Cajacopi Certificate: Steps, What It Is For and MORE

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Colombia currently stands out for having one of the best health services in the region, this is due to the great innovations that have been made in recent years in the field of health. In recent years, a large number of EPS, among which there is a very prominent call Cajacopi, which provides its customers with the service of Cajacopi Certificate.

Health promoting companies or entities, better known by their acronym «EPS». They are responsible for providing assistance and medical services in hospitals or clinics at a very low cost, to help those people who do not have the possibility of paying for these services in other clinics.

Join Cajacopi’s excellent services and acquire your certificate.

Steps to Obtain the Cajacopi Certificate

Once you are a customer of one of the best EPS from Colombia, you can begin to enjoy the services and benefits it offers in terms of health. In order to start enjoying these services, you must have with you the Cajacopi Certificate.

These types of companies increase the quality and lifestyle of their members. Therefore, in this section we will show you in detail a list of the steps you must follow to acquire the certificate, it is very fast.

Steps to obtain it

  • The first thing you should do is enter the official Cajacopi website.
  • Then head over to the section on generation of certificates.
  • There you must complete your requested personal information, an identification document and its number are requested, which was used during registration and affiliation.
  • Afterwards, you must click on «Generate»
  • Once you have your certificate you can download and print it.

As you could see, it is a very simple and fast process. It is important to verify that the information reflected in the document related to your person is correct. Since, it will be the document that states before the clinics and hospitals that you are indeed a beneficiary.

In order to generate the certificate you must be previously registered and affiliated with the service, if you still do not know about the process we suggest you continue reading the article and learn much more about it.

What is the Cajacopi Certificate for?

Before explaining the functions of the certificate, it is important to highlight that the service provided by Cajacopi. It is considered of good quality, therefore, there are many people who want to be users of it.

Cajacopi provides clients with a certificate, which certifies to the other institutions that the carriers are in fact official clients. Therefore, it is a document that beneficiaries must have if they wish to purchase any health service.

In other medical services, such as insurance companies. First, the hospital or clinic must contact the insurer to verify that the person has a policy at their disposal. While in Cajacopi, the certificate is provided to customers in order that they have a quality and instantaneous health service.

In the case of times in the care and check-up process, the health service that is provided thanks to the Cajacopi certificate is instantaneous, while others may take a little longer. In that sense Cajacopi is ahead.

Remember that before you can purchase the Cajacopi Certificate, you must be registered in the company’s system or database. Otherwise, on the website you will not be able to generate it with your identification data, for that reason below, we will teach you how to register in the system.

Online Registration for the Cajacopi Certificate

In the previous section, the need to be registered in the database was discussed, in order to generate the famous Cajacopi Certificate. The registration process is carried out through the user platform, the link of which will be presented in the following list.

Next, we present the list of steps and data that you must fill out in order to be registered in the system. To be able to be in the system and thus acquire your certificate, and much more.

Steps for registration

  • The first step is to enter the official website of the «Cajacopi Platform«
  • Once you are there, you must click on the «Create new user» option located in the lower central part.
  • Then, you must provide the following data for registration in the database:

      • Affiliate Data: in this part you must enter your full name, type of identification document and its respective number.
      • Recovery data: here you must enter the contact forms in case you forget your password or username; You must enter email, phone number and date of birth.
      • Finally, you must establish the data regarding your username and the respective password. The password must comply with the parameters established on the page.

  • When you finish the process of filling in the data, you must click on «I’m not a robot»
  • Done, just click on «Create new user» and you will be officially registered.

If you followed the steps correctly, you most likely have registered correctly. It is important to fill in the data carefully, since they will be the ones reflected in the certificate. In the event that any information is wrong, you may have problems when purchasing any Cajacopi service.

Continue reading the article and find out much more related to Cajacopi, its services, its official website. It is important that you know as much as possible about Cajacopi, because there are many that surely you still do not know.

For example, the institution provides its clients with the possibility of acquiring credits at a very low cost. Just by exploring the official website, you can find out about these and much more. However, in the next section we summarize the most important information.

Cajacopi Website

In general, company websites are usually your cover letters. If we are interested in the products or services that it provides, the first thing we do is visit its official website to get first-hand information. However, sometimes it can take time, so here we summarize the information you need.

If you visit the website, you will see that it contains a large amount of information, which can cause difficulties when transmitting the message. That is why we made the following list, which will serve as a small guide to the information reflected on the page.

Relevant information

  • The first thing you should know is that the service of the «Family Compensation Fund» is aimed at independent workers, employees, domestic employees or even pensioners. If you belong to any of these groups you can join without problem.
  • It is also possible to appreciate that the institution carries out training activities for its members or for their children. The activities consist of improving the artistic, cultural and academic capacities of the participants.
  • It is important to note that the entity offers a wide range of credits to its affiliates. There are loans for housing, for quotas, direct payments and even business loans. That is why it is not only said that the entity improves the health of the affiliates, but also their quality of life in general.

  • Cajacopi has at the disposal of its members and their children a large recreation center, it has a large swimming pool, slides, green areas and much more.
  • It also offers sports programs, in which they can register, participate and enjoy them to the fullest.
  • One of the most important things is the platform that it provides to users, through which they can request and self-manage their services. For example, through it, credit holders can make payments related to the debt.

The page contains all this information, and much more information that may be relevant, that is why we recommend you visit it and find out from totally official official sources.

What is the Cajacopi Certificate?

If you read the full article, you may have found out that Caja de Compensación Familiar offers a wide range of services and products to its affiliates. Not only related to health, but also recreational and even financial services. But in order to benefit from any of these services and products you must present your Cajacopi Certificate.

The aforementioned certificate is a personal and non-transferable document, which reflects personal data and also makes it possible to count in any of the facilities, clinics, hospitals, recreational places and more, that the bearer in whose name the document is affiliated and qualified to access the services of any of these facilities.

Joining and acquiring the certificate is very simple. In current times it is very difficult to find an entity that provides such a comprehensive service. For that reason, if you are an independent worker, domestic worker, employee or pensioner, do not hesitate to join and start enjoying these excellent experiences.

Join and take the quality of your life to another level, it is very fast and easy.


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