Cadastral Certificate: How to obtain it, what it is for and MORE

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The Cadastral Certificate is important, because it is a tool that identifies the owner and / or possessor of a property, which must be registered in the database of the national cadastre.

This document is essential for all Colombians because it can be requested in some activities. For example: for the issuance of the military passbook, request for bank loans, among others. If you need to process this document, this article will allow you to know all the procedures and advantages of it. Take note in this article.

How to Obtain the Cadastral Certificate?

It is important to note that during the state of emergency, that the (IGAC) they provide services to people through digital media. Therefore, this entity has a good platform to carry out the application process. To later obtain the cadastral certificate in a simple way.

This certificate can be obtained through your web portal. That is, you must first enter the virtual store of the Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute (IGAC). Colombian citizens can obtain this document, which costs the existence or not of the property that is in the name of a specific citizen.

In addition, it is an essential requirement to carry out procedures, such as housing subsidies, withdraw unemployment, among others.

People to get their cadastral certificate, they must begin their registration by specifying their property, it must be in optimal conditions with their cadastral appraisal. It should be found from the database of the IGAC. For this reason, you must show which is the real list of your property with its respective information, since it contains a note of the location and cadastral value

For more information that you want to notify the entity, you can do so through the following email contact It is important to highlight that the IGAC database It does not have information on decentralized cadastres, as in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín, etc.

Steps to Obtain the Cadastral Certificate

People who need such a certificate must comply with the following:

  • The first step is that the citizen must enter the web portal of the On-line shop Of the entity.
  • At the top, you need to select the option «Certificates and services».
  • Then you will click «Cadastral Certificate».
  • If the citizen already has an account, he only has to enter with his username and password, but if you are a new user you must register.
  • You must complete the information requested, such as: your name, surname, type of document, document number, your home address, telephone. Have to assign a new username and password of your choice.
  • Then you can enter the portal with your new username and the password you entered.
  • When the citizen has entered the portal, he has to give new request and then a list will appear with various types of certificate request, but the first is the cadastral certificate, you just have to click on request in the last option.
  • Next, you must complete the spreadsheet boxes with the data corresponding to the reason for the request and then you must cancel the corresponding payment of the certificate, through the PSE.
  • Then, you must return to the home page and in the same menu from clicking on New request, then you must select «My active requests». There you can download the cadastral certificate or save it on your computer as a document.
  • To conclude, you already have your cadastral certificate available without having to go to the Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute (IGA). It is important to note that this procedure can be done whenever you want.

Process the certificate in person

It is important to emphasize that the cadastral certificate can be processed in person, you only have to Go to the entity’s office with your identity document and the certificate payment receipt.

In the event that a natural person is going to process it, the citizen must be of legal age or must have advance permission and a document that proves you as the guardian. On the other hand, it is going to be processed by a legal person, it must be legally constituted and have complied with the duty payments.

Said certificate will be valid until as long as there is no modification or update of the information provided, both legal and physical about the property.

What is it for?

It is important to note that the cadastre communicates in writing to people, where they send you your cadastral certificate. In addition, the value of calculating is evidenced, with the data of the built areas and land.

The cadastral certificate is used to show through public entities, the correct nomenclature before the official of the property, as well as the owner or possessor.

It also helps people to manifest before the notaries, registrars and urban curators the information of the property (appraisal, areas, registration, etc.).

Also, this certificate works for ratify the property information for the purposes of paying the property tax, before the DDI, income statement through the National Tax and Customs Directorate.

The cadastral certificate is essential, because it supports the citizens valued by the National Army. In that case for the balance of the military book, educational institutions (such as universities and public schools, to pay tuition), compensation funds, in this case it is for housing subsidies, etc.

In Bogotá, the certification can be reviewed through the web portal of the online cadastre, after registration by the owner.

General lines

It is important to note that the cadastral certificate most of the time has at least 20 characters. This code is granted by the cadastre where the property is located.

All real estate must contain your certificate to know the information. In this way, it cooperates to offer greater security to the people who have to make the contracts.

Processing costs

It is important to emphasize that the cadastral certificate has a cost of Fourteen thousand two hundred eleven pesos, that is $ 14,211. People who need to process this certificate, it is recommended that the person access the page of IGAC , there the entity can update the prices of what it wishes to request.

What is the cadastral certificate?

The cadastral certificate is the document that is intended to authorize a certain property that must contain its information that is reflected through the IGAC. In addition, this certificate is requested above all to establish, modify or transfer real rights.


Regarding its acronym, it means Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute, in an entity whose purpose is to establish an official map and basic cartography in Colombia.

It is in charge of verifying all the properties of the real estate, they make the balances of the details of the floors, among many other things.


This entity has as its main mission that the people who work in that place are in charge of cadastral, geographic, cartographic regulation, among others.

They also establish and provide extra official information regarding these matters. Another mission that they undertake is that they provide public service by land registry by exception.

In addition, they fulfill the function of providing services to people with quality and opportunity. They work with the axis of the system regarding the administration of the territory.


This entity who will be seen as being one of the most recognized of the year 2022 by the Citizenship and the entities regarding the territory national, such as: geographical and cadastral authorities, among others.

Also, they want to become the leading entity in knowledge management, studies and investigation of how geospatial technologies have evolved.


IGAC is an entity that provides help to the Colombian territory, they work with clarity, with their beliefs and recognition, in which, they promote and comply with the institutional values ​​that are the following:

  1. Honesty: always exercise and work with a base, complying with the duties, being totally transparent and with fairness.
  2. I respect: They treat all citizens with respect and in a manner consistent with their customs, ideals, virtues and mistakes.
  3. Commitment: Each person who works in that entity performs their functions in the best way to solve and satisfy the needs of citizens.
  4. Diligence: The entity fulfills the functions, with the duties, the agreed commitments. The workers provide the best care in an efficient way.
  5. Justice: they perform with impartiality, guaranteeing rights, with equality without preference and distinction of people.


In the Colombian capital, the cadastral certificate is sent through the Special Administrative Unit of the District Cadastre for each property.

For more information on this topic, you can access the following link. There it is evidenced that in the virtual store you can acquire cadastral certificates from third parties.

To conclude with this article, it follows that all citizens who are in Colombia, must have the presence of a cadastral certificate. It is essential because it is an affiliation of real estate. In addition, this information is provided by the cadastre where your properties are reflected.

It is also a safe tool in the fight against deception and cheating in the real estate sector. Therefore, processing this document is so important that you cannot leave it at the last minute. It is better to do it with time.


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