Birth Certificate: Steps, Validation and MORE

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The Birth certificate it is an extremely important document. Because of this, a record is kept of each child that is born. In this article we are going to tell you about everything you need to know about the Birth certificate. From the procedure, its validation, the functions it fulfills and more.

If you want to expand on these details, keep reading and later we will clarify all your doubts regarding the Birth certificate. So you will have all the information at your fingertips when you want to process this important document.

Keep reading and stay tuned for everything we are going to say!

Steps to Obtain the Birth Certificate

Like any important document, the Birth certificate has its process to be processed. In this section we are going to tell you step by step what you must do to be able to obtain the Birth certificate in a fast, easy and safe way.

Next we are going to tell you what you have to do to be able to carry out this procedure. The steps to follow are those.

Process to obtain the Birth Certificate:

  1. First you are going to go to your internet search engine.
  2. Following this, you will look for the website of the Argentine government (click here to enter the portal)
  3. Once you have entered the website, you will select the process you want to carry out.

Now, once this first stage is done, we are going to explain the different ways you have to get the Birth certificate. These are three (3) and then we are going to point out each one of them.

Birth Certificate Process being a resident of the City of Buenos Aires:

First we are going to mention that this process must be carried out through an individual and through the web portal. The latter must require the certificate and may carry out the diligence in substitution for a third party.

The latter that was mentioned, must be with the corresponding intervention with the Apostille, in a proper way, if applicable. And the remission of the certification document in the name of its holder.

Now, the process to process the Birth Certificate for this category is as follows:

  1. You must enter your preferred internet search engine.
  2. After you are in it, you must enter the website of the government of Buenos Aires in the civil registration part (click here to enter the web portal)
  3. And, finally, you are going to proceed to select a section that will appear under the name of «Request for items», and voila, the certificate will already be processed.

Through the website of the Ministry of the Interior and Transport:

In this case, the request of the Birth certificate it is via online. This process is carried out through the website belonging to the Ministry of the Interior and Transport, this in the case of not being a citizen of the City of Buenos Aires. What you should do is the following that we are going to indicate:

  1. First you must enter your internet search engine, whichever is your preference.
  2. Then you must search and enter the website of the ministry.
  3. You are going to go to a section that will appear and that says «Guide to procedures and services», and later you will select it.
  4. In the left part of the window you will find another section that says «Items and certificates for residents abroad», you will also select it.
  5. Finally, you are going to go to another part that is going to tell you «Birth certificate», and ready.

In case you are not present:

You should ask a relative or acquaintance, such as a friend, to go to the Civil Registry, it is worth noting that it must be the registry where the birth was registered. After that, you will be given several copies of this record to be sent to wherever you are.

Validate the Authenticity of the Birth Certificate

This is a very important process, since through this you give a valid support to your Birth certificate. In addition, it is a process that you can carry out online, through the electronic document management portal of Buenos Aires.

In that portal you can make inquiries about these processes for processing items of any kind, you can also see how to validate them. Next, we will tell you how you are going to do this process.

Validation process:

This process, as we have already mentioned, is online and is done as follows:

  1. First you are going to go to your preferred internet search engine.
  2. Then you will enter the official page of the Provincial Registry of People and an option will appear that will say «Games», and you will select it.
  3. Then an option will be at your disposal that will say «Consultation of issued items». You will also see a button that says «Validate the authenticity of a document», you click there.
  4. In the field that says «Enter GDEBA number» which you must fill in with the GEDO number. This will appear at the bottom right of the digitized game.
  5. You are going to proceed to make a detailed verification of the data that appears in the printed certificate that will be presented by the citizen. These data must coincide with those that are put in the digitized game that is shown in the system.
  6. Then, it will go on to verify that the additional signature sheet matches the signatures placed on the digitized birth certificate.
  7. And voila, the process to validate your birth certificate.

What is the Birth Certificate for?

As we mentioned in previous sections, this is a very important document. The purpose of this is to specify everything related to the Birth certificate so that you have it clear and you do not have a single doubt.

However, the Birth Certificate is intended to serve as a basis for other procedures to be carried out. This is required by various public and private organizations for other processes. It is commonly used to obtain citizen identification, that is, for the processing of the DNI, and later, to be able to do the procedure to obtain the passport.

There are other processes in which they ask for the birth certificate, so it is important that they are on hand to avoid any inconvenience for other papers.

What Should a Birth Certificate Contain?

The Birth certificate It is a document that contains the basic information that is required of any person. The data contained in this document refer to the birth of the baby as such and about the registration of this.

In the birth certificate there are data such as the names and surnames of the child, in a complete way, the sex of the baby, the date on which they were born together at the exact time. Also, the place where he was born and the name and surname of his parents will be included, these will also be complete.

Additionally, the registry from which it comes must go, in the case of being municipal or consular. Likewise, the page and the volume of the entry, or the folio, depends on the case, and the file where the birth note was originally recorded.

It is worth noting that the birth certificate or certificate must also bear the signature of the person in charge or the secretary who is going to carry out the certification, together with the stamp of the office where it was made. Keep reading!

What is it?

As we have already been saying, the birth certificate or certificate is a document that is issued from the Civil Registry, or, if applicable, by the corresponding Consular Officer. This document is processed in order to certify and validate the birth of a citizen in any country.

The birth certificate must indicate the date on which the birth occurred, the location, the name, the sex and other data that are relevant for the newborn’s registration. The birth certificate is a record that is essential for anyone.

When we talk about the birth certificate we are referring to the registry original. This registry is in which the moment of birth has been registered, or, it may also be the case, an exact copy in a certified way. This can be done virtually, its processing can be done online through the website of the civil registry where it corresponds.

Additionally, we are also going to mention that there are several types of birth certification. Next, we will tell you all the different types of certificates that there are so that you are aware of them. These can be the following.

Types of Birth Certificates:

  • The first one we are going to mention is the positive birth certificate. This refers to the fact that the person is, correctly and effectively, registered in the registry in a certain way.
  • Then we have the negative certificate.
  • There is also electronic seal certification.

Now, we hope that this article has been very useful and that your doubts about the Birth certificate have been cleared.

We read for another chance!

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