Certificate of Completion of Work: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Completion of Work it is especially important when it comes to proving the end of a construction to the relevant authorities. Without a doubt, it is one of the most carried out procedures in the territory of Spain, since licenses are acquired daily to start works that when they finish will require this document.

That is why today we will explain how this document is obtained, step by step, and what are the requirements for it. Likewise, we will talk to you about the data it contains, what is the cost of it, who signs it and many, many other things. So do not go away! Stay with us and know everything about this document.

What are the Requirements for the Certificate of Completion of Work?

The two most important aspects of how to obtain the certificate correspond to the requirements and the steps to follow. In this section we will talk about Requirements for the Certificate of Completion of Work, so that you know from the first moment what you need to carry out this procedure.

However, first you must bear in mind that each city council may carry a somewhat different process. Consequently, we will try to speak in the most general way possible, although without losing the usefulness of the content. Let’s see!

  • First, and probably the most important: the work must be finished. Logically, to request a document that proves the end of a work, it must first be completed.
  • It is required to bring the plans of the work. Yes, only the final plans.
  • In addition, two main books must be presented:
    • Book of orders and assists.
    • Building book.
  • Payment processing fee. The rate varies depending on the Autonomous Community where the work is carried out.
  • Visas of the Director of Works and Director of Execution. These generally correspond to the Architect and Technical Architect, at least in building works. They can also be the engineers, but we’ll talk about all this later.
  • Work license.
  • Finally, the Model of the Certificate of Completion of Work. This must be completed and processed correctly. In the next section you will see what you should do. For now, enter the link to access it.

With all this you will be able to move on to the next point: the procedure you must follow to manage the certificate. Of course, first remember that without the visas the certificate form is invalid. Basically it won’t do you any good.

Steps to Follow for the Certificate of Completion of Work

The Steps to Follow for the Certificate of Completion of Work They are the next aspect that we must consider. It is a purely face-to-face procedure, but very quick to do if you know the entire management process by heart.

Next, we explain how you can acquire this certificate:

  • To begin with, you must gather all the background that we mentioned earlier. These should be organized and ready for presentation.
  • The Model End of Work Certificate it must be filled out correctly. It must be completed and contain the corresponding signatures. However, the most important thing is that it contains the indicated visas.
  • To obtain the visas, you must go to College of Architects. You can also go to the Professional College, as the case may be. Already with the visas the Certificate of End of Work will be valid.
  • Once you have the Certificate and all the other documents, you are ready for the next step. You just have to get closer to the city ​​Hall linked to the domicile of the work.
  • As a result of the process, you will have obtained the Final Construction Certificate and the Certificate of First Occupation and Habitability. You can now legally terminate the work.

Of course, obtaining these documents does not have to happen immediately. Each entity will take the pertinent time to analyze the documentation and be able to issue a response according to the request.

The most important thing is that the documentation is in order, that the data contained in the certificates are adequate and that the payment of the fee is done correctly.

Who signs it?

With respect to Who Signs the Final Construction Certificate, We have that this will depend on whether it is a building work or of another type. Generally speaking, this can only be signed by four people:

  • Architect and Technical Architect.
  • Civil Engineer and Technical Engineer.

These are the figures that correspond to the Construction Director and Director of Work Execution, who are responsible for ensuring the correct development of the project. These are positioned early in the job, so there should be no problem determining who is going to sign the certificate.

Moreover, these are the ones that will generate the Project and those that will carry out the pertinent procedures to obtain the licenses for the start of works.

In consecuense, that document is not independent. It is part of the work of construction management and execution of the same, for which it must be endorsed by the Professional Association according to each case.

However, and following the Building Planning Law, there are times when the works are not considered a building. In these cases, neither an architect nor a technician is required.

What is needed is that the work is directed and written by a training technician. This can be any of the figures we mentioned earlier: technical engineer, engineer, architect, or technical architect. This person will assume both roles and will only endorse the certificate in their College.

Finally, something you should know is that some municipalities ask for certain things. For example, make the execution manager a technical engineer if the manager is a senior engineer. So that? So that the same thing happens as when the work is carried out by architects.

In the end, the only recommendation we can give you if you have doubts about this is that you go to the town hall and solve your doubts. Remember that each case is particular and may have a different answer. Consultation is necessary.

Data Included in the Certificate of Completion of Work

The Data Contained in the Final Certificate of Construction site They will allow you to know exactly what information the city council and the professional association require to grant the pertinent permits. All of these are directly related to the work and the figures that were part of it.

Let’s see!

  • First of all, you will be able to find all the document identification data. There is the title of the certificate, as well as the seal of the:
    • Superior Council of the Colleges of Architects of Spain.
    • General Council of Official Associations of Surveyors and Technical Architects.
  • Then you have the information about the building:
    • Type of work.
    • Location.
    • Site.
    • Work license.
    • Finally, the name of the developer, designer and builder.
  • Next, is the section dedicated to Work Director and Work Execution Director. There you must place:
    • Visa, which is obtained at the corresponding College.
    • Name, degree, collegiate number and name of the school.
    • Certification.
  • There is also a section corresponding to the Modifications that were made to the project during the work. Again, the building data is entered, and the modifications that were carried out are introduced.
    • These must be in accordance with the conditions of the license and with the approval of the promoter.
  • Finally, you will find the signatures necessary to give legality to the project and its administration.

This is all you will see in the certificate, which if you want to view it again, you can find it by going to this link. From there you can print it or download it in PDF. Obviously, then it’s time to fill it out accordingly.

Remember that the Certificate of Completion of Work It is a requirement to obtain the first occupation and occupancy certificate.

Cost of the Certificate of Completion of Work

The Certificate Cost it will depend on many factors. Therefore, we cannot give you an estimate. Some people indicate that it can cost up to 2000 euros, others more and others less.

The truth is that it is not only the cost of the certificate, but the work of the construction managers is also involved. Remember that visas have a cost, which determines the Professional Association to which they are directed.

There is also the value of the project, civil liability, travel, documentation, the creation of books, and so on.

A construction project can range from 1,500 euros to 25,000 euros.. Obviously the cost of the certificate will be much lower, but it is to give you an idea.

What is it?

The Final Work Certificate It allows to prove that the construction of a building or property is completed. The operating license is no longer required, as the project has ended.

It is a document that construction companies must process each time a work is completed. This allows to demonstrate to the corresponding agencies that the specifications have been followed and the end of the construction has been reached.

The only way to obtain it in person. The signatories must be the Site Director and Site Technical Director. These can be engineers or architects, and their technicians.

Finally, this is a requirement to obtain the Certificate of occupancy and the First Occupation. These are essential to finally finish a construction project.

We hope we have been useful to you today.

Until next time!


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