BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form: Form, Fill Out and MORE

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The Medical Expense Reimbursement Form BMI is very important to use when you have insurance. When a person is interested in hiring the protection of a Medical Expense Insurance, it is very important that when filling out the application, they declare all their medical history, such as: chronic conditions, diseases and previous treatments, if they are a smoker or no, among other things; even those that the prospect considers unimportant, since many times, this can make the difference between paying a claim or not.

Therefore, in this article we will explain the entire process to request the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form, we will tell you how to fill out this form, who should process it, and more. Read on and share this information if necessary.

BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form Format

In the case of Medical Expenses Insurance The adjustment is the claims process, and it is carried out when a loss occurs, either by accident or illness. There are two ways to make an adjustment: by refund and by direct payment. In the case of a refund, the customer only has to have all the documents, one of these documents is the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form.

This procedure is completely free. Therefore, you will be able to get the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form on the page of Igualas Medicas Del Ecuador. This document will be presented in a PDF file so that it can be easier to download and print. Next, you will be briefly told what data this form should contain.

  • Section A – Personal Data.
    • Affiliate information.
    • Patient’s data.
  • Section B – Data of the Holder.
  • Section C – Treating Physician Information.
  • Information in the event of an accident.
  • Authorization.

You must bear in mind that you must attach certain documents to carry out the compensation process, these are:

  • Request for reimbursement of medical expenses duly completed in the official Company Form.
  • Complete clinical history (for hospital and / or surgical cases).
  • Operative protocol.
  • Sales receipts for medical fees and services.
  • Originals of medical orders and originals of exam sales receipts.
  • Exam results.
  • Originals of medical orders and original receipts of drug sales.
  • Any other information that is necessary for the Company to determine coverage.

If you have any doubts regarding the documents that you should bring with the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form You can contact the Igualas Medicas Del Ecuador customer service center. Authorized personnel will be in charge of providing you with all the necessary information.

Filling out the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form

Once you download and then print the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form You will have to complete a series of fields requested by Igualas Medicas Del Ecuador. This must be legible and must not contain scratches and erasures, otherwise the form will not be accepted.

Next, we will indicate what you have to place in each of the sections already exposed in the previous section. Pay close attention!

  • Section A – Personal Data.
    • Affiliate information.
      • Last name.
      • Mother’s last name.
      • First name.
      • Second name.
      • Age.
      • Cell phone.
      • Home or office phone.
      • Email.
    • Patient’s data.
      • Last name.
      • Mother’s last name.
      • First name.
      • Second name.
      • Age.
  • Section B – Data of the Holder.
    • Company name.
    • Date of entry to the company.
    • Signature and company’s stamp.
    • Town.
    • Date.
    • Contract number.
  • Section C – Treating Physician Information.
    • ICD10 code.
    • Date of first symptoms.
    • Date of diagnosis.
    • Complete diagnosis.
    • Hospital care.

In case of surgery, describe the complete medical procedure (s) and possible complications.

    • Ambulatory care.
  • Section D. Information in the event of an accident.
    • How the accident happened.
    • Place, date and time.
  • Section E. Authorization.

«I authorize all doctors and people who attended me and all clinics and institutions to provide BMI IGUALAS MEDICAS with any information including exact copies of their files, laboratory tests and X-rays corresponding to this request»

Finally put the signature of the affiliate, the city and the corresponding date. In this way the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form it will be ready to be delivered. You must wait a stipulated time for the reimbursement of medical expenses, this will depend on the case that is presented.

Usefulness of the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form

The Medical Expense Insurance policies contain tables to make the adjustment and a limit of medical fees for hospitals. It is important that the fees coincide with the amounts established for the hospital where the insured was treated, in the event that he / she was treated at a lower level hospital, you will get incentives, on the other hand, there are penalties from the insurer if you do not the hospital level established in the policy coincides with the place where the care was taken.

The reimbursement is a type of medical policy that allows the client to go to the medical center of their choice (whether it is within the insurer’s medical chart or not) paying the costs out of their pocket so that the company later partially or totally reimburses the medical expenses of care primary care and specialists, hospitalization, among others. Normally, the scope of coverage of this insurance is worldwide.

The BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form It will be used to carry out the process of reimbursement of medical expenses (as its name says). Without this document we will not be able to demand that they make us a refund of what we have spent on the doctor.

Likewise, these types of policies are highly recommended in the event that you are a person who travels a lot, since it may be the case that you are somewhere where you do not have doctors belonging to the company’s medical staff. Faced with this scenario, having insurance that allows you to recover medical expenses, whoever treats you treats you and wherever you are, is presented as the best solution.

It is also ideal if you have a preference for the doctors you want to see for you. Imagine that you already have a trusted pediatrician, outside of the public health system, and you want him to continue treating your children. In that case, a refund is your best option. Because you can continue using their services without paying more. The company takes over, thanks to the reimbursement of expenses.

Who should process it?

With reimbursement health insurance, insurers offer a product of free choice, in which the client decides who he wants to treat him and in which medical center, regardless of the medical staff and the network of clinics (their own and / or concerted ) offered by the company.

Therefore, the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form It must be processed by the person who is affiliated with Igualas Medicas Del Ecuador. Otherwise this procedure cannot be accepted. It may be that in this case the patient can request it, but this will depend on the insurance and especially on the clinic or hospital.

BMI Medical Igualas of Ecuador

BMI del Ecuador Compañía de Seguros de Vida SA, a subsidiary of BMI Companies, began operations in 1997, during this time we have proudly contributed to meeting the life and health insurance needs of our clients. Designing high quality plans to guarantee the safety of Ecuadorian families.

BMI Igualas Médicas del Ecuador SA joins the expansion of BMI Companies and begins operations in 2004, to offer Prepaid Medicine plans. During this time, it has offered medical solutions providing peace of mind and protection to its members in the health field.

BMI’s vision is to become value creators. Of course its mission is the tranquility of the users and provide an excellent quality service. At BMI they are passionate about their clients, understanding them in their property, in addition they strive every day to provide timely and effective solutions at all times.

What is the BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form?

Prevention is the main objective of health insurance, since they are in charge of protecting the insured against any type of illness and accident. In addition, they are an investment method capable of strengthening the economy of users and families in the face of the high prices of private health care. Having good health insurance is essential, since today Social Security is collapsed and waiting lists are extensive.

Health insurance provides financial protection in the event that you have an accident or a very serious illness. Health coverage can help protect you from unexpected high costs. The figure of the reimbursement of expenses originates in an intermediation in the realization of the respective transaction, that is, when a subject makes payments on behalf and on behalf of a third party, the effects of the transaction are in the head of the person in whose name it is performed.

Therefore, we have to BMI Medical Expense Reimbursement Form It is a document that we will be able to use to request a refund in the event of an accident or a very serious illness. It is very important to have health insurance so that in a certain way you can have financial support, since we know that health is a bit expensive all over the world.

Thanks for reading us!


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