Certificate of Concubinage: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Concubinage, It is a document of the utmost importance and value for all those couples who wish to form a legal bond after living together for a certain amount of time.

It is for this reason that, in this article we not only focus our attention on the meaning of this certificate, which is explained at the end. But also, you will get information about: the requirements for the concubinage certificate, the steps you must follow to obtain it, how to carry out the procedure, the legal aspects of it and frequently asked questions.

Requirements for the Certificate of Concubinage

Generally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions require or require a series of documents. This certificate, being a legal document, is not exempt from these requirements.

But, don’t worry, because below, we will show you a detailed list of all the requirements requested and demanded according to articles 509 and 510 of the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation, so that you can start with the process of this certificate.

  • Both citizens must be 18 years or older.
  • They cannot be relatives or relatives.
  • Regarding coexistence, it is important that they have lived together for at least 2 continuous years.
  • It is not relevant whether the two citizens are of the same sex or the opposite.
  • They must show and guarantee that their relationship is stable and that it will last.
  • Neither of you can be married to another person or have another concubine.
  • Although it does not apply in all cases, some provinces require that both must have the same address in the National Identity Document.

Now when the couple comply With all these requirements, they will be able to go to next point. In this, they must comply with another series of regulations that we will explain below:

  • The two members of the couple must agree when requesting this registration.
  • The couple’s home must be registered in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, or failing that, in the corresponding province.
  • The DNI of both must be in perfect condition. Otherwise, they must request a renewal.
  • When conducting the search, they must have two witnesses who must comply with:

    • They cannot be related to the couple.
    • They must be over 18 years of age.
    • Show the original and a copy of your ID.

Steps for the Certificate of Concubinage

After the explanation of the requirements, we continue with the steps you must follow to obtain this certificate. It is very important that you follow everything to the letter, since this is a document that must be done with great care.

  • The first thing is, cancel the fixed amount. This should be done by going to the offices of the Civil registration closest to your home, or they can also do it online.
  • Then, they must request and print the Smart Single Ballot with the shift date granted to make the payment.
  • Now, there are two ways to do this procedure: normal and so urgent.
  • Normal: in this way, it will be attended according to the option of summary information for coexistence.
  • Urgent: here, the emergency has to be accredited with the respective supporting documents.
  • When you have your turn, you will be able to start the process according to the date, place and availability that is most convenient for you.
  • After this, you must attend the appointment on the day and at the scheduled time. Do not forget to bring all the documents requested and previously explained.
  • Finally, you will have your certificate and you will have completed the process for it.

Concubinage procedure in Argentina

Today, it is quite common for there to be numerous couples who want to be more solid in their relationship. Although, for the members of this, marriage is not an option or simply does not correspond to a viable plan.

For this reason, the process of this certificate is perfect and ideal for all those couples who want to give a legal character to their relationship without the need to marry. However, to achieve this, they need to meet a series of requirements and take some steps to obtain it. Which are:

  • DNI of both members of the couple.
  • Check that both live under the same roof.
  • And, added to this, having at least 2 years living together.
  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Two witnesses of legal age who can verify this union.
  • If a member of the couple is divorced, they must bring the document that certifies it.
  • If either of you is a widower, you must also present a document that confirms it.

The objective of the request for the last two documents is to be able to ensure that there is no legal impediment for one of the members to be able to have a different partner and process this certificate.

Now, in order to process this document, you must first go to the legal entities that are dedicated to this purpose. Since, these are the only entities that are authorized to give legality to this union.

Legal Aspects about Concubinage

The Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation, establishes a series of regulations that regulate cohabitation or coexistence in Argentina. These are found between articles number 509 to article number 528. This regulation is structured as follows:

  • First chapter: constitution and proof. Essential requirements and registration of the cohabitation union or concubinage.
  • Second chapter: coexistence pact. Content, limits and modification thereof.
  • Third chapter: effect of the convivial union. Relationship, assistance, contribution, responsibilities and protection between both.
  • Fourth chapter: cessation of coexistence. Effects, causes and economic compensation.

This coexistence union or, better known as concubinage, is totally legal in the country, these laws certify it. Likewise, a couple who live in a coexistence union have the same duties and rights as couples who are married. This can be confirmed in the articles established by the Civil and Commercial Code of the Nation.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Concubinage

We will continue this article, answering questions and doubts that are usually quite frequent in relation to this type of certificate. For this reason, keep an eye out for each of them.

  • What is the convivial union?

Well, this union corresponds to all those couples who live together and share a common life project for both of them for a certain amount of time, without being married. This type of situation and relationship is called: cohabitation or coexistence situation. In addition, this union includes various aspects such as, for example:

  • Support during the convivial union.
  • Take responsibility for the expenses and debts of both members.
  • Acceptance and agreement between both when choosing homes or real estate.
  • Should this coexistence pact be mandatory?

We must report that. make this coexistence pact it’s not mandatory. It all depends on the individual decision of each member of the relationship. Everyone is free to choose whether to sign the coexistence agreement or not.

Although, it is also important to highlight and take into account that this document substantially facilitates the management of the couple. Because, in this way, the rights and obligations of each one over the property of the home they share will be established.

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this union?

It is common for many couples to decide to live together without getting married. But, taking on this challenge is often difficult for these relationships. Next, we will show you the disadvantages and advantages of this convivial union:

  • Disadvantages
  • The goods that are acquired during this union belong to the person who bought it.
  • If they decide to have children and later separate, there is no maintenance obligation.
  • Advantage
  • The costs of a divorce are not included.
  • This Thus, they can be better known before making a union or legal bond.

What is the Certificate of Concubinage?

Now, we will finish this article, offering you a brief definition about this certificate. Well, this certificate is nothing more than a document that validates the coexistence union between two people who live as a couple.

In addition, this certificate not only allows the coexistence union to be legally established in the country. But it also grants both members of the couple, duties and rights that they must comply with before the law.

Generally, it is accepted as a cohabitation union or cohabitation, those relationships that have at least 2 years of coexistence in the same dwelling or home. Although, in this particular certificate, there is only one exception. And this is when the couple has a baby.

Thus, the time of relationship that this couple has as a cohabitation union or concubinage is not relevant. In short, even if they do not comply with the two years of living together, it is considered that they have a convivial relationship.

Added to this, in Argentina, and finally in 2010, after discussions and debates, same-sex marriage was approved. Therefore, the relationship between two men or two women is accepted as a concubine. For more information, we invite you to visit the official website of this and other certificates. Click here.

Thanks for reading!

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