Baptism Certificate: Steps, Where to Order and MORE

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It is a very common practice for people of Catholic descent to perform the different sacraments of the church. But it turns out that to be able to do some previously, you must have done others. For example, to be able to carry out the marriage you must have been baptized. Therefore, here we teach you in a simple way to obtain the Certificate of baptism.

In that sense, all people who wish to marry or confirm before the Catholic Church must be previously baptized. Because it is the first sacrament and is understood as the one that opens people, heThe doors to the Christian life.

The Baptism Certificate is the proof of your Christian initiation.

Steps to Follow for the Baptism Certificate

In case you have been baptized and want to request the certificate regarding this sacrament of Christian initiation. In this section we will explain in detail the steps to follow to request it and we will also give you important information regarding the procedure.

Many people need this certificate to be able to continue their Christian visa, for that reason we made this article for you. Here is a list of steps you must complete to acquire your baptism certificate successfully.

Steps to follow

  • The first step is to go to the church where you performed the baptism in past years.
  • Once you are in the church, you must indicate your names, surnames and present an identification document.
  • In turn, you must indicate the year and month in which you were baptized, so that they can look it up.
  • Finally, you must sign an application certificate and that you confirm that you have received the baptism certificate.

You must bear in mind that in churches the archives or records of baptisms are many, and the search for them is not an automated process. Therefore, the church’s search process for the record may take a few days, or even weeks.

In the event that the baptized person cannot attend at the time of the request, they must deliver a power of attorney or some authorization to the person who will go in person to make the request. Another fact that you should know is that the process has no cost. However, some churches do charge for the process.

For the above reasons, there is no exact time in which the baptismal certificate is delivered, nor an established cost. Both factors depend on the church where the procedure is carried out. In the following sections you will learn about the validity and about the document.

Where and when to request the Baptism Certificate?

If you are about to perform the confirmation, the Eucharist and the marriage, you must have and present before the authorities of the church in a mandatory way the act or Certificate of baptism. If you are in that process, in this section we inform you about the appropriate times to request the baptism certificate.

The first thing you should know is that you can only request the baptism certificate in the church where you performed the sacrament, because they are the only ones who have the record that you actually did it. There is no common file for all baptismal certificates.

On the other hand, you must bear in mind that generally the validity of the baptism certificate is six months. Therefore, if you require it to perform another sacrament, you must request the act with maximum six months in advance. In case it expires, you will have to request another certificate.

But you should not request it at short notice either, because for the reasons presented before the delivery of the certificate can take days and even weeks. In this way, it is recommended to request it between five and a month in advance, to avoid either of the two problems.

If you want to know, the meaning and usefulness of Certificate of baptism. We recommend that you read the following sections, because they are aimed at informing you about it and much more information.

What to do if the Church does not find my Certificate?

In case the church authorities do not get your Certificate of baptism, quiet! Here we bring you some recommendations that could help you correct this problem. The first thing you should know is that it is very difficult for this to happen. However, people who work in churches are human beings and for this reason, they can make mistakes.

In case your baptism certificate is lost, they should check the baptism books and certificates, of the dates on which your baptism took place. Because, apart from the certificate, the churches usually keep a record of the baptisms carried out in a book or an act.

If you are not registered in the minutes or the book, you can prove that you received the sacrament with some photos. In general, at baptisms there are photographers who document the ritual. If you have the photos of the baptism, you can present them to the church and they, upon confirming that you indeed received the sacrament, will issue another Certificate of baptism.

Another alternative is that some of your relatives, whether they are your parents or godparents, may have a copy of your baptism certificate. In case of having it, despite not being an original document, they must present it to the church to state that if you were baptized and thus issue a new and original baptism certificate.

Any of the alternatives is valid, all can be substituted for each other; The important thing is to acquire the baptism certificate and thus achieve the following sacraments that are found in our Christian life. In general, church authorities are very understanding and cooperative in these cases.

Online Search

Thanks to technological advances, physical documents or papers can be scanned and digitized. In such a way that people who so wish can consult their documents through their computers.

In Argentina, there is a portal that has a great variety of digitized legal documents so that the subscribed persons can consult them for free and obtain them. This greatly speeds up the document application process, making people’s lives much easier.

If you want to shorten the waiting times for the baptism certificate, making the request online. Next, we leave you a list of steps to follow so that you can get your Certificate of baptism online.

Steps to follow

  • The first step is to enter the official website of minutes online from Argentina.
  • In the «Search» section located on the left side, you must fill in the following information:
    • Surname and names of the person who was baptized.
    • Locality, region, country where the baptism took place.
    • Estimated period in which the sacrament was performed.
    • Surname and names of the spouse.
  • Ready, you just have to click on «Search» and the search in the database will be enhanced according to the data provided.

You must be careful with the information you provide, because a spelling mistake can cause the search results to be wrong. I mean, you might get a Certificate of baptism of another person if you misspell the first or last name. You must make sure you write the baptized information correctly.

Still don’t know the steps, place and time to request your baptism certificate? If you want to know the answers to these questions, we suggest you read the previous sections and inform yourself about it.

What is the Baptism Certificate?

As you may have learned, people who have religious beliefs must go through certain stages, in which they demonstrate their faith and commitment. In the case of the Catholic Church, the stages are known as «Sacraments.»

The first stage is the initiation into the Christian life. This stage is made up of three sacraments, the first and most important is baptism, the second is confirmation and the third is the celebration of the Eucharist.

The act of baptism is considered a very beautiful ritual. Because it is a time when one more member of the family joins Christian ideals and practices. In it, a godfather and godmother are established, who undertake to be with the baptized throughout their Christian life and support them as much as possible.

Baptism, being the first sacrament, is considered the most important. Because it is the one that states that the person is truly attached to Catholic ideals, so in order to perform any other sacrament you must have performed the baptism and have the Certificate of baptism.

In current times, the Argentine origin of the Pope has led many people to adhere to the Catholic religion. In this way, there are many new baptisms in the country and of many people who wish to consummate their marriage before the Christian church.

Get baptized, open the doors of your Christian life and continue to perform the sacraments.

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