive Domain Form 02 responds to very useful functions for you. That is why it is necessary that you carry out its processing in case you want to buy or sell a car. As well as, you will provide greater confidence to the competent authorities when it comes to specifying legal records.

Who Issues It?

The entity in charge of issuing the Automotive Domain Form 02 is the National Directorate of National Registries of Automotive Property (DNRPA). Likewise, this body is allied with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. With which, it has the mission of controlling automotive registrations in Argentina.

In the same way, this organization is governed by different sections of services aimed at citizens within the country. Thus, each of these infers solutions and procedures related to the vehicular field. With which, below we will indicate some of these aspects that the DNRPA is responsible for:

  • Complete initial registration
  • Regardless of any behavior that produces the initial registration of the vehicle, the acquisition of the domain name can be done by you as the owner or the dealer

  • Transfer of registered domains of automobiles, motorcycles or agricultural, road or industrial machinery
  • That is, this transmission corresponds to the action of donating, buying or selling
  • Affidavit at the time you purchase a 0 km or second-hand vehicle
  • This must be done through an annex that reflects where you obtained the respective monetary capital for the purchase of the car
  • Tax review of the vehicle you own in order to verify that the actual details of the vehicle coincide with those suggested within the Automotive Domain Form 02
  • In turn, it is important that you know that the above indication is mandatory.

Areas that make up the DNRPA

  • Registration Control Department
  • Registry Technician
  • Customs Delegations
  • Coordination of the Single Registry of Scrap yards and Related Activities
  • Dispatch and Services
  • Information systems
  • Human Resources
  • Projects and Financial Planning
  • Regulatory and Judicial Affairs
  • Advice, Comprehensive Information of the National Directorate and Ticket Table

Tips for Automotive Domain Form 02

On the other hand, once all the main aspects regarding the Automotive Domain Form 02 have been mentioned, it is necessary to mention something else. Therefore, below we will provide you with a series of suggestions that you can take into account when carrying out this procedure:

  • We advise you to attach the documents required by the competent body in a folder
  • It is necessary that you make some copies of each of these data, for prevention

  • Before carrying out the application process for the Automotive Domain Form 02, you must cancel the fines you have
  • Go through this process in advance in case you need to sell your car
  • You can find help with this process at any car dealer.

To finish this section, we must emphasize that you are very careful with the request for this form. With which, it is essential that you have it and comply with each of the recommendations. Also, if you have concerns, you can go to the dealer of your choice or to the DNRPA headquarters.

That is Form 02 for Automotive Domain?

The Automotive Domain Form 02 It is a document in charge of providing administrative and tax information for vehicles registered and classified in Argentina. Likewise, the competent entity to carry out this control is the National Directorate of National Automotive Property Registries (DNRPA).

In the same way, it contains each of the aspects supported by the aforementioned body. With which, this significant data has multiple essential functions at the time you have it. That is why some of the aspects it meets are the following:

  • Report on those overdue debts
  • No valid driver’s license
  • Manage search services related to lost, stolen or misplaced vehicles or other vehicles registered in Argentina

  • Compare vehicle registration information in DNRPA (make, type, model, engine and chassis number, year of registration, among others)
  • Take note of every impact on your vehicle’s registration, including if you suffered a loss, vehicle theft, and more

So, we can tell you that this document is mainly aimed at citizens residing in Argentina. Similarly, these people obviously must have possession of a car. Thus, the respective control of all vehicles registered in the competent system may be carried out.

Finally, therefore, it can be said that for all the content reflected in the detailed aspects report, with the Automotive Domain Form 02, you will have the availability to be more secure. Like the person who wants to buy a car, in this sense. Therefore, you will be aware of the details of it.

Register your vehicle through Form 02!

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