Certificate of Authenticity for Artwork: Facts, Cost and MORE

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In this article specially made for those interested in obtaining a Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art, We will give you the necessary information about this important document.

Everything you have to know here we will teach you, such as its cost, data and more so keep reading and acquire knowledge about the work you have at home and how to prove its authenticity.

How to Obtain a Certificate of Authenticity for Works of Art?

It is very important that in these times you obtain a Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art to prove that your works are authentic. Since the forgeries of works continue to increase, so such a document will give you credibility.

This certificate is usually lost in different cases as inheritances or gifts that when the work is delivered to the beneficiary, they are given it with the certificate. So here we will explain how you can get the Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art, to demonstrate the veracity of your work.

Obtaining this certificate is very simple, you just have to go in search of an expert or works expert who can grant it to you. Then you will have to follow this procedure:

  1. The work that you want to authenticate must be appraised to know its certain value based on today’s market. After knowing how much it is worth, you will decide if you certify it or not, since there are cases where the certificate costs much more than the work, so it would be better for you to sell it.
  2. Once you have decided to obtain the certificate, the expert must examine the chart in detail.
  3. Evidence must be sought that the painting is authentic, the expert carries out this by studying the life and style of the painter or artists to see if they coincide with the work.
  4. They then focus on the painter’s signature and study it, examine it in laboratories to see how old it is.
  5. If the expert gives the go-ahead to all these procedures, the work has to be registered and that’s it, your Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art it will be granted to you.

Data That Includes a Certificate of Authenticity for Works of Art

Now that you know how to get your Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art And everything is the process that this takes, we will show you what are the data that said certificate should have:

  • Full name and signature of the expert or art expert who will issue the certificate.
  • The qualification certified by the expert or art expert who will issue the certificate.
  • The information to contact the art expert or expert who will issue the certificate.
  • Date when the Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art.

If it is believed that it is a work made by several artists or that there are more reproductions of said paintings, it is necessary to add other data, which are the following:

  • Full name of the painter of the work.
  • Indicate if the work is part of a series or if it is original.
  • Frame title.
  • Year of completion of the painting.
  • In which the painting was made.
  • All the utensils for your creation.
  • Full size of the painting.
  • Edition number.
  • A good quality photograph of the painting.
  • A statement made by the artist stating that the work is authentic, which must be signed.

This is all the information your Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art.

Cost of the Certificate of Authenticity for Works of Art

The certificate of Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art It does not have a defined cost since it varies depending on certain factors. If you do not know what factors we are talking about, rest assured that we mention them here:

  • Your appraisal.
  • The examination and evaluation of the work together with a signed analysis of it.
  • The evidence of antiquity cast by the laboratory.
  • The own cost of the procedure.

You can get a reduction in the cost of the certificate by having with you the evidence of the authenticity of the painting, such as the following:

  • Imagine.
  • Scriptures.
  • Catalogs where the work appears published.
  • A purchase invoice.
  • Or any document where it is made clear that the artist made a certain work or that the property belonged to him.

Now with this information you can calculate how much it will cost you to get your Certificate of Authenticity of Works of Art.

Guarantees given by the Certificate

The Certificate of authenticity It is an endorsement that grants the right of ownership of a work of art, which is accredited by the data and information that allow a certain person to be the owner of the work.

In other words, the certificate gives the guarantee that the work belongs to a certain person. The works generally come with documentation that includes the technical sheet, edition certificate and the certificate of authenticity.

With each of these documents the ownership and validity of a work of art is assured. It is generally used in graphic work, publishing and also for unique pieces.

Most Common Formats for the document

A very interesting aspect that you should know is the format in which this certified document can come. That is why in this section of this content you will be able to learn much more about this topic.

When it comes to a certificate of authenticity, the artist or person processing it must begin by choosing the format in which they wish to present the corresponding certificate.

There are several common formats for this certificate, however, there are no specific parameters that the applicant must follow. Among the formats that are most used by people, we can mention the following, in the sections presented below:


In this case, it is attached to the work of art as an independent document, which must contain detailed information about the work. The characteristics should be mentioned in detail and presenting extensive information on the work.


This format consists of a sticky note which must be attached to the work. This note must have a description of the work of art and one of its benefits is that it is always accompanying the work.


This format is an element that can be used individually to sign and identify the ownership of the work of art, also to seal the documentation corresponding to the work.

These are the most common formats to present the Certificate of authenticity of a work of art. Remember that to be valid, you must have the relevant data and meet the requirements.

What is a Certificate of Authenticity for Works of Art?

When we do a procedure that is necessary and we enter a process, it is important to know what we are doing and what we are processing. That is why this last section of the article proceeds to provide all the information about what is the certificate of authenticity for works of art.

To begin with, it is important to know what a certificate is and what authenticity is and thus understand this important legal document much better.


A Certificate is a document where a series of information and data about something in particular is registered, in order to accredit something. In other words, it is an instrument that serves to demonstrate and certify something, which is verified by the data recorded in it.


Next we are going to know what authenticity is.

Authenticity is a term that describes the condition of authenticity, it refers to an adjective that certifies and qualifies something as authentic, through a document or certificate, which makes that something see as true, safe or original.

In the arts and antiques realm, authenticity is a term that determines the value and authenticity of a work.

Certificate of Authenticity for works of art

Based on what was presented above, we can say that the Certificate of Authenticity for works of art, is a document that allows to prove the authenticity of a work of art.

This is a very important document in works of art, because depending on the authenticity the value of a work can be worth more or less. If it is an authentic work, it has a higher value than when it is an imitation of it.

The information that is registered within the certificate of authenticity, allows to know the origin and quality of a work of art.

In this sense, this document demonstrates to potential buyers, whether in museums, galleries or other places, that the work of art is made by a certain person and is authentic. This aspect is quite important in the world of art and artists.

Follow the steps indicated and obtain your certificate successfully.


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