CCSE Certificate: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

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The CCSE certificate it is a document quite requested by foreigners. It is a certificate that assesses the knowledge that the foreigner has about Spain.

To learn more about this certificate, how to process it, the necessary requirements and much more, we invite you to read this content and we will also answer the most common questions about this topic.

How to obtain the CCSE Certificate?

So you can take the CCSE test and get the CCSE certificate corresponding, in this first section we are going to talk a little about all this procedure, so that you can know how to execute it.

The obtaining process consists of a procedure that is carried out for Spanish nationality, where a variety of requirements must be supplied and also comply with the steps that the entity in charge establishes.

In this sense, we proceed to mention each of the requirements that are demanded and also provide you with a detailed explanation of the steps you must follow, so that you can obtain your certificate successfully.

Another important aspect to consider is that there are some cases to opt for Spanish nationality, remember that it is a document that is very important and is highly requested in various legal procedures.

Requirements for the CCSE Certificate

As we mentioned in the first section, this process requires the issuance of several requirements. These requirements are necessary to be able to carry out the procedure and it is important to keep them in mind to avoid omitting any of them.

Next we are going to mention the requirements for the CCSE Certificate:

  • The applicant for the certificate must be of legal age, that is, over 18 years of age.
  • Documents necessary for employment authorization.
  • The person making the request must not have more than 2 nationals.
  • Another of the necessary requirements is to present a personal identification document to prove the identity of the person.

These are the only requirements that are requested to carry out the process of application and obtaining the CCSE certificateHowever, if it is a minor or if the applicant has some type of disability, they must provide additional documents.

Step by Step to Obtain the CCSE Certificate

Now that you know the requirements that you must enter, you should know what steps you must follow in order to carry out the request. In this section we are going to present you in an easy and detailed way the steps you must follow to have a fast and efficient process:

  1. To begin, the applicant must learn about the requirements that must be supplied and meet them.
  2. Then you must enter the website of the Instituto Cervantes. To do this you can click here.
  3. Within this platform the applicant must proceed to create a user. To do this, you must provide the data and information that is requested.
  4. The applicant must complete the corresponding application form.
  5. When it comes to the evaluation it is important that the applicant is presented with all the documents that have been requested.
  6. Then the evaluation is carried out following the steps of the institution.
  7. Once this is done, the analysis of the results is carried out.
  8. If the applicant meets the requirements and conditions, he may opt for Spanish nationality.
  9. After this, the corresponding CCSE Certificate will be issued.

An important aspect to consider is that the process requires a monetary contribution, it is necessary for the applicant to make the payment of an administrative amount, in order to carry out the process of obtaining the CCSE certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions about the CCSE Certificate

As in any process or procedure, there are some questions that we ask ourselves, that is why we have created this section so that you can answer all your questions about the CCSE certificate.

Below we are going to present the most frequently asked questions about the process of obtaining the CCSE certificate:

What is the cost of the process?

Currently the cost corresponding to the entire process of obtaining the certificate is approximately 58 euros. In this amount are the examination fees and other aspects included.

Where should the process for the CCSE Certificate be done?

The entire process must be carried out in one of the offices of the Instituto Cervantes de España. If you want to know which are the offices and headquarters within the Spanish territory, you can click here.

When should the CCSE test be taken?

Regarding when the CCSE test should be taken, you should know that there are certain dates for it to take place. This evaluation must be done on the last Thursday of each month, at the time established by the institution.

It should also be noted that in August and December there is no call. Generally, the Instituto Cervantes keeps giving information about this subject of dates and times.

How do I register for the CCSE test?

The registration process and the cancellation of the cost corresponding to the CCSE certificate can be carried out through the institution’s website. To do this, you must complete a series of steps and register within the virtual system and be able to log in. This is because it is necessary to have a username and password to be within the private site of the website.

What is the cost for the CCSE test?

In the case of the registration process to carry out the CCSE test, a cost must be paid, which is approximately 85 euros. This cost is evaluated annually, that is to say every year, by the Instituto Cervantes.

What personal identity document must I present when registering?

When registering for the CCSE test, one of the requirements is to present a personal identity document. In this sense, the applicant or processing person can present any document that proves their identity, such as the NIE or passport.

The important thing is that the current document is presented, where the photograph and signature of the applicant can be found. We recommend that you sign up with the same document that was presented to the Ministry of Justice at the time of processing the nationality file.

In the case of not passing the CCSE test on the first attempt, do I have to pay again to take the test again?

If the participant of the test fails the first attempt, he only has the right to present the evaluation one more time, because the Cervantes Institute only grants two opportunities.

In case of not having passed or attended the test, the applicant must attend the second CCSE call in the same place where the first attempt was presented. You have only 18 months since I made my first attempt to attend.

How many times can a person register for the CCSE test?

There is no registration limit, in fact the person can register as many times as they want, the important thing is that they comply with the requirements, steps and of course the cost corresponding to each registration.

It is also important to consider that for each registration there are more opportunities to pass the evaluation, which is the objective of each participant.

If I have registered, can the applicant make changes regarding the date of the test or with respect to the place. This possibility only applies when the call process is still open, since once it is closed, no changes can be made. Another aspect to consider is that they must make dates or places available.

This process of change and modification can be carried out through the website of the Instituto Cervantes.

Are there models of the CCSE test?

Yes, the Instituto Cervantes has arranged a series of models of the CCSE test so that the candidate can get an idea and prepare in a better way and thus know what such evaluation is about.

These models can be found within the institute’s website, and you can also find guides for support and study.

What is the CCSE Certificate?

The EFQM Certificate is a document that allows to prove the status of the foreigner to obtain Spanish nationality. This certificate is issued by the Instituto Cervantes, based on the CCSE test.

What is the test CSSE?

The CCSE Test, also known as the proof of constitutional and sociocultural knowledge of Spain For its acronym, it is as its name indicates a test, that is, an evaluation, which is carried out at the Cervantes Institute.

It is presented by a determined foreign person to evaluate the knowledge they have about Spain.

If you want to be successful in your process, we recommend you comply with the steps and requirements requested for the CCSE Certificate.


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