CENAT Certificate: How to Apply, Requirements and MORE

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In recent years, Argentina has gained a lot of fame due to its good road policies. Among them, it stands out that they are much more rigid with people who in past years have committed some type of infraction. That is, people who in the past have violated road laws, will not have access to drive legally. Therefore, the authorities request the CENAT certificate for any road process.

In this sense, that person who wishes to acquire a license, buy a vehicle or carry out any other procedure that is related to traffic. You will need to present the National Certificate of Traffic History.

Comply with the rules and travel the roads legally.

How to Apply for the CENAT Certificate?

In other times it was very common to believe that legal procedures were very tedious, due to the large bureaucracy of state agencies. However, the government of Argentina and governments in general have innovated a lot in their paperwork processes.

What used to be done in a specific place, where you had to arrive very early so as not to have a large queue in front. Now they can be done through the internet, without queues and easier, from wherever it is as long as you have good internet access.

The same goes for the CENAT certificate, you can process from the place you want. It is processed through the official website of the government of the province where you reside. Here is a list of steps to request this document.

  • The first thing is to enter the official website of «Road Safety of the Government of Argentina».
  • Then you must go to the driver’s license section.
  • Once you are there, you must click on «Request CENAT certificate» or «CENAT payment slip«
  • You must then fill out a form, providing the following personal information:
    • Province where the procedure will be carried out.
    • Names and surnames.
    • Sex.
    • Type of document and the respective number.
    • The licensing center of your choice.
    • Email.
  • Then you must click on «Generate payment slip»
  • Ready, you just have to make the corresponding payment and download the «Voucher»In the case of Buenos Aires, applicants can pay through Banco Provincia or Provincia NET.

It is a very simple process, perhaps the most difficult process may be to find the application portal for the CENAT Certificate. Therefore, we leave you the link so you can save as much time as possible.

Another method to request it is to enter the website of the government of your province and go to the road safety section. Usually to request the CENAT Certificate, you must enter the driver’s licenses option and complete a similar form.

In the case of the government of the province of Buenos Aires, you can carry out the process through the following link. The procedure is similar if you wish to apply through the official website of the government of your province.

Requirements for the CENAT Certificate

Despite the process being almost one hundred percent online, there is a part that must be face-to-face and it consists of setting certain requirements. Once you have completed the application process, you have made the corresponding payment and obtained the respective Voucher, you must enter certain requirements.

Next, we present a list of requirements that you must consign along with the payment slip, before the road safety department of your province.

  • Current national identification document «DNI»
  • Copy and original of the criminal record certificate.
  • Payment slip and its respective payment receipt.

Remember that this is a document that is usually processed in order to later apply for a driver’s license. Because the National Certificate of Traffic History It is a prerequisite for people to be able to acquire a new or renew their driver’s license.

Continue reading the article and learn about the expiration date of this certificate, all the information it includes and many more.

Validity of the CENAT Certificate

It is important to know how long the document is valid for, because based on that, the times of the requests related to the certificate must be planned. For example, if the certificate lasts for a year, we would have one year to be able to use it and request the license or some other procedure.

In the case of National Certificate of Traffic History, the validity is thirty (30) business days after its issuance. Therefore, once the process has been completed and we obtain the CENAT, we have approximately one month to apply for the driver’s license.

It is considered a short-term document, that is mainly due to the fact that the traffic history can change a lot in this period of time. And since it is a fundamental document, it should always be as up-to-date as possible and the period of one month allows for constant updating.

Data included in the CENAT Certificate

The CENAT certificate It contains all the information provided by the national, provincial or municipal authorities. That it is related to a breach in accordance with national traffic laws 24,449 and 26,363.

Therefore, the document reflects any act that violates any of the standards set forth in the legislation named above. Such incidents not only affect this certificate, but may affect other background certificates.

The procedure is for the information provided by these agencies to CENAT to automatically adhere to the criminal record database. And it is classified or related to traffic events, they are reported by the «National Recidivism Registry»

In this sense, it is considered very important to comply with national, provincial and municipal traffic regulations. In order to maintain a clean record, which is essential for acquiring the license and other documents. Read on to learn about the ballot and payment methods.

CENAT Payment Slip

The payment slip is the document that is generated after processing the online application and it must be consigned along with the rest of the requirements before the road safety department. What is relevant about this document is that it must be consigned together with some stamps that cover the cost of the procedure.

The cost of subscriptions to the CENAT payment slip may vary depending on the province in which you are. In some provinces it can be more expensive than in others, the payment process can also change depending on the province.

For example, if you are in the province of Buenos Aires you can cancel the payment slip through the Bank province or through the NET Province, but if you are in another province, the payment methods change. However, here is a list of the banks affiliated with the process.

  • Multi-payment.
  • Visa.
  • Bank of the Argentine Nation.
  • Rapipago.
  • Pluspayment.
  • Among other.

The easiest way to know which is the payment platform is to enter the official website of the government of the province where you reside. Only there will you know the exact payment method, since they vary depending on the location where you are.

If you want to know what are the most common doubts that are presented to applicants in the process, we recommend that you read the following section, it is dedicated to showing the main doubts and answering them as well.

Frequent questions

The main question is what to do after thirty (30) business days have elapsed and our CENAT Certificate expires. In that case, you must request another certificate and for this you must carry out the entire process from scratch again. The positive is that you already have knowledge of the process.

However, it is rare because drivers manage to use it within the prescribed period. Another very common question is at what time the procedure should be carried out. You can do the online part of the process at any time. But, To consign the documents together with the payment slip before the road safety department, you must appear in national working hours.

The question about the cost of the process is also very normal, the price that must be paid to pay the payment slip is approximately $ 100. What you should keep in mind is that the cost may vary depending on the province in which you are located, as well as the respective payment method.

The most important thing is to know what it is for. The main answer is that it allows the road safety authorities to know if the person requesting a license is actually qualified to drive in the national territory.

Because if the applicant has committed serious violations of traffic laws, it is very difficult for him to renew or acquire a driver’s license. In addition, it is a document that nourishes the criminal record history, which allows other institutions to observe the infractions of each person and not only the road safety department.

Compliance with traffic regulations helps the country and take care of the lives of its inhabitants.

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