Building Permit Requirements: Steps, Costs and MORE

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If you are planning to carry out any construction, it is necessary that you know the Requirements for the Building Permit in Ecuador. This permission is essential, since having its approval avoids a series of sanctions that, in addition to delaying your project, prevents its execution.

In the same way, it is important that you have information about the steps to follow to obtain the Construction Permit, how to carry out the process online, the cost of this permit, the importance of processing this permit and much more information.

What are the Requirements for the Building Permit?

Before making the application for the Construction Registration, a series of Requirements for the Building Permit, and are according to the type of construction. For this reason, the documentation should be on hand in digital form in PDF or JPG file format.

They must also be in color, legible, and smaller than 2MB. Except for the blueprint files that have to be in a .dwg (Autocad) format and can be up to 10MB in size:

  • The identity card and the certification of having voted for both the owner, designer and technician.
  • The updated passport, if the person requesting this procedure is a foreigner.
  • Proof of admission for construction provided by the owner.
  • A power of attorney supplied by the owner, if the applicant is listed as «Proxy».
  • A notarized letter of civil liability for property deeds, in the event that the applicant is the owner of the property.
  • The architecture plans to be admitted, in Autocad format.
  • A compendium of the Employer’s record.
  • The public deed of obtaining the property or proof of permission for construction in a foreign area, granted by the owner, this if the person requesting is not the owner of the land, or rental contract if it is a municipal area. This requirement is not required for informal occupation zones subject to legal possession procedures. It will only be necessary a certification of civil responsibility for domain facts.
  • Supporting documentation of exemption in plans.

If the Building has Three (3) Stories or More, Notarized Letters of Technical Responsibility for:

  • The soil studies.
  • The sanitary design.
  • Structural design.
  • Telephone and electrical design.
  • A insurance policy for the benefit of others, in the case that the building has three floors or more.
  • Technical mandates from the Fire Department, if the building has more than four floors, commercial, or industrial and / or abundant public attendance.
  • The notarized letter from Technical responsibility for earth movements and containment buildings and protection of the area, in the event that the area has a slope of inclination greater than 10%.
  • A notarized letter of connection and closeness, in the event of not having respect for the withdrawals indicated in the regulations.
  • Determination of the beach and bay area granted by the DIRNEA (Directorate of Aquatic Spaces), in which case it should be used.
  • Document affecting the sewerage and / or drinking water when required.
  • Technical sheets for non-hazardous solid waste, to structures greater than 90 m2 of construction such as: Shopping centers, residences, markets, hotels, shops, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, urbanizations, multifamily.
  • A letter of agreement requested by the Environment, for industrial-type structures classified as risky, medium and high impact.

Steps to Apply for the Building Permit

Before proceeding to build a house, five (5) steps must be taken into account and the Requirements for the Building Permit:

The first thing to do is ask for the factory line of the land, the IRM (Metropolitan Regulation Report). This is requested in the central administration of the locality to which it belongs. There, all the cadastral information is specified, such as the name of the owner and the area of ​​the land.

Likewise, it indicates if the land can be built or not, the property number and the zoning.The form for this procedure is obtained at the collection box of the zonal administration and its cost is $ 2 dollars. In this paper, the following must be filled in: Name, parish, streets, area.

  1. Make a sketch by hand of where the terrain is located.
  2. The hours of this box office are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m..
  3. After completing the request for the Metropolitan Regulation Report, it must be delivered to box office 2.
  4. Attach a copy of the last proof of payment of the property tax, the identity card and proof of having voted for the owner of the property.

Then you must make the registration of the plans of the house that is going to be built. This procedure is carried out at box office 2. Its opening hours are from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. To make this request, before Form N ° 1 must be completed.

Said documentation must be carried out by an architect, since he must make a layout of the house to be manufactured. You must also sign the plans to be registered. To deliver the form, the following documentation must be attached:

  1. The Metropolitan Regulation Report.
  2. Attach three (3) sets of architectural plans.
  3. Copies of the land deed.
  4. Property tax certificate.
  5. The identity card and proof of having voted.
  6. The architect in charge must provide a certification that the title is certified in the National Council of Higher Education.

The next step is to acquire the Construction Permit. At this point you have to pay an amount for the guarantee in the Housing Bank. This amount is based on the meters to be built.

Having the proof of the deposit of the aforementioned, you have to complete Form N ° 5. The owner of the land must request 3 supervisions while it is being built to the Municipality.

The last step is the acquisition of the habitability license. This is issued if the construction obeys all the regulations stipulated by the Municipality (when the construction is suitable, the amount of the guarantee is returned).

Web Procedure for the Construction Permit

Regarding the processing of the Construction Permit via the web, it is carried out as follows:

  • Enter this web portal.
  • Then press the option «Online services».
  • Being in the «Online Services» section, choose the option «Log in».
  • Enter the username and password of the municipal system. In the case of not having a username and password in the municipal system, choose the option «Don’t have an account? Sign up «.
  • Said system will show the alternatives of procedures and consultations that can be accessed through the municipal website.

Construction Permit Costs

The construction permit costs are detailed as follows:

  1. The form Factory Line $ 1.00.
  2. Construction Permit Form (f2) $ 1.00.
  3. Amount of the certificate of not owing to the Municipality $ 1.00 dollar.
  4. The amount of the Inspection $ 1.50.

NOTE: The delivery time is eight (8) days.

Other Considerations on the Building Permit

  • The duration of the Construction Permit is one year, starting from the date of its issuance.
  • This permit is issued in a period of 72 business hours.
  • It should be borne in mind that it is essential to have the current Factory Line or the Urban Regulation Certificate, which has a validity period of 1 year from its date of issue.
  • The cost from the Factory Line is $ 10 dollars and its payment is made in collections.
  • To update the Construction Permit, it is required to attach the previous plans. In the case of not having them, a copy can be requested through a request and entered by file.
  • The amount to be paid for the update of plans is 0.5 per thousand of the total budget of the admitted amount of the project.
  • Approval of plans has a time of 15 business days, from your request.


It is important to process the Construction Permit, since this is necessary to start any construction, remodeling, expansion or reconstruction in a land larger than 40 m2. With this permission, penalties are prevented through fines.

It also avoids the closure or permanent interruption of construction, the depreciation of the property, and in many cases the demolition of a complete work, which will result in immense losses for not complying with the regulations of the relevant agencies. It is essential to provide for the protection of the building and the individuals who will occupy it.

What is it?

The Construction Permit is an authorization regularly required by the local administration corresponding, for the execution of some type of construction. This is inspected by the Municipality when carrying out any work.

These bodies must obey the use, technical elements, accessibility, buildability allowed for the corresponding constructions. Taking into consideration the regulations of the territory, and the special projects for the use of media in each locality.

The purpose of the Building Permit is to inspect the progress of the citiesLikewise, monitor financial and personal security, because this includes a construction on a property.

For your construction project to be a success, you must meet the Requirements for the Building Permit. Which allows the work to be carried out in accordance with legal regulations.

We hope we have helped you with the Requirements for the Building Permit, and you can carry out your procedure in a simple way, taking into account all the points that are exposed in this article.


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