Automotive RPA Form: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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We have to be aware of the risks we run if we decide to buy a vehicle from an individual. They can cheat or cheat us when trying to sell us a car with legal problems.

If you are going to buy a vehicle and you feel fear, we will help you reduce the anguish.

First we want you to know that you have the police verification program for vehicles. You only need to know, process and obtain the Automotive RPA Form so that you can be safe from all scam.

Requirements for Processing the Automotive RPA Form

It is essential that you know that every car that you are going to buy must be up to date with the legal aspects.

You must check that you have the registration code or serial, the legal documentation with the name of the owner, the respective driving license, among other elements. And all this you must corroborate it previously. Don’t ever go to the police check without making sure of these matters.

Here we are going to help you so that you know all the details that you must take care of. We will tell you the requirements for you to process the RPA form for automotive, and every step you must complete.

So it is key that you verify that it complies with the following elements:

  • Engraving of auto parts (Law 14,497, with the exception of motorcycles and agricultural machines).
  • Domain engraving on crystals (According to the DNRPA compilation Chapter 9 Section 3).

When you arrive at the verification post, you must enter the following titles:

  1. If you are the owner of the vehicle you must have your ID and green card at hand.
  2. For a person authorized to drive the vehicle, you must submit a green card, blue card and DNI.
  3. If you are a legal entity, submit the green, blue and ID card.
  4. Domain etching on crystals (According to DNRPA digest Chapter 9 Section 3).
  5. Engraving of auto parts (Law 14,497, does not apply to motorcycles and agricultural machines).
  6. Proof of payment (Pagofácil or Rapipago).
  7. And you are ready.

Check the payment again. Make sure it is ready, because this step is essential for you to verify your vehicle. Check that your payment is credited (you can do it via Easy Pay or Rapipago, which takes up to forty-eight hours to be credited to the destination account).

Step by Step for the Processing of the Automotive RPA Form

When you enter the application the system, go recording your personal data and those of the car. Without this information, you will not receive the payment confirmations and the documents of the process.

After you make the payment and the registration of your information, you can go to the police verification plant or checkpoints located in the territory of the Province of Buenos Aires, taking care to respect the days and hours arranged for it.

If you have not yet done the legally stipulated Autopart Engraving, the system will redirect you so that you can get it.

If you have already made your turn, enter the Police Verification application to start the procedure.

Remember: without the Auto Parts Engraving you will not be able to verify yourself.

Once the corresponding police verification has been achieved, you will receive a Form 12 Digital via email.

In this way you will know that you have successfully entered the process into the database of the National Directorate of the National Registries of Motor Vehicle Ownership and Pledge Credits (DNRPA) system, and thus you are enabled to continue the step by step of the indicated Sectional Registry.

There is good news: You have the option to streamline and organize the Police Verification process. The RPVA notifies, through the platform, that there is a shift available so you can select the day and time range in which you want to go to carry out the procedure.

So in order for you to gain time, it is necessary that you reach your turn as soon as possible, you will be a priority!

For you to bear in mind: taking into account current legislation, the glass engravings carried out by the sandblasting system and by chemical means are valid (in both cases it must be done in continuous lines -not dotted or fragmented-.

What is it for?

The most important thing about this process is that the police review is a legal obligation to protect ourselves and thus increase the security levels of all.

It is a vital procedure because thanks to this you will be able to check that both the engine number, the chassis number and the type of vehicle belong to the vehicle and that it is reflected in the respective documentation.

It is important that you make sure that the verification is carried out in an authorized plant, which has the experts of the country’s police, the Federal and Provincial, and the Gendarmerie, duly authorized by the National Directorate of the Automotive Property Registry.

Police check for motor vehicles is mandatory; With it you can specify, depending on your case, from the initial registration of a 0 kilometer to the transfer of ownership of a used car, among other procedures.

The validity of the physical verification that you duly carry out in a plant or in an authorized verification post will be 150 administrative business days.

Keep in mind a key fact: it is a personal procedure, so make sure of each step and the shift you choose, well you will not be able to use third parties or intermediaries.

RPA benefits

Let’s insist on something: you can only carry out the physical or police vehicle verification if you use the RPA form. In fact, it is one of the most important procedures in Argentina.

The objective of this format is to control the information corresponding to each vehicle that circulates in the country. This way we will make sure that no car is stolen or its codes have been altered or falsified.

What is the Automotive RPA Form?

The Automotive RPA Form is a tool that we can use to confirm that the numbering of an engine corresponds to the vehicle checked.

We can only obtain this revalidation if it is notified by the Argentine police authorities. Only the police are the ones that can act in case of identifying adulteration or irregularity in the review and proceed as established by law.

If you are going to buy a vehicle, you are interested in continuing reading this article. Well, we will give you the mandatory steps of this verification.

If you are going to buy a used car, you must increase the provisions. Be careful in the way you are going to acquire it, whether you are going to buy it, if you are going to participate in an auction or any other method of purchase that is presented to you.

As you already know, this procedure must be done in person. That is why we tell you that you should consider these details of the car that you are going to acquire:

  • It must be assigned in the Automotive Property Registry (RPA).
  • It must be assigned in the Motor Vehicle Property Registry (RPM).
  • As it is the case that the police authorities have been able to recover vehicles, either in whole or only some parts, it is necessary that they be re-registered in certain motor vehicles and motor vehicles.
  • It is important to consider the legal points and processes, as court orders require certain transfers on motor vehicles.

On the other hand, there are several benefits that you get through the RPA form. We highlight those that have to do with transparent information about the value or cost:


  • As you can see in form 12, the cost that is assigned may vary depending on the type of vehicle. Regularly the price is located at 252 pesos, which has been sustained in recent years; which seems to indicate that it will not present major variations. It is possible that the procedure may include other payments, which you should anticipate, and normally they are close to 100 pesos.
  • Motorcycles usually cost about 60 pesos.
  • Price variations are subject to the exact location: the price can go up to about 150 pesos depending on the location of the vehicle.
  • In sum, the approximate price of the procedure is about 800 pesos, since form 12 can add between 360 pesos and 450 pesos.


Engraving of auto parts (Law 14,497, with the exception of motorcycles and agricultural). Domain engraving on crystals (According to the DNRPA compilation Chapter 9 Section 3).

  • You will be able to validate the location, which facilitates the authorization of the DNRPA and thus be able to proceed immediately to the processing.


Engraving of auto parts (Law 14,497, with the exception of motorcycles and agricultural machines). Domain engraving on crystals (According to the DNRPA compilation Chapter 9 Section 3).

  • You will have an unequivocal and guaranteed validation by the authorities of the Argentine police or the National Gendarmerie.
  • It is a process ordered by assignments and groups, with the presence of police dogs that will provide greater support.
  • It is developed by delimited and extremely careful activities so that you feel calm with a reliable verification.
  • It is a process carried out by the National Registry Office, which is the undisputed authority for all car ownership.

To close this article, we alert you that the document in process does not prove identity.

Similarly, so that you can quickly, optimally and adequately achieve your RPA Police Verification Form for automotiveIt is convenient that you make sure that the area where the coding of both the engine and the chassis is located is neat, clear and legible.

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