Central Board of Accountants Certificate: Steps, Download and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to Certificate from the Central Board of Accountants. This document is important for all professionals and workers who are public accountants. So that they can exercise these activities in the best way.

Public accountants must be certified by the entity responsible for registration and verification. Which, they give the go-ahead if he has practiced the profession in the correct way. If this content catches your attention, we advise you to keep reading!

Steps to Obtain the Certificate from the Central Board of Accountants

To obtain the Certificate of the Central Board of Accountants, it is necessary that the person register through the Central Board of Accountants.

This inscription, is valid for at least three months; When you have registered, you can request the certificate that gives permission to professionals to perform in these functions or that shows how the company trusts that the accountant is registered.

To register, citizens must follow the Next steps:

Natural people

Natural persons must make said registration entering the system of the UAE, then you must put your identification number (You can not leave space or place signs); then you must add the file number that is registered on your professional card.

They should not put the zeros that lead the number. After you have to enter your date of birth, accept the respective conditions, you must review the data you provided if they are correct. If everything is under control, you must click on «OK».

In the event that you have to make a change to your information, you must select the option «Go to update information». When you are in the update tab, on the right side you must click on update data and that’s it.

Legal persons

People have to enter the UAE web portal, like natural persons. Then they must provide the NIT number (you cannot leave spaces or place signs), then you must add the file number that your professional card is registered with.

IMPORTANT: they should not put the zeros that lead the number. After that step, legal entities must enter the date of incorporation of the company.

Then the citizen add the NIT number, and then accept the conditions. At the end, verify the information and click on in agreement.

If you need to update the data, you must enter the system by locating the right side of the screen, select the option «Update your data».


The amount to be paid by natural persons is 31 pesos and for legal persons it has a value of 57 pesos. It only allows one deposit for each professional.

With having your ID, enough to activate it and then you can print it, therefore, to cancel the Certificate of the Central Board of Accountants you can do it through these options:

If you are a natural person, you can deposit the payment through the AV VillasHowever, transfers are not accepted, but it is only by the office window.

In the reference number you have to put the data that identifies it as an accountant and it must be in the name of the Central Board of Accountants.

If you wish to cancel online, you must do so through the AV Villas Virtual Payment, where you must specify the description of «digital certificate». It is not necessary for the person to have an account at said bank to make the payment.

Companies must cancel the amount they require, in this case only one deposit will be authorized per company, so you will only need their number NIT with your DIAN check digit to be able to activate it, so that later it prints it. Payment can be made in two ways:

The first, through the bank, must be done through the AV Villas Bank, They only allow it through the window and not by transfer.

The legal entity must place the reference number with its NIT, It must also be in the name of the Board. And if you want to do it online, you must do it through the Payment Center Virtual of AV Villa , where you must specify the digital certificate.

If you cancel through the window, it is important to emphasize that the certificate can be sent immediately, without asking for an additional schedule. Similarly, the reference is the number that can be displayed in the barcode.

Instead online you will have to wait at least a maximum of one hour and 15 minutes.

Download the Certificate of the Central Board of Accountants

It is important to note that if the citizen carried out the steps that were explained previously, they will be able to obtain their Certificate, but they must enter the portal of the Central Board of Accountants.

When you have logged in, you will need to add the consignment number and identification number (You cannot leave spaces and place signs). Then, you should review your information if they are correct and specify for whom the certificate is intended.

Finally, it will appear on the screen «print» and in a simple way you will have your Certificate from the Board of Accountants.

What is the Certificate of the Central Board of Accountants for?

This certificate is used to carry out various activities related to Public Accounting, both professionals and workers in the field.

Central Board of Accountants Certificate Costs

It is important to note that regarding the Resolution that was implemented in December 2019, the Central Board of Accountants determined the new rates for the 2020 period. The cost is as follows:

  • If you are going to process the professional card as a public accountant for the first time, it has a value of $ 334,000.
  • The professional registration card for entities for the first time, has a cost of at least $ 4,302,000.
  • Replacement of professional registration, has a value of $ 334,000.
  • If you want to add the professional registration card, it costs $ 430,000.
  • The duplicate of the professional accountant card has a value of $ 33,000.
  • The certificate of the Central Board of Accountants for natural persons has a cost of $ 31,000.
  • The certificate of the Central Board of Accountants for legal persons has a value of $ 57,000.

Functions of the Central Board of Accountants

The Central Board of Accountants dates back to the year 1956 Through a Decree-law where they issued norms on the profession of public accountant to regulate their exercise.

It is important to note that regarding Law 43 (1990), Article 20 explains that the function is carried out by the Central Board of Accountants

  • Carry out the registration of public accountants, interrupt or cancel it when necessary. Therefore, it must be organized and thus keep the record.
  • This Board processes all the certificates or the professional card completely legalized by the accountants who request it request, in accordance with the institutional faculty.
  • This board declares that the authorities in charge are identify and sign as a certified public accountant, if it is not registered as such.
  • Have accountants abide by the rules regarding the professional ethics.
  • They constitute sectional boards and are in charge of fulfilling the highlighted functions explained.
  • Implement the regulation of inner workings.
  • The other people who confer before the law.

This Board will always be responsible for promote trust among those who need it most, with respect to public accounting and the services it offers. In addition, they give importance to progress in the discipline that makes it up, to enrich them and make it more impeccable for each one that makes up this profession.

What is it?

The certificate of the Central Board of Accountants, It is a document that is intended for professionals and workers to work in the area of ​​public accounting.

Objectives of the Central Board of Accountants

This Board implemented several objectives and the following can be explained:

  • Battle with irregularities that can be presented to the Public Accountants.
  • Preserve the reputation and prestige of the public faith.
  • cooperate in the transparency of the professional employment.
  • assist in the advancement of accounting as a science in the Colombian territory.
  • Endorse the trust of citizens who seek the services of public accountants.

What is the Central Board of Accountants?

This board so important in the Colombian territory, was created in the year 1956 and it is an entity, whose purpose is that the professionals who work as a public accountant, comply with the determined requirements so that they can work in this area without any inconvenience.

Services offered?

  • This Board will offer in what status is your paperwork.
  • They carry out the registration meetings, that is, the proceedings.
  • They review the digital certificate, disciplinary records and especially the validate that it has the inscriptions.
  • Verify the reliability of the certificate.

To conclude this article, all accountants must process this important certificate, because it gives them the opportunity to work correctly, before the stipulated decree.

In this country they support citizens who are professionals who work in this important career, but they must do a good job to have a good reputation in society.


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