Certificate of Commencement of Activities: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Commencement of Activities it is especially important for those who are going to start managing operations. They can be commercial or economic that generate tax obligations in the first and second categories. If you are one of these people, knowing how to obtain this document is vital.

Likewise, we will be explaining to you what requirements are necessary to carry out this procedure, who exactly needs it and what are the costs of issuing this document. In addition, what is its validity and other important aspects that you should know. So do not go away! Today you will know everything about Start Activities as a Natural Person.

Requirements for the Certificate of Commencement of Activities

There are a number of Requirements for the Certificate of Commencement of Activities. These will vary depending on the method used to obtain the document (whether it is done in person or online), as well as the characteristics of the applicant.

You must gather them all to be able to successfully complete the process, something that you must take into account from now on as an applicant for the certificate. Let’s see!


Accounts with domicile and residence in Chile

  • Identity card. This must be current.
  • Proof of payment, certificate of residence or any other document that serves as proof of address.
  • Form 4415, completely filled out.
  • If the applicant is initiating activities that require his job title, then you must present it.
  • Finally, if the procedure is carried out by a third party, then you must present an original and a copy of your identity card, as well as the power of attorney.

You are a foreigner, you have residence and authorization to start activities (visa)

  • Foreigner ID. This identity document is processed in Chile. Corresponds to the identity card for foreigners.
  • RUT ID. If you don’t have it, you can purchase it at the same time as this certificate.
  • Proof of payment, certificate of residence or any other document that serves as proof of address.
  • Form 4415, completely filled out.
  • Copy of the visa, if it is subject to contract. If not, then you have to present the official document that authorizes the performance of paid activities in Chile.

You are an agent

  • Simple Power. This must be approved by an SII minister of faith or signed before a notary.
  • Identity card. It must be current, and must present both the original and the photocopy approved by the notary.

You dedicate yourself to transportation or mining activities

  • You must meet the documents and requirements that appear at the end of the back of the Form 4415. In addition to those described above, as applicable.
  • The taxpayer who has the obligation to pay second category taxes or those destined to the transport of passengers They do not have to prove address.
  • Top-notch taxpayers They have to indicate the evaluation role of the property. Additionally, they have to present, as the case may be, some of these documents to prove domicile:
    • Property owned by the taxpayer:
      • Assessment certificate. It must be in the name of the depositor and only the original (current) is presented.
      • Property purchase invoice. It must be the original and must contain the name of the real estate or selling company.
      • Deed of purchase and sale. If not, any other equivalent document: donation, effective possession. The important thing is that it is the original.
      • Letter. It must certify the sale of the property and the execution of the pertinent procedures to obtain the legal titles. In addition, you have to be signed by the legal representative of the real estate or construction company.
      • Domain certificate of the Real Estate Registrar (original and current).
    • Leased property:
      • Contract, if it’s about leasing.
      • Lease agreement. Signed before a notary, original format. It must contain the name of the taxpayer or a partner.
    • Property compromised for another reason:
      • In the case of whoever grants the property is a tenant, then he must prove it.
      • Letter from the owner or tenant. The declared activity must be authorized. This must be written before an SRCeI official or before a notary. Additionally, it must include the photocopy of the valid identity card and approved by the notary of the author.

Many of these requirements are not independent of each other. In that sense, you could be a foreigner, resident in the country and dedicate yourself to mining activities.


In the case of leased property, the contracts must contain the signature of the owners and those with power of attorney. There are property brokers and business representatives. The latter have to show that they represent a community or succession, as the case may be.


Steps to Apply for the Online Activity Start Certificate

Let’s proceed to explain the Steps to Apply for the Online Activity Start Certificate, this being the route that requires the least requirements to obtain the document. Next we will explain what you must do exactly to obtain this document.

  • First, enter the web portal of the Internal Revenue Service (SII). In your section of Taxpayer Identification.
  • Proceed to enter your RUT and Tax Code. Then click Get into.
  • Again, type your RUT and click on Continue.
  • In the section of Online Services, click RUT and Start of activities.
  • Follow this sequence: Start of Activities> Start Activities. As you can see, you have the option to download a guide.
  • Enter your RUT and continue.
  • Enter the information they ask for below. When you finish, check that everything is in order and press Continue.
  • Confirm the information again and click Submit.
  • So, for finishing, accept the Terms and Conditions of the Affidavit. Proceed to press: Run certificate.
  • That is all! Not only will you inform about the start of activities, but you will also get the certificate you were looking for.

As you can see, it is completely easy to do. You can do it from where it is convenient for you. We urge you to download the User manual for an illustrated explanation of the process.


Steps to Request the Certificate of Commencement of Activities in Office

Let us now continue with the Steps to Request the Certificate of Commencement of Activities in Office. For these you must first gather the necessary documentation according to your applicant conditions.

Once you have them properly arranged in a folder, what you have to do is:

  • To get started, go to the SII office. This varies depending on your address. You can click here to know which one corresponds to you.
  • Indicate that you want to start activities and deliver the documents.
  • Wait a minute, and voila! They will give you the certificate and you can start activities after 48 hours.

If you ask for stamp approval document that is intended for the fiscal credit, then the SII must first check the activity.

In addition, you have 10 business days to confirm the location of the land. Once this time has passed, the taxpayer will obtain the authorization to issue invoices and other VAT documents.

On the other hand, you can register in the System of Billing free, in case you want to issue sales documents. From this system you can issue electronic tax documents at no cost, as well as initial paper invoices (although these must be stamped and prepared).

However, whether it is an electronic or paper document, the verification of activity and address is carried out in parallel.


Who needs it?

Who needs to report the Start of Activities? Well, all natural persons who are going to start remunerated, economic or commercial activities, as well as professional, for which they will acquire tax obligations in first and second category taxes, as contemplated by the Internal Revenue Service (SII).

These activities are referred to in Decree Law 824, which corresponds to the Income Tax Law (ISLR). The top-notch impositions are those destined to income that comes, among others, from companies:

  • Mining.
  • Of Services, as of transport.
  • Commercial.
  • Industrial

It is a direct tax. The second category tax it is something progressive, which rises every month. Pensioners and contract workers cancel it. The employer has to make the calculation and deliver the amount to the treasury, to later reflect this when paying the employee’s salary.

If your activity means the payment of a first or second category tribute, being a natural person, then you must process this certificate.

Costs and Validity

Two other very important aspects that you should consider are the Costs and Validity of the Certificate of Commencement of ActivitiesThese can greatly change the way you carry out the procedure.

However, you don’t have to worry! The procedure is completely free, whether you do it online or in person. There is no cost involved in the process.

On the other hand, the validity is not indefinite as it happens with other documents. The duration of the validity of this certificate will last until the term of the transfer is made. But, What is the term of turn?

The turn term It is the procedure by which the SII is informed that there is an absolute cessation of activities or, equivalently, of commercial or industrial activity. That is, the Certificate of Commencement of Activities will last until the paid activity ends.

What is it?

The Certificate of Commencement of Activities it is a very important document. By this it is accredited that the owner has completed the information process about the start of activities. In addition, these being economic, commercial and / or professional.

This headline is a natural person and the activity you intend to carry out produces a tax liability. Either first or second category. One is paid by the company (industrial, commercial, mining, etc.) and another is paid by the hired employee.

The procedure can be done online or in person, which are the channels that provides the SII. Once you obtain it, it will be valid until there is a cessation of activities. Also, there is no cost associated with the process.

We hope we have helped you learn more about the exercise of reporting on the Start of Activities.

Until next time!


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