Building License Requirements: Costs, Importance and MORE

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If you are interested in building your home or your own business, do not worry if you feel that the whole process is very cumbersome. To who Building License Requirements: Costs, Importance and MORE We will explain what you need to obtain your construction license and start building the building that you want so much.

Once all the necessary information has been obtained, regarding the modalities of the construction license, it will be essential to explain in detail the Requirements for the Construction License. In addition, you will be able to know everything about the permit before a district power to the papers that are required to be able to issue it.

Do you want to build the house of your dreams or build that company that you want so much? Keep reading, so that you get all the necessary information and start to build the building you want so much!

What are the Requirements for the Construction License?

Do not leave your home without first seeing the requirements to successfully complete your procedure!

The Requirements for the Construction License are as follows:

  • 1.- Mode A: It is related to the construction of a Single Family Home measuring up to 120 M2 built, this being the only building.
  • 2.- Mode B: They are buildings for the use of single-family, multi-family or villas that do not exceed five floors (3,000 M2 of construction area)
  • 3.- Mode C: They are buildings that exceed 5 floors and more than 3000 M2 of construction.
  • 4.- Mode D: They are constructions for industrial and commercial purposes and their construction area exceeds 30,000 M2.

The Requirements for the Construction License for the modalities they will be mentioned below:

  • You must have a Unique Building Form (FUE) which must be requested in the corresponding municipality.
  • Attach a copy of the property title, previously registered in public records.
  • Certificates of Urban Parameters which must be issued by the provincial and district municipalities within their jurisdiction.
  • Plans of location, location, architecture and sanitary and electrical installations.
  • The technical documentation of the work is required, such as reports, annexes of calculations, plans, measurements and budgets.
  • You must make a payment for the right to review and qualify the project by the College of Engineers of Peru, with the right to two reviews.
  • Records of Feasibility of Services, for the construction or changes of use of housing, as well as the demolitions and extensions of the same.
  • Carry out an architectural survey carried out by an architect or a geotechnical engineer, who will make a preliminary study of the soil of the place established to carry out the work.
  • Investigate the regulations of the land or of the lot where the construction license is going to be requested, personally addressing the Urban Curatorship who will provide the corresponding information.
  • Take the FUE request in triplicate and duly signed by the professionals.
  • In the event that the applicant is a legal person, they must bring the respective company constitution duly issued by the registry of legal entities.

!RecuIt is always important to do your procedures with time, so that you have control of your procedures and you achieve everything at the moment, that is why here we have all the information you need!

Importance of Having the License

Keep in mind that the main thing you have to do is go to the Municipality where you are, and request that they give you your certificate of the parameters. Either urban or building. Once you are in your Municipality, request the Requirements for the Construction License.

Do you want to build the house of your dreams or build that company that you want so much? To achieve the building license It is vitally important to have knowledge about the modalities of the same, which are the following:

  • New build: It refers to a construction of a building on an empty lot.
  • Extension: It is when the work will undergo a change in its dimensions.
  • Adequacy: A construction can have several uses, both commercial and Single Family Home, if the owner of said work wishes to change the use of the establishment to which it was originally assigned, he must apply for a construction license.
  • Restoration: It is the maintenance of a structure of cultural or patrimonial origin.
  • Structural reinforcement: It is when the construction presents defects that deserve to be attended by specialists, either due to the years of the structure, the lack of maintenance of the same or because it does not comply with the earthquake resistant construction standard.
  • Total demolition: It is the complete destruction of the work.
  • Enclosure: It is about the closure of the construction or part of it.

Construction License Costs

Your life will only get better when you stop wasting your time and decide to invest it in building your dreams.

In all the procedures a fee must be paid, so the document to authorize the construction is no exception. In addition, if you invoice the corresponding amount, you will be able to be up to date with the authorities of Peru, and thus avoid any inconvenience. Do you want to know what are the costs associated with the Construction Procedure in this country? Quiet!

Next, we will tell you all the amounts or fees that you must take into account when requesting this document:

  • Modalities A and B: The value for the right to process the procedures for the building license, which is included within the ordinance, will be the 4.7619% of the Tax Tax Unit (ITU) which corresponds to two hundred and 00/100 soles for the modalities.
  • Modalities C and D: Corresponds to 16.6667% of the Tax Tax Unit (ITU), corresponding to seven hundred and 00/100 soles, whose modalities were described at the beginning of this page.

Fine for not having the Construction License

Do you know what will happen if you don’t get your license and start building without the proper permit? Here we will inform you of everything about it!

In relation to the fine according to Regulation Law of urban rooms and buildings (Law No. 29090), which indicates that the owner who builds without the proper authorization or acquisition of the building license will be penalized with a fine of 10% of the total value of the work.

When the owner violates the Building Regulation ordinance for the use of a single-family home (Mode A), they will pay an equivalent sum S / .500.00 (Five hundred and 00/100 Soles) which corresponds to the payment of the administrative fine. Now, in the case of demolitions, which would be included in this rule, a sum equivalent to 2.5% of the value of the work.

In the event of Building Regulation Related to the purposes of single-family and multi-family homes, which are contemplated in the modality, the owners who resort and submit their building to the said ordinance, will have to pay a sum corresponding to 2.5% of the value of the construction.

In the case of building regularization for the purpose of multi-family or single-family housing, industries, businesses or others, which are framed in the Modality C and D the holder who favors this ordinance has to deposit a sum equivalent to 5% of the value of the work carried out related to the cancellation for the concept of administrative fine.

What is it?

The Construction License or permission to build is that document that allows you the authorization to carry out any type of building, whether for housing, commercial and industrial purposes. The bodies in charge of delivering said document are the municipalities of your jurisdiction and districts.

  1. The application for your procedure will last from the presentation of your file. The Municipality will grant you fifteen business days to review and respond to your file.
  2. The professionals will also have fifteen days to appeal the decision.
  3. Approximately two to three surveys and observations will be made, which will have an estimated time of one month.
  4. The estimated time to acquire said document will last two months or more.

Remember! You only need the construction license, in cases where you are going to modify the structure, create a work or if it is going to be demolished

Therefore, you do not need to obtain a construction license in the cases that you are going to carry out this type of remodeling anywhere in your home. Also, you can use internal painting of the house and electrical and hydraulic networks without any inconvenience. So, calm down and get to work, start your remodeling without headaches!

I hope that all this information that you have read on this page is to your great liking, and that it is very useful for you to start your new work or remodeling. Come on if you can, you will achieve it!

Remember that the smallest step is better than no progress!


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