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Currently, Argentines by national government regulations must present the CAE certificate, is the emission of bills in good condition in which a control is kept so that everything passes in total legality. It is important to comply with this requirement in order to keep a chronological order of what is being billed.

Next, you will receive information on how you should carry out the process step by step. You will receive a unique and unrepeatable number assigned by the Federal Administration of Public Revenues (AFIP) before each issuance of invoices and vouchers that are made online.

Now obtaining the CAE Certificate is very easy!

Necessary Requirements for the CAE Certificate

People who are registered in the VAT taxpayer system must manage the following:

  • They must enter the AFIP DGI-RECE system. What it implies Electronic voucher delivery system. It can only be managed until 2019 in order to require the approval of electronic receipts.
  • The merchant must supply the data based on that of the Web Service of electronic invoices known as WSFE
  • Your service with the tax code with online receipts
  • In order for you to obtain more data on the declarations and arrive, you must enter the Internet administrations microsite

In the event that it is monotax to a person exempt from VAT:

  • Manage with the tax code with online vouchers
  • The request must be made by each of the points of sale, which must be explicit and different from those used for the records provided.

People should keep in mind that all electronic files that relate to each of the outlets must have a correlation with the particular numbering. It is significant that taxpayers comply with their obligations.

Step by Step to Obtain the CAE Certificate

To obtain the CAE Certificate, you must perform the following instructions:

  • The point of sale must be activated by entering the RECE / RFI / REAR setup and loading systems.
  • Create the points of sale for the electronic invoices by entering the service of the administration of points of sale and addresses
  • You must also select the company, enter the A / B / M menu of the points of sale and press the add option.
  • When placing the number of the point of sale and the name of the company, select the RECE option for application and web services, for the billing system you want, also choose the address and press the Accept button.
  • Subsequently, having made all these options, the point will be operational and can be used.

  • Then the digital certificate must be generated, which is a .csr file.
  • This certificate is a key to identify yourself in front of the AFIP every time you issue an invoice.
  • With the .csr file from the previous step, the next thing is to have the digital certificate .crt from the AFIP website.
  • Enter the digital certificate management service and complete all the data, such as the corresponding Alias ​​and the .csr file.
  • Afterwards, a window will appear with the link that will give you the option to download the .crt file.
  • This is the digital certificate issued by the AFIP that allows the electronic invoice to be carried out.
  • Associate the taxpayer with the web service of electronic invoices.
  • Enter Administrative Services of the fiscal key and Administrator of the fiscal key relationships.
  • Go to the option New Relationship – Search Services – AFIP WebServices.
  • Search in the list of the option Electronic Invoicing – Electronic Invoice Click on associate the name of the company to the electronic invoicing service. Press Confirm.

CAE Certificate Renewal

It is important for users to keep in mind that the CAE certificate it has an expiration date. What it really implies is that the electronic receipt that the client has must be made available, this period is carried out in the first 10 consecutive days.

The electronic invoice does not have an expiration date. Digital certificates can be processed whenever you need it. It is not essential to wait for the one that is currently being carried out to expire.

Likewise, the electronic declarations that were created from the AFIP page and that have been downloaded in the CSR design, which can be changed to a PDX, have an expiration date, this is commonly 1 to 2 years.

When you have obtained it, it is suggested that you present the document with the PDX file this so that it is very possible to impersonate it with the server or on the PC that has been linked to ensure the information and that it continues to work without problems with the electronic receipt.

What is it for?

The Electronic Approval Code is used to keep track of the number granted by the AFIP when approving the issuance of a receipt by the web administration, the RECE application or by the administration of the «Online Receipts» charge code (electronic applications).

Without CAE, the receipt has no monetary legitimacy. Therefore, A requests tend to be the equivalent for a group of sequential B requests. You must take into account the costs that amount to $ 1000.

What is it?

The electronic approval code that is best known by its abbreviation CAE is a number that is similar to that of the CAI. If granted by AFIP, you can approve the best possible issuance of a receipt for your web administration.

It is important that these invoices have the online receipt code to keep track of expenses. If this is not carried out with transparency, they will be called electronic applications without CAE. These requests have no financial legitimacy in any way.

The code must appear on each electronic receipt. Additionally, the termination of a similar is established that must be informed to the client. Your personal code, and each of the data that is required in the usual requests.

Due date CAE

It is the period in which the electronic receipt must be accessible to the customer. This period is within 10 business days from the issuance of the invoice. The electronic receipt itself does not expire, therefore they must carry out the process with peace of mind.

Frequent questions

How an electronic invoice is canceled in the AFIP?

The initial step to cancel an electronic invoice will be to enter the AFIP site, enter the user’s name and the financial secret phrase and press enter. Once on the screen, you must go to the Online Receipts area, and carry out the process indicated by the system.

How is it done when the CAI expires?

In the event that you have applications that you could not use at the time, you must not destroy them. On the contrary, you must make a report and document them (never discard them) and request another checkbook.

What is the CAE in the AFIP?

The CAE (Electronic Approval Code) is a number (design as CAI) allowed by the AFIP when approving the issuance of a receipt by the web administration, the RECE application or by the administration of the charge code «Online receipts» (« electronic applications’).

What type of procedures can be carried out?

At the moment, only two types of procedures can be carried out: obtaining the tax code and registering the CUIT for companies. Take this modality into account to avoid inconvenience in case you need to carry out another process.

What agencies will be open?


  • Tandil: San Martin N ° 441.
  • Colonel Suárez: Belgrano N ° 1354.
  • Chivilcoy: Av. Sarmiento N ° 80.
  • San Pedro: Balcarce N ° 67/71.


  • City of Córdoba: Boulevard San Juan 325 Pb and Marcelo T. De Alvear 448 Pb.
  • Río Cuarto: San Martín N ° 137.
  • Marcos Juárez: LN Alem N ° 370.
  • Villa María: Catamarca N ° 1202 Esq. José Ingenieros PB.
  • San Francisco: JL de Cabrera N ° 1641 PB.
  • Cross of the Axis: Rivadavia Nº 474.


  • Rosario: Salta N ° 2771 and Cochabamba 1550.
  • One-eyed deer: Belgrano N ° 755.
  • Casilda: Av. Ovidio Lagos 1598.
  • Cañada de Gómez: Ocampo N ° 942.


  • City of Mendoza: Garibaldi N ° 18 and Morón 27.
  • San Rafael: Las Heras N ° 149.
  • San Martín: May 25 N ° 225/29.
  • General Alvear: Av. Alvear Este N ° 95.


  • San Miguel de Tucumán: September 24 N ° 918.
  • Concepción: San Martín N ° 1870.


  • Paraná: Av. Fco. Ramirez N ° 1771.
  • Gualeguay: San Antonio Sur N ° 12


  • City of San Juan: José I. De La Roza -O- N ° 20.


  • San Salvador de Jujuy: Senator Pérez 531.


  • Comodoro Rivadavia: Belgrano N ° 275.
  • Esquel: Rivadavia N ° 637/49.

How to request an appointment?

In order to request an appointment, the user must go to the AFIP website and locate the «Appointments» window, which is at the top right and once there enter the DNI number and the CUIL / CUIT of the person who wants to request the procedure.

Thanks for reading the article, successes in the process!

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