Automotive Police Verification Form: Procedure, Cost and MORE

The Automotive Police Verification Form it is used in different procedures. It is intended for people who need, for example, to carry out the transfer of ownership of a vehicle or simply to register a 0 kilometer. Also called Form 12, you will obtain it using all the information that we will be giving.

In this sense, today we will explain how to process the form and what it is for. Also, you will know what the additional requirements are and what the cost of the procedure is. All this is indicated by the same Automotive Police Verification (VPA), so stay with us and learn how to carry out this procedure!

How to process the Automotive Police Verification Form?

How to process the Automotive Police Verification Form? Let’s talk about what steps you must follow to carry out the verification process successfully and obtain Form 12 as a result of the process.

  • First of all, you must fill out the digital form It is an application that is completed in real time and that you can get by clicking on the page of Start of Procedure of the VPA.
  • Once you enter the link that we have left you, the option to New procedure or Consult or modify existing procedure. From this you can deduce that it is not necessary that you fill out the application all at once, but that you can come back later to finish it. However, for now click on New procedure.
  • Select the corresponding option according to your automotive (car or motorcycle). The available options are:
    • Payment of fee and form.
    • Initial 0 km cars.
    • Fee payment and RPA or RPM form (Automobile or Motorcycle Property Registry).
  • Fill out the form that appears online. They will ask you for things such as the vehicle’s patent, data of the owner or representative, and so on. You must also select the turn and do the payment of the fee.
  • Once you do this, you can go to any checkpoint or verification plant. You have 90 days after you have made the payment. And, yes, you must wait for the opening hours to the public.
  • To evidence the Police Verification carried out, you will get Form 12 Digital. This will be sent to your email and will indicate that the procedure was registered in the DNRPA.
  • Finally, you can finish the process in the Sectional Register suitable.

Of course, the verification will have only one valid for 150 days (administrative skills). It is a personal procedure.


Two of the essential requirements to perform the VPA are: have auto parts engraving and mastery of crystals. If you have not done this first procedure, the same system will redirect you so that you can get your turn to record.

Once the requirement is fulfilled, you can return to the application. You just have to click on Consult or modify existing procedure.

On the other hand, if you are a habitual trader, then you must fill out another application. You can access this by clicking here. Also, if you belong to a agent or an insurance company, then you must enter here. The process is almost the same, although you will be asked for different information.

What is it for?

The Automotive Police Verification Form It will help you carry out the same verification process, which is crucial to transfer ownership of a motor vehicle, the registration of a 0km vehicle and to obtain the Registration of Motor Vehicle Ownership.

Its online application streamlines the process, giving the applicant a shift and a more efficient payment method. Also, it allows you to come back later to continue it when the applicant does not have the auto parts engraving.

On the other hand, you get the Form 12, which serves as evidence that the VPA process was carried out. On the page you can request this, as well as the RPA or RPM form, the latter intended for motorcycles (RPM).

In conclusion, this form serves to demonstrate that the review was carried out by the corresponding agencies. As a result, the vehicle documentation corresponds to what was found in the review: chassis number, engine and type of vehicle. This is important to prove it for other procedures. But tell us! What do you need it for?

Requirements for the Procedure

There are a number of Requirements for Automotive Police Verification that you must take into account before completing the online application and approaching the corresponding place. These are very important, because without them you will not be able to complete this process. Let’s see!

  • Present, as the case may be:
    • Green card and DNI, if you are the owner of the vehicle.
    • Auto parts engraving. It is not necessary if it is an agricultural machine or motorcycle. In addition, Domain engraving on the crystals.
    • DNI, blue and green card, if it is a legal person.
    • DNI, blue and green card, if you are authorized to drive the car.
  • Payment must be verifiable. If you use Rapipago or Pagofácil to cancel the rate, then you will have to do the review two days later, which is how long it may take for the payment to become effective. You must also present the voucher if you use these two ways.
  • Preferably, the chassis and engine coding area should be clean and legible. This will allow for a better review, which means less processing time.

With regard to glass engravings, both those carried out by chemical means and by the sandblasting system are accepted, as indicated on the same page of Automotive Police Verification (VPA). Of course, it must be in continuous lines.

Remember that auto parts engraving is vital. If you have not done so, you will have to manage it before verification. Likewise, you already know that you can do it from the link that we have provided. Then you can continue with the verification, as usual.

These constitute the totality of the requirements to do the VPA. As you can see, they are very simple and easy to consign. What is sought is that the interested party goes through a comfortable process, avoiding wasting time.

Cost of the Automotive Police Verification Form

The Automotive Police Verification Procedure has an associated cost. This varies from time to time, usually with an annual frequency as it is a public administration. This cost includes both the verification and the issuance of form 12, which is what you are looking for.

By 2020, cost of this procedure it is:

  • Motorcycles: $ 815
  • Vehicles: $ 1,915

You can use different payment channels, among which is Rapipago and Easy Pay. Of course, remember that if you use these last two then you will not be able to carry out the verification until two (02) days after having canceled the rate, as it is the maximum time it takes to make the money effective.

In addition, in these cases you must present proof of payment. This is so because it is necessary to verify that the fee was canceled. As you saw in the previous section, it is a requirement to do the VPA.

On the other hand, once you pay, you will have three months to go to the verification post or verification plant to acquire Form 12, which verifies the VPA. After this time, you will have to pay again. Keep in mind that they are not 90 business days, but in a row. Take your precautions.

Finally, keep in mind that the payment is made to be attended in Buenos Aires, not in any other province. If you are in another place, you should approach experts from the country’s police forces to information. These are the Gendarmerie, Provincial and Federal police.

What is the Automotive Police Verification Form?

The Automotive Police Verification (VPA) It is a procedure that is carried out when you want to verify that the vehicle’s documentation matches what was found in the review. This procedure is authorized by the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry (DNRPA), carrying it out in set places.

It is a mandatory process when it comes to doing the transfer of ownership of a used vehicle, to finish the registration process of a new vehicle, and so on. All this is indicated by the VPA page itself, from where you can also request the Automotive Property Registration Form (RPA).

To carry out the process, you must fill out an online application, with which the payment of the fee is made and the review can be carried out. As a result, the person gets the Form 12, with which you can show that you carried out the VPA. Of course, after fulfilling a series of very important requirements.

The cost of the procedure is $ 1,915 for vehicles, while it is $ 815 for motorcycles, according to what is indicated by the VPA. The validity time It is 150 days and can be done up to 90 days after having paid the fee in the application. This payment can be made using several ways, including Rapipago and Pagofácil.

Finally, you should know that the form does not contain more than the data of the verified vehicle and its owner. We hope we have helped you with what you were looking for and we are very lucky.

Until next time!

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