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Are you interested in knowing how you can get the Certificate of Number? We will tell you! Today we will be explaining how you can obtain this document in the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way possible, knowing that it can be very important for carrying out other procedures that you wish to carry out.

In addition, we will explain what are the requirements that you have to present, the data it contains and what it is for. Likewise, we will tell you what SUBDERE is and what role it plays in the issuance of this document. So don’t go!

Requirements for Certificate of Number

Let’s start with the Requirements for Certificate of Number, which are of vital importance at the time of carrying out this procedure. Why? Because without them you will not be able to obtain the document or anything close to it. These are requirements that allow the manager to know the aspects of your request, including those of the property you present.

Consequently, the first thing you should do when thinking about requesting this certificate is to gather all the documentation and information that we will provide you below. Let’s see!

  • First of all, the Application form. This is a very controversial requirement because some municipalities require it to be unloaded while others deliver it right there at the office. If you will do the procedure in Peñalolén, then you can download it here, and complete the procedure online or in person.
  • Evaluation Role Number of the property. You can find out this online on the page of the Internal Revenue Service, when entering the property address, or at the office.
    • If you do it directly from the SII page you must enter Online Services > Real Estate Assessments and Contributions > Evaluations and certificates > Know the role number or you can use the link directly.
    • You can also get it on the page of the General Treasury of the Republic, by clicking on Payment of Contributions and then pretending to make the payment online. Enter the details of your property and click on Look for.
  • Payment of the right of proceeding.

Only with the form and the role number will you be able to acquire the Certificate of Number. They could also ask you for the address of the property, but it is something that you should already know in advance. Likewise, they will ask for your basic information (RUT, signature, full name).


If you find the application form to download on the website of the municipality in which you reside, on that of the MINVU or in the Municipal Services Portal, then you must print it and fill it out. If not, it is understood that this is delivered to the office.

How to Obtain the Certificate of Number?

Now that you know what you need, let’s move on to Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Number, which you must follow in order to get the document in the easiest way possible. Of course, we will try to explain it in the most general way, since the certificate process is mostly done in person, at a different address per municipality.

As a result, there could be slight variations in requirements, but we trust that the process, as we will explain it, will remain the same.

  • First, you need to know your role number, either using the SII or the TGR page. Once you know it, you can proceed to look for the application form, so that you can download it, print it and fill it with the corresponding data. If you don’t get it, then don’t worry, you get it at the office.
  • You must go to the Municipal Works Directorate of the commune where the property is located. In Peñalolén it is in Av. Grecia, in La Florida it is in Cadastre.
  • Remove the form in the section Public attention, with the other antecedents. In the form they will ask for your basic information (full name, RUT, signature, telephone) as well as the property (SII Role, address and location of the property in sketch).
  • Once you have filled out the form, you must make the payment of the processing fee, which corresponds to 1 CORVI savings fee (approximately $ 2,000 pesos). Right there they will tell you where to make the payment and thus be able to issue the voucher.
  • Proceed to enter the application and proof of payment.
  • That is all! As a result of the process, you will have requested the Certificate of Number. This will be delivered to you immediately, if all the information can be verified. Otherwise, you will have to pick it up within five (05) business days.

It is a very simple procedure if you know what to do. Perhaps the most difficult thing seems to be getting the application, but the truth is that you can find it in the MINVU or on the website of the same commune (if you have it). And if you can’t, then you will always get it at the place of the procedure.

On the other hand, and it seems to be something very important that must be highlighted you can do the online procedure clicking here. It is the portal of DOM Online, a platform designed to enable the procedures carried out by the different Municipal Works Directorates, including the issuance of the Certificate of Number.

This is the road used by the Peñalolén commune, for example, so you can try it yourself. You just have to register and follow the instructions of the system enabled for your municipality.


  • The business hours it is generally from 8:45 am to 1:45 pm, Monday through Friday. Take your forecasts.
  • You can ask for a phone number to be up to date with the status of the process there in the office.
  • The number certificate value It is defined by the General Law of Urbanism and Construction and incorporated into Municipal Ordinance No. 1 on Municipal Rights.
  • If the information does not correspond, they will ask you other documents of support.

What is the Certificate of Number for?

The Certificate of Number It serves to accredit the municipal enumeration assigned to the registered property, whether it has a commercial, residential and other destination, and is a site or salable condominium unit.

At the same time, proving this is important for the completion of different procedures. Among these we can find that it is a requirement for request public and private services, such as housing subsidies (by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism) and programs launched by the municipality’s directive in favor of the owners.

The number assigned to the property cannot be confused with the SII’s Role Number, nor with the Lot Number. It’s about a number at the municipal level and that, consequently, it is used for procedures carried out in the municipality or commune.

Regarding the time that you will be able to use this document, that is, the validity of the Certificate of Number, we have that this is undefined. However, the ideal is that it does not have more than one year of issuance, in order to prove that the property is still in the name of the owner and everything is in order with the rest of the information.

Finally, we would like to highlight that many times this document can be replaced by the Prior Information Certificate, since it contains in itself the number of the property. You can check this in Article 1.4.4 of the General Urban Planning and Construction Ordinance.

Data It Contains

What data does the Certificate of Number? Well, the truth is that it contains a lot of important information and directly linked to the property that is being consulted. In it you will find:

  • Directorate of Municipal Works.
  • Region.
  • If found it is an urban or rural location.
  • Application number, certificate and date of both.
  • Street, lot, block, locality, number of the property evaluation role.
  • Number assigned by the municipality.
  • Information on the payment of processing fees.

Obviously the most important data, and the reason why you carry out the procedure, is the number assigned by the Directorate of Municipal Works. However, you must check that the rest of the data is correct when submitting the request, as this document will not be issued until you can verify that all the information provided is correct.

Who is it for?

This document can be obtained by both legal and natural persons, only presenting the requirements described above. If you need to certify the municipal number assigned to a property within the commune, you can do so.

Again, you just have to go to the User Service section in the Municipal Works Directorate corresponding to your commune, fill out the application form, make the corresponding payment and wait for the delivery of the Certificate of Number.

Subsecretariat of Regional and Administrative Development (Subdere)

The Subsecretariat of Regional and Administrative Development (SUBDERE) depends on the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security of Chile. It is an entity whose objective is to help the decentralization and progress of the country’s territories, and which has been in operation since 1984.

From its web portal you will be able to find the division of the municipalities, programs open to the public and a system so that you can keep up to date with the information related to these, including online services.

For municipal works, participation in programs and courses dictated by SUBDERE, many times you will need the Certificate of Number. It even has enabled the processing of this document through DOM Online, the same platform that Peñalolén uses to process the certificate.

What does this mean? That, as we said before, you can try to process the document online using this platform.

What is the Certificate of Number?

The Certificate of Number It allows to prove the obtaining of a number with which a property is identified within a commune, whether it is in a rural or urban area, and has the use it has (commercial, residential, etc.).

It is issued by the Municipal Works Directorate from its different User Service headquarters, although SUBDERE has had the platform for DOM Online to enable the issuance of this certificate in certain municipalities.

It is a very easy document to obtain, for which you only need to know the role number, fill out the application form and make the corresponding payment. With it you can participate in municipal programs and apply for housing subsidies.

It can be obtained by anyone who requires it, immediately or within five business days. It does not have a defined validity, although the ideal is to renew it when it is going to be used, if more than a year has passed since the last one was issued.

Finally, we hope we have helped you with what you were looking for.

Until next time!


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