Bachelor’s Degree Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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Graduating is one of the most important things in our life, because only those who graduate know all the effort and dedication they made to obtain their bachelor’s degree. It is a recognition that is given to many years of study.

The Bachelor’s Degree Certificate It is an essential requirement to be able to validate and certify that the student has received his bachelor’s degree. This will help you get into college or take you to a job interview.

Requirements for the Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

The process for the Certificate is very simple, through the website of the Ministry of Education you can obtain this certificate. The only thing you should have on hand is your identity card and / or citizenship number.

The online services of the Ministry of Education will allow you to consult the Bachelor’s Degree Certificate, download and print it. It is important to download this certificate because in some cases it can be the equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree.

One of the most important things about this certificate is that it does not have an expiration date, since it only needs to be validated once and it can be used for different activities, no matter which ones.

It should be noted that only the degrees obtained from 1985 to the current date can be consulted, as specified by the National Online Consultation System. This procedure can also be done for free, without any cost, because it is a very simple procedure.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Bachelor’s Degree Certificate

In order to process this certificate or proof to verify the bachelor’s degree, a small number of steps must be followed, which are the following:

  1. Enter in the web page of the education services of Ecuador.
  2. Find the box for “Quick Links”And select“Bachelor’s degree certificate”.
  3. You must enter the identification number or surname and the text of the security image.
  4. Select in the magnifying glass to search for the title.
  5. In the system will appear all the information of the student, ID number, college from which he graduated, degree obtained, date of degree and specialty.
  6. The system will display the option to «Print the certificate» and it must be selected.
  7. By clicking, it will also give the option to download this certificate.

It is important to read what is requested in each step to carry out the entire procedure completely well, it is recommended to have personal documents on hand as they will be requested. The title certificate is the equivalent to the Degree Certificate, due to this it is necessary to present it for any application or application process in higher studies or universities.

If there is an error in any information, on the website you can request the rectification of the erroneous information. This procedure is totally safe, although you can still contact the National System of Online Consultation of Titles.

What is it for and who needs it?

This certificate is an important requirement that each bachelor must have, in order to validate and certify that the student has received their bachelor’s degree. It is mostly requested to be able to enter universities or to apply for a job.

The Bachelor’s degree certificate It can be requested by any citizen who wishes to consult and verify that their Bachelor’s Degree was validated by the Ministry of Education.

It should be noted that citizens who want to consult or verify the Bachelor’s Degree awarded must do so through the website of the ministry. It is the Ministry of Education that must validate and legalize this bachelor’s degree so that it can be legal.

It is specifically aimed at anyone who has received their Bachelor’s Degree, these can be:

  • Ecuadorian Natural Person.
  • Foreign Natural Person.

What to do if the title does not appear in the system?

A problem that usually happens is that the bachelor’s degree is not or simply does not appear in the Ministry of Education system. The steps that must be carried out in case the title does not appear or has errors, are the following:

  1. You should search the Ministry of Education’s consultation page for the section where the solution of this type of problem is allowed.
  2. Then fill out the entire record «observations» of the bachelor’s degree.
  3. Fill in the spaces for the identity card number, surnames and names, telephone numbers, school where you graduated, address and degree obtained.
  4. Place a valid email to be contacted, preferably a Gmail email for greater speed up.
  5. After having carried out each step in a correct way, we will proceed to click on the box «Send».

It is important to say that if you obtained the bachelor’s degree before 1985, you will not be able to consult or verify the degree because the database that the Ministry of Education has is from the year following said one.

If the case is to find an error in the bachelor’s degree, such as the date or the misspelled name, the following steps can be carried out:

  • Communicate with the Ministry of Education through their telephone numbers: 593-2-396-1300 / 1400/1500
  • Or the person can go to the different zones or education districts closest to their home for greater comfort and ease.

The response time for these corrections or observations may begin to appear in the online Ministry of Education System from the 3rd business day and up to a maximum of 15 days after starting the process.

Legal Basis of the Certificate of the Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s degree certificate It has a legal basis where its validity is specified in legal terms, it can be said that the legal basis of this certificate is in the Organic Law of Intercultural Education in its Article 45, where it specifies:

«All the baccalaureate degrees issued by the National Education Authority are approved and qualify for the different careers offered by higher education ”.

It is also stipulated in the General Regulation to the Organic Law of Intercultural Education in Article 94, where it talks about the Registration of data, the article specifies that:

«The educational institutions will enter and update, in the information system of the Ministry of Education, the data required by the Central Level of the National Educational Authority with the periodicity that it provides. «

The last legal basis for this certificate is in the General Regulations to the Organic Law of Intercultural Education, where in Article 197, it refers and details all the certificates of level completion and promotion:

«In order to guarantee student mobility within the institutions of the National Education System, educational institutions must issue the following certification and registration documents to those students who have achieved the minimum required in the learning standards set by the Central Level of Education. the National Educational Authority ”.

When it comes to certificates, it means all these legal documents, which affirm and verify the status of any student in Ecuador. Among these certificates are:

  1. Promotion certificate: After finishing each school year and from the second grade of Basic General Education to the third year of Baccalaureate. This certificate is given to those who were promoted to the higher or later grade.
  2. Certificate of having passed Basic General Education: To the student who has passed the tenth year of Basic General Education.
  3. Degree certificate: To third year high school students who have passed the written exams.
  4. Bachelor’s degree: Certification that the student has met all the requirements of the level.

What is the Certificate of the Bachelor’s Degree?

A bachelor’s degree is the most important document for someone who has just graduated, because it is the only document that can certify and validate that that person successfully completed all the necessary education. This document or title to be legal, must have the endorsement of the Ministry of Education, in addition to having I get the degree certificate that is also issued by the Ministry of Education.

It is essential that both have the same date and approval number, nowadays both have a barcode that speeds up any procedure. In order to validate and for this title to be accepted in an education or labor entity, it must be certified.

The process for this certificate is done easily through the website of the Ministry of Education and quickly. Any high school citizen can request this certificate at no cost, since it is issued by the Ministry of Education.

Although everything can be done through the website, the online system only has the bachelor’s degrees that were issued since 1985, the other degrees must be processed in person.

For the certification of the title, the date that is made does not matter, since it is available any day of the damage. You only have to wait between 3 and 15 business days to receive a response from the Ministry by email.

It can be said that the certificate is important for the future of any person since it is a requirement to be able to create a working life, therefore, it is important to follow all the steps and there will be no problem when processing it.

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