Birth Certificate: How to Get It, Consult and MORE

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In Colombia, the Civil Registry is a legal tool as well as an administrative one, through which the government contemplates the rights and obligations of each citizen in a society. That is why everything related to the Birth Certificate will be explained in detail below.

All citizens owe their Birth Certificate because it constitutes the principle of identification of the Colombian population. If you need this certificate, we invite you to continue reading this article.

How to get the Birth Certificate?

To obtain the Birth Certificate, you must first go to any Registrar with the child, so that they take the footprints.

If the baby is one month old or less, his representative must carry the certificate of live birth referred by the hospital.

Check the Birth Certificate online

It is important to note that the Registrar’s Office contains its web portal where all Colombian citizens can enter. You can check in which registry your birth certificate was made.

First, the citizen must enter the page of the Registrar, then you will find on the right side the option «Consult your Civil Registry office», there you can find where your certificate is located.

Then a new tab will open for you and three options will appear. Of those three, you will click on the option «Enter public user».

Then a form will appear that you must fill out, the information that you will have to supply is the following:

  • Choose what type of record you want to search for, birth or marriage. In this case it will be chosen, the birth one.
  • In the type of search you must choose between, names / surnames, document (NUIP, PIN, or Identity Card), all criteria and serial number.
  • You will have to put your Civil Registry serial number. In that case, if I select the above option will be serial.
  • If the citizen chose the document, he must put his identification number, either NUIP, NIP or Identity Card.
  • If you chose the first / last name option above, you must provide your first surname, second, your first and second names, as well as sex, the date of birth.
  • At the end of the form you must put the code that appears in the verification image and it will give you in «Search Civil Registry.

Search Result

Below the form you can see the Search Result, the information you have just consulted will appear there.

After you have observed the search, select the option «Generate Certificate». This certificate will be downloaded and you have the option if you want to save it on your computer or if necessary print it at once.

Having this printed Birth Certificate implies that you can go to the office where your original birth registration was made.

You are not registered

In the event that the person is not registered in the system, he must issue a document specifying that he is not in the database of the National Registry.

The person has the opportunity to go to the office where the registration was initially made or, in that case, go to the notaries and look for all the pertinent information.

Request Copy of Birth Certificate

To request a copy of the birth certificate you should go to the Registry where it is registered and will deposit the value of the copy in the Banco Popular or Banco Agrario.

To check the current rates, you can enter the following link. It is important to highlight that the citizen requests his security sticker in the civil registry, to guarantee a collection of the amount that has been deposited.

What is the Birth Certificate for?

The Birth Certificate is essential because it allows you to carry out many procedures within the national territory. This document can be requested from you, when you go to request your identity card for the first time, also a copy of the civil registry. If you are going to get married, affiliation with entities of the health system, among many more.

Costs and Duration of the Procedure

The online issuance of the Birth Certificate is free. This document can be issued from anywhere in your residence and printed as many times as necessary. But, if you want to request a copy of this certificate, if you have to pay for it, then the prices will be highlighted:

  • A copy of the civil registry has a cost of $ 7,500.
  • The civil registry certificate has a value of $ 7,500.
  • If the citizen needs a duplicate of the identity card, in case he has lost it or because it is not in optimal conditions, the cost is $ 46,050.
  • A correction of the certificate or correction of the data has a value of $ 46,050.
  • If you need the duplicate of the biometric blue identity card, in case you have lost it or because it is not in optimal conditions, it has a cost of $ 45,150.
  • The Photocopying Service has a value of $ 100.

It is important to note that the procedure must be carried out within the month following the birth of the child, in the event that it is not carried out in that specified time, you must present the live birth certificate sent by the hospital or under oath of two citizens they were there when the baby was born.

What is it?

The Birth Certificate is an essential record that documents the birth of each citizen. Depending on the authority, the birth record may or may not include verification of the event by a midwife or a doctor.

In Colombia, a birth record or certificate is a legal as well as an administrative document through which the government contemplates the rights and commitments of Colombians to society.

Frequent questions

Next, it will be evident frequent doubts that the majority of Colombian citizens have

Question 1: Who can request the registration of the birth certificate?

According to Decree 1260 of 1970 of article 45, the inscription in the registry must be made by the father or mother of the newborn.

Question 2: Where should people go to register the birth certificate?

Today, it is possible to register in the civil registry of birth in places such as hospitals, clinics, notaries, among others.

It is important to note that according to article 118 of Law 1395 of 2010, they removed the requirement of territoriality to allow civil registration and favor this process for many Colombians with few resources or those who are in remote areas.

Question 3: can people from the family nucleus or citizens other than the parents request registration in the civil registry of birth?

Yes, it can be done by relatives such as your grandparents, great-grandparents or ancestors, the closest older families, the head in charge or the administrator of the place, whether public or private in which the birth took place. The person who picked up the abandoned baby, the person in charge of the place can take charge or the interested party himself who must be over 18 years old.

Question 4: What if I was never registered?

The person must go to the Registrar with their live birth document, which is sent by the hospital establishment or by means of a statement under oath, it must contain two witnesses or people who have been at the birth, any part of the Colombian territory.

Question 5: How can an error found in the civil registry be corrected?

It is very important to note that it can be done in three ways, the first by means of a written request when the registry has spelling errors, also by means of a public deed when it is due to a name change and the last is done when the citizen was registered. with a single surname.

To conclude, citizens must be clear about the blood group and RH factor of the person whose birth is to be registered. In addition, the birth certificate is essential, because if the person is never registered, it is as if they did not exist in Colombian territory.


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