Cadastral Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

The Cadastral Certificate It is a document that every person who owns a space, land, buildings, among others, must have in their possession. Since this Certificate can be used to carry out different procedures.

In this way, in this article we are going to explain everything related to the Cadastral Certificate, from the requirements, to their costs and the processing time. You can share this information if you like! Read on, this article is for you.

Requirements for the Cadastral Certificate

This document is very important for you to have at hand, since with it you will be able to process a series of procedures. Here are the requirements to obtain the Cadastral Certificate.

  • The testimony of its ownership, both the copy and the original thereof.
  • Copy and original of the property card or the real folio.
  • Copy and original of the identity cards of all the owners (this in case there are several).
  • In this case, you can only present a copy of the tax slip that you have made in your last management.
  • Depending on the Municipality or the State in which you are located, you will be able to request this procedure through the website, with the difference that it generates that you complete the form of your procedure when initiating the application.
  • The system will be in charge of generating the application numbers so that they can then be presented on the platform of the cadastre units.

With all the requirements in order, you can present the documentation on the platform of the mayor of the corresponding municipality. In the event that the real estate is located in different sectors, you must present all the documents already described. It is essential that your property is consolidated. If you have it as a usucaption case, you must have the following requirements:

  • Copy and original of the judgment of the judge in the purchase – sale.
  • The plans of the real estate, in the event that they have been part of all the usucapion processes.
  • Original and photocopy of the identity card.
  • The receipts of the taxes that you have paid in your last management, in this case you will only take the copy.

Since we know what the requirements are to request the Cadastral Certificate We will inform about the procedure to carry out this procedure Attentive! The steps are very easy.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Cadastral Certificate

As we have already said, the Cadastral Certificate it is a document that you will have to have on hand. In this way, we have taken the time to explain the steps you must follow to request this document. Keep reading!

  1. You must go to the municipal headquarters closest to the address where you want to register the cadastre. If he wants to do it in La Paz, Bolivia It must be requested via the internet.
  2. Then, you must notify the corresponding area that you want to register the cadastre.
  3. You will have to complete a form manually or digitally corresponding to the application in person or online.
  4. After completing the forms with the corresponding data, you must submit it indicating the request.
  5. If you have made the application online, you must print it and take it to the corresponding headquarters.
  6. If you did it online, the system will generate a code or a tracking number, which you must verify once you have attended the municipality.
  7. You must present all the requirements already requested in an orderly manner and in a yellow folder.
  8. Then they will review the corresponding documentation and the original documents will be delivered to you. You must wait for the response to start the processing of the Cadastral Certificate.
  9. You must wait in the box for the confirmation of the request. There they will inform you if you meet the requirements and will indicate the time to wait for the delivery of the Cadastral Certificate.
  10. If you do the procedure in person, you must go to the municipality on the indicated date to pick it up.
  11. If the same one that online must check on the website, with the previously assigned code, download and print and have it on hand when required.

What is the Cadastral Certificate for?

The Cadastral Certificate Its function is to validate and rectify all the corresponding information of a land or house. Likewise, it includes an identification before a municipality that will allow you to carry out in detail the reorganization of the locality in case it is necessary.

This document, in turn, will allow the citizen to validate the status of the property or land or real estate before the municipality. In order to pay tax. This of course must be started by means of a registry (following the steps in the previous section). Either because you do not own it or because it has another ownership and needs to be updated.

This document will also allow an updated valuation to be made, both of the land and the property and can be used as a sales instrument, in this way it is important to emphasize that the document is necessary.

These procedures are issued by entities and agencies. In this case, the municipality is the department created to be in charge of the cadastres. That is why it is highly mentioned! You should find the municipality that is closest to your address.

It is important to note that when you want to carry out this procedure, this entails a time and a cost depending on the cadastre that you want to carry out. In this way, we will take care of letting you know all the corresponding information. Keep reading!

Duration of the Procedure

We must emphasize that carrying out this procedure is extremely easy and fast if the applicant has all the required documentation correctly. Otherwise, if you do not have the full requirements, you will not be able to apply for the Cadastral Certificate.

At the time of making the request to begin its process and it is initiated satisfactorily, it will last 10 days for the corresponding municipality to issue the Cadastral Certificate.

  • If it is started online, it must be verified through the website of the corresponding municipality.
  • If you have done it via the internet, you must go directly to the municipality.

Whether in person or via the internet, the time it takes is quite similar, what will vary is the delivery method, and if it is online, you will only have to perform the respective download and print to have it on hand.

Cadastral Certificate Costs

The municipalities of the localities of Bolivia have been in charge of encouraging and motivating citizens to carry out the respective registration of their cadastre. But this has a value. The cost to carry out this procedure will vary depending on the cadastre. Therefore, it is divided and located in the following lines:

  • For land with measures of up to 999.99 square meters, the holders must pay approximately 400.00 bolivianos. For the registration and application process of the Cadastral Certificate.
  • Land between 1,000 to 1999.99 square meters, the owner must pay 600.00 bolivianos for said procedure.
  • If the land or property is larger than 2,000 square meters, the owner must pay 1,000.00 bolivianos for this procedure.

In this way, it seeks to balance the payment of the owners and in a certain way motivate people to make their respective registrations and have their Cadastral Certificate since you may need it at any time.

Now that we are about to finish, and we already know everything about it Cadastral Certificate, we will explain a little about what this document really is. In this way, you will feel more secure when completing this procedure.

What is it?

The Certificate Cadastral It is a document that serves as an official identifier and of mandatory use of the property of the property. This must inform the physical, legal and economic data of the real estate that appears in the Real Estate Cadastre.

This certification consists of an alphanumeric code consisting of 20 characters that is assigned by the Cadastre. All the Real estate must have a single cadastral reference that allows them to be located and to know the necessary data.

In this way, it contributes to giving greater legal certainty to people who make contracts related to real estate, and it is an effective tool in the fight against fraud in the real estate sector. There are different types of cadastral certificates, for example:

  • Literal cadastral certifications:

They contain alphanumeric data on real estate that refer to ownership, location, cadastral reference, surface, use, crops, age, cadastral value, among others) which in turn can be:

    • Of a single real estate, urban or rustic.
    • Of all urban or rustic real estate owned by a holder throughout the national territory, except the Basque Country and Navarra.
    • Certification of cadastral reference, without personal data.
    • Negative cadastral certification.
  • Descriptive and graphic cadastral certificates:

They contain, in addition to the basic physical, legal and economic data of the real estate to which it refers, graphic representation. According to cadastral regulations, this type of certifications must be included in all documents authorized by notaries that contain legal facts, acts or businesses.

These must give rise to modifications in the Real Estate Cadastre (changes of ownership, physical alterations of real estate, among others.), As well as to the Property Registry in the cases provided for by Law.

What are you waiting to apply for the Cadastral Certificatel? You already have all the information you need!

We wish you the best of luck in your process.

Thanks for reading us.


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