Bancolombia Form 1: How it is, Completed and MORE

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Have no idea how to manage the Bancolombia Form 1? In this article we expose everything related to this format, which collects all the information about the Declaration of Exchange for Goods Imports.

Likewise, it details how to fill out the form through three simple steps, what is the great Grupo Bancolombia, and much more information. Do not stop reading this information of interest.

What is the Bancolombia Form 1 like?

The Bancolombia Form 1, refers to the Declaration of Exchange for Imports of Goods. According to the External Regulatory Circular DCIN – 83 of August 9, 2011, to complete this Form you must follow three (3) steps:

  1. In step # 1, you can manage the spaces from zero (0) to seven (7). It should be taken into consideration that there are both optional and mandatory fields, which depends on the alternatives that are chosen.
  2. Step N ° 2, serves to process the spaces from eight (8) to ten (10)It should be taken into account that there are alternative and mandatory fields, it will also depend on the option chosen.
  3. In step N ° 3, you manage the spaces from eleven (11) to twenty (20)In the same way, it should be considered that there are optional and mandatory fields, depending on the alternative that is chosen.

Filling of Form 1 of Bancolombia

As said in the first point, fill in or complete the Form 1 Bancolombia, you have to follow three (3) essential steps. The fields to fill in are the following:

Step N ° 1

  • The type of payment of the good. There you must choose one of these options:
    • After boarding.
    • Advance to boarding.
    • In pesos.
    • With a credit card charged in pesos.
    • With a credit card charged in dollars.
    • Settlement.
  • Type of Operation.
    • The number, in the same way, you must choose an alternative from those that appear there.
      • 1 Initial.
      • 2 Return.
      • 3 Change of Form.
      • 4 Modification.
  • The identification of the Declaration.
    • Enter the NIT of the IMC or the Compensation Account Code.
      • 890.903.938-8 Bancolombia.
      • 800.128.735-8 Valores Bancolombia.
    • Select the date on which the currency is sold to the IMC, or the date on which the payment of the obligation is made through the clearing account.
    • Place the number.
  • Identification of the Previous Change Declaration.
    • There you can place the NIT of the IMC or the Compensation Account Code.
    • The date.
    • Number.

El Paso N ° 2

  • The identification of the importer.
  • The type of identification:
    • The citizenship card (CC).
    • Immigration card (CE).
    • The NI or NIT.
    • Passport (PB).
    • The civil registry (RC).
  • The identification number. This space is mandatory.
    • The check digit (DV).
  • Name or company name. This space is required.

Step 3

  • The Description of the Operation.
    • The draft currency code.
    • Exchange rate to USD.
    • The numeral. There you must choose an alternative.
    • Money order value. this space is mandatory.
    • The USD value.
  • Declarant Identification.
    • Name. This space is required.
    • The type of identification, an alternative must be selected:
      • Citizenship card (CC).
      • The immigration card (CE).
      • The passport (PB).
    • Identification number. This space is mandatory.
    • The signature.

After filling in all the required spaces, a section about DIAN Competition information, which dictates the following:

No harm from the rule change effected through the bulletin N ° 30 of September 2, 2016 of the Bank of the Republic, through which the customs documentation data of the enactment of modification by import of goods are suppressed.

All importers must continue to provide customs data that support the management of foreign exchange for importing goods, obeying resolution 09147 of 2006. Also the DIAN Resolution 4083, and those that change, complete or increase it.

What is it for?

The Form 1 Bancolombia It is used when Colombian investments are made abroad, foreign investments in Colombia. Also in the payments of quotas on foreign investments, etc. Likewise, it serves to pay the amount of imports.

That is, it is used when carrying out a common import, you have the shipping documentation for the normal or anticipated period, etc.

Bancolombia Group

The Bancolombia Group is a Colombian multinational financial team. Its image concentrates its activities in the American continent, the branches and business centers in South America and Central America. It is distributed as follows:

  • In colombia 72% of the portfolio is owned.
  • Panama has 13%.
  • Guatemala and El Salvador own 5% each.

This shows how important each region is to operate as a business team. Bancolombia has more than 14,000,000 customers. This Group in 2018, consolidated at least 11,000,000 clients in Colombia, which forms 20% of the banking market in the country. It is the largest in Colombia thanks to the number of clients.

In 2018 and 9 years after its entry into the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index, Grupo Bancolombia ranks first among financial institutions worldwide. Its place to operate is located in Medellín.

Nevertheless, It is found in 98% of the municipalities of Colombia, by means of more than eleven thousand bank envoys from Bancolombia. In 2018, it had a closing with historical patrimony of 24 billion pesos. The behavior of the expired portfolio, at 90 days, showed a level of 3.55% and a coverage of 180%.

To communicate with Grupo Bancolombia, if you have any questions or concerns, you can do so through the following channels:

  • The attention points, these can be verified by entering this link.
  • Chat via online.
  • To the phone number 018000 91 0090.
  • Grupo Bancolombia can also call you, you only have to schedule a call when you want.
  • It makes its social networks available to you through: Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Youtube.
  • Also through all your phone lines.

What is Bancolombia Form 1?

The Bancolombia Form 1, is the one that gathers all the necessary information to process the Declaration of Exchange for Goods Imports. To complete it, you must follow 3 steps, and fill in the spaces to choose an option or the spaces that are mandatory.

Recommendations to Properly Manage the Bancolombia Form 1

  1. Correctly mark the change declaration number and the date, which is validating or complementing the customs documentation.
  2. Verify that the exchange numerals used are the proper ones, in accordance with the exchange regulations.
  3. Take into consideration that there is a period to send the required data.
  4. Keep in mind that the FOB value to renew, must belong to the dollar amount canceled to the merchandise protected in the import declaration, or in the documentation that takes place.
  5. The import declaration is the supporting customs documentation for ordinary imports.
  6. The number corresponding to the import declaration is located in field 132 of the documentation.
  7. The Bancolombia Form 1 can be found through this link, in order to review it before completing the required information.

You have the necessary information about the Bancolombia Form 1You only have to have what is required to enter the aforementioned web portal and begin to enter the pertinent data to make the Declaration of Change for Imports of Goods.

It is very important to supply the information correctly, since for example the required numbers must not have errors to be able to place them and the system can process them, in order to be successful with this procedure. We hope that these details are satisfactory to carry out this management.


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