Certificate of Applied Vaccines: Requirements, Loss and MORE

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The Certificate of Applied Vaccines It is a card issued by the Colombian health authorities to support the good health of a citizen. In this regard, this certificate is a necessary document in many companies to hire staff and also to support people who need to make a trip outside of Colombian territory.

On the other hand, the Health Secretariats of the Colombian Departments are the agencies responsible for complying with a vaccination protocol in the population. In this sense, if you need to be vaccinated or immunized against contagious diseases or those that represent a threat to public health, do not waste time.

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Requirements for Certificate of Applied Vaccines

If you still don’t know what a vaccine is, do not worry, we already explained it to you. In this sense, the vaccine is a compound created as a sanitary measure to generate an immunization process against certain diseases. In this way, its action seeks to protect the body from infections caused by viral pictures or bacteria and thus prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

According to the above, in Colombia, the matter of Public Health is essential to avoid risks of mass diseases and prevent their contagion and expansion. For this reason, if you are going to move outside of Colombia, a basic collection that the migration authorities will require of you is the International Vaccination Card.

Therefore, the requirements to request the Certificate of Applied Vaccines are:

  • Consign the identity card of the interested party in a health clinic.
  • Present any vaccination control card or card that you have available to the health officer.
  • Willingness to undergo immunization.

Current vaccination protocols

In addition, these immunization sessions are held in the Clinics of Vector Transmission Diseases of the Secretaries of Health. Additionally, with current health emergency measures, vaccination protocols are focused on:

  • Immunization sessions at vaccination points reported by the Health Secretaries in each department: For that, if you are interested, you must enter the official link of said secretariat and locate the vaccine application points that suit you best.
  • That way you ask for your appointment and then attend with the respective health protocols.
  • Home vaccination: cases where you cannot go to the Health Center to get vaccinated due to disability problems. Therefore, you can call the District Secretary of Health and ask for the information to be vaccinated at your home.
  • Of course, respecting the respective biosafety protocols.
  • Carry out vaccination through health centers affiliated with insurance companies: In these cases, the worker, together with the company where he works, will channel the procedure for the appointment and the password or the endorsement letter to carry out the immunization process.
  • In other words, normally the user calls the affiliated Health Center by phone to make the appointment for the day.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Vaccines Applied

If you still do not know the steps to get your Certificate of Applied Vaccines in case you need to travel outside of Colombia, Stay with us! Therefore, it takes advantage of digital channels in communications to enter the official link of the Secretaries of Health so that you orient yourself and follow the procedure:

  • First, you should find a computer or mobile phone with a good Internet connection.
  • In your browser of choice, write District Health Secretary, according to the region where you live.
  • Look for the expanded programs of vaccination protocols.
  • In general, if you need to attend the Vaccination Center, locate the link of the «immunization points».
  • Take note of the address and telephone number, make your appointment and go to the Center for Vectorially Transmitted Diseases.
  • Deliver the collections mentioned above.
  • Get vaccinated and collect the card or the Certificate of Vaccines on the date indicated by the Health Center.

Loss of Certificate of Vaccines Applied

In accordance with the above, it is important that you know what to do when you lose the Certificate of Applied Vaccines. Keep in mind that immunization control is a gift for health that should not be neglected, especially when it comes to pediatric vaccination. For this reason, we are going to indicate some recommendations:

  • If you were immunized in a Private Health Center, go to that health point and ask the patient registration office for the vaccination history, dosage and date of vaccination.
  • Also if it is a pediatric vaccine, locate the treating doctor and ask for the Medical Report with the vaccinations applied to the child and those that are pending.
  • If you are vaccinated in a community hospital or dispensary, you must be patient as the vaccination records are in a general file and the information is not easy to locate. You may have to pay a minimum amount to replace the certificate.
  • If you are being treated by a new family doctor for you or your child, do not be intimidated, ask the doctor about the situation of loss of the vaccination card. In these cases, the doctor has the power to guide you on the immunizations you need.

According to the above, the Secretary of Health in each Colombian department is also in the duty of attending to your personal case due to the lack of the certificate. Remember that vaccinations are part of the medical protocols that must be taken seriously because they are part of the National Public Health Programs.

Importance of Vaccines

On the other hand, the immunization processes in Colombia are relevant because they are part of a National Public Health Plan. In this way, the country’s population is protected from contracting contagious diseases and thus preventing their spread. Likewise, the risk of expansion of an epidemic or pandemic such as the one presented today can be minimized.

According to the above, today vaccination is a key procedure in Public Health. Governments are investing in prevention campaigns and policies through Vaccination Days to reduce serious cases or death at high rates. Some pathologies that can be counteracted with vaccination are:

  • Polio
  • The measles
  • The Yellow Fever
  • Diphtheria
  • Meningitis
  • Hepatitis
  • HPV
  • Malaria
  • Ebola disease
  • Covid-19 (in experimental phase)
  • Among other infectious-contagious diseases

Additionally, you should keep in mind that if you have boys or girls, you should pay close attention to this article. Youngsters have the highest immunization priority because their defense system against disease is weaker and requires more reinforcement. Therefore, vaccines provide the effective treatment for that.

Vaccination Day

This interests you: If you can access the official link of the District Health Secretariat with your PC, you can find the latest in Vaccination Days, preferably, with calls from August of this year 2020.

In this regard, normally these conferences indicate the following information guidelines:

  • You should contact the nearest Community Health Centers to reduce mobilizations.
  • That way, you can know the vaccines that are being given and the procedure to make your appointment, take your collections and get vaccinated.
  • If you are affiliated with a subsidized insurance system, you can also call the Health Protection Company that corresponds to you, request your orientation and appointment.
  • Stay informed about free vaccines for diseases such as: Rubella, Poliomyelitis, DPT, Yellow Fever, Rotavirus, Toxoid, HPV, Malaria, and other diseases.

  • In the case of Influenza disease, vaccination will be directed in 2020 to: babies older than 6 months but younger than one year, infants from 3 months, older adults older than 60 years, people with chronic conditions health (asthmatics, kidney and liver failure, among others).
  • You swim more in Bogotá there are this year 2020 more than 220 points to immunize.
  • You already know that if you cannot go personally to get vaccinated, find out at the nearest Health Center for home immunization.
  • In addition, if you are going to get vaccinated, you must respect the protection protocols against Covid-19 (masks, children well dressed, hands well washed and not touching your face).

What is the Certificate of Applied Vaccines?

In general, if you need to travel outside of Colombian territory, remember to have your Certificate of Applied Vaccines. In this sense, we inform you that this document is your means of proof that you are immunized in case of traveling to areas where you can contract infectious-contagious or tropical diseases.

Therefore, this certificate is a card required by the Colombian Public Health System to control vaccination in the population. Thus, the country’s health protocols will guarantee the prevention of Colombians from contracting contagious and dangerous diseases on a large scale.

Finally, if you have not yet been vaccinated or do not know where you have your control card, review this article carefully. This way you will be able to know the steps to carry out the process and inform yourself about the Vaccination Days 2020 in all of Colombia.

In that case, take advantage of electronic media and the Internet to access the link for the District Health Offices and have all the information about vaccines at hand.

Get vaccinated, take care of your health and that of all Colombians!


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