Banco de Bogotá Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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In Colombia there are a wide variety of banks and financial entities. However, the first bank to be created in the country and one of the most prominent today is Banco de Bogotá. Therefore, the client portfolio is huge, in this way it provides its clients with the Bank of Bogotá Certificate where they can see a summary of their accounts.

This certificate is very important, because it is requested as requirements in other banks as a bank reference, it works to declare taxes and have a backup, and much more. Therefore, in this article we teach you to request it and obtain it successfully.

Become a client of one of the best banks in the country, do not hesitate.

Requirements for the Banco de Bogotá Certificate

There are no particular requirements to acquire this document. However, in order to acquire it, you must be a bank customer and have had an AFC savings account for a minimum period of one year and be registered on the virtual platform.

Then the only requirement is to be registered in «Secure Key» this is done through the internet. Failing that, you can register through «Servilinea» or through «Mobile Banking» a priori you can see that it is very easy to obtain the document.

Continue reading the article, in the next section you will learn about the process and the steps you must take to obtain the Bank of Bogotá Certificate.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate from Banco de Bogotá

After having known the necessary requirements to be able to acquire the Banco de Bogotá Certificate, we bring you the information regarding the application process and obtaining the document. They are very simple and fast, in the following list we present them so that you can obtain the certificate in a satisfactory way.

  • You must enter the official website of the Bank of Bogota.
  • Then, you must enter the virtual platform that is on the right side called «Banking Products»
  • To enter your account you must provide the following information: identity card, debit card code and the last 4 numbers of the card.
  • Afterwards, you must click on «Secure Deposit».
  • When you enter your personal account, go to the documents section and select the option «Tax certificates»
  • You only have to select the year to consult, and that you want the certificate of the AFC savings account.

Ready, acquire the Bank of Bogotá Certificate It is very fast and simple, remember that it is extremely useful and you should not stop removing it. Read the following sections and learn a little more about the functions of the certificate, and the benefits of being a Banco de Bogotá customer.

What Information Does the Banco de Bogotá Certificate Contain?

The certificate contains a small amount of data regarding customers’ bank accounts. However, each of these data is highly representative of the client’s quality of life or current economic situation. Therefore, this certificate can provide a lot of information to those who know how to interpret this data.

Next, we bring you a list that names and describes a little each of the data that is reflected in the Bank of Bogotá Certificate and that they are of utmost importance for the bearer and for the rest of the interested parties.

Reflected information

  • The first thing that can be observed is the user’s personal data, such as: name, surname and personal identification number.
  • Then the final balance for the year of the «AFC Savings Account»It is intended to promote construction.
  • Contributions made with contingent withholding and without contingent withholding are also shown.
  • On the other hand, it shows the returns generated by the savings deposited in the account destined to the promotion of construction.
  • The withdrawals made during the year are reflected, but they differ between withdrawals made to be used for housing or withdrawals made for other destinations.
  • Finally, the withholdings in the practiced source are shown.

Two very important things should be mentioned, withdrawals are classified into two. Because those who are directed to improve the home do not have any commission, while the others do have related commissions. This is because the account is intended to promote construction and improve customer homes.

Another fact that should be mentioned is that this is a document that is issued on a mandatory basis. In accordance with the articles of the Sole Regulatory Decree on Tax Matters.

Attention! If there is any wrong information in the document, we suggest you contact the customer service department and resolve it. You can call the number 607 90 06 or even leave your message through the following link.

Banco de Bogotá website

Thanks to technological advances, the bank has at the disposal of its clients a Web page in which clients and future clients can learn a little more about the institution, its history, customer service points and contact details.

On the other hand, on the same website, customers can see the large number of financial products on offer, which are named and described a little more in the next section.

At the same time, it also has a virtual platform for customers registered in it. In it, customers can access the information of their personal accounts, Bank of Bogotá CertificateThey can also make requests for credits, cards and much more.

The website and the virtual platform for clients are two totally different things. What distinguishes them is that the Banco de Bogotá website is open to any public wishing to obtain information about it. While, the virtual platform is for those bank customers who are previously registered in the banking system.

Benefits of Banco de Bogotá

Being a client of this bank can only bring people benefits and good things. In that sense, in this section we name you and describe the benefits, so that you can convince yourself to become a client of the Bank.

In principle, it should be noted that it is an entity with great social responsibility and with a good quality in the service provided. It should also be mentioned that it provides credits with one of the lowest interest rates in the market and thus encourages the growth of the national economy.

Here is the list of benefits:

Main benefits

  • The entity offers a wide variety of bank accounts and cards that are very well adapted to the different needs of people.
  • They also offer a large number of credits, which are specifically aimed at investment, the acquisition or renovation of real estate and homes. But also current credits through cards, to carry out common expenses.
  • On the other hand, it offers insurance in health services, insurance for valuable goods such as vehicles, homes and more.
  • Despite providing these services to people, it also offers advisory services to other companies in the banking sector and in other different sectors.

These are the most important benefits that a client can obtain, however, it should also be noted that the bank highlights that it has a very good customer service. On the other hand, the very low interest rates and the low fees or policies offered for their insurance stand out.

The Bogota bank also provides its clients with financial reports on a constant basis. In order for them to be aware of current events in the economy and thus be able to protect their positions and assets.

What is the Banco de Bogotá Certificate?

The certificate in question is an official document issued by the bank and is nothing more than a certificate that shows a formal summary of the accounts in the last year. The certificate contains information about the savings account that is intended to promote construction.

It also contains information on the different movements that are executed in these accounts. In turn, it reflects content on interest paid to the bank during the fiscal year. On the other hand, it also shows the Total value of money withheld during the year to be declared.

Without a doubt, it is a very important certificate for all those Colombian affiliates or clients of Banco de Bogotá who wish to carry out an economic activity. Because it is a bank reference that other banking entities can request when opening an account or granting us some credit.

It is also a very reliable record of a person’s personal accounts, it can also be requested before acquiring any help or financial subsidy. For this and the above reasons, it is considered a document of the highest priority for people.

Open your savings account at Banco de Bogotá and improve your personal finances.


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