Certificate of Conformity: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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If you are in Spain and have just purchased a vehicle, be sure to read this article that interests you as it deals with the Certificate of Conformity of the vehicle.

Surely, you have heard about the existence of this document and if you had not paid attention to it, do so now since it is an important document and that facilitates the procedures related to the vehicle.

Requirements for the Certificate of Conformity

The Certificate of Conformity Also known as an identification certificate, it is a very easy document to obtain. The Request must be made at the place where you purchased the car.

This certificate will contain all the vehicle data, since it is an identity certificate. This certificate is not only important in cases of import and export of the car, but for cases in which the homologation key belonging to Europe is not possessed.

In many cases it is necessary to contact the dealer agent if you want to request the certificate.

For vehicle registration, the certificate of conformity is necessary, so it is advisable to do this initially to save paperwork later.

As said before, it is an easy and simple management therefore not much documentation is necessary. The requirements are as mentioned below:

  • Identification document.
  • Present in some cases the driver’s license.
  • Must have all documentation related to the purchase of the vehicle, such as purchase invoices, credit notes, among others.
  • You must submit a proof of income received in the year prior to application.
  • Likewise, present the certification of the effective hours worked.
  • Proof of the company with the seal and the signatures of the legal representatives, where they provided labor services.

Once you present these documents at the dealer where you purchased the car, you can already have the Certification of Conformity.

Step by Step to Obtain the Certificate of Conformity

Regarding the steps to obtain the Certificate of Conformity, they are straightforward and simple to carry out. They are the ones mentioned below:

  • Has to go to the dealer agency to request all the information related to the Certificate of Conformity.
  • Subsequently, and with all the necessary precautions, you must then aaSee the dealer where you bought the vehicle.
  • Fulfilling the necessary requirements of the can grant the certificate of conformity. You should take into account that they may ask for some other additional collection to those already mentioned.

What is it for?

The Certificate of Conformity is a document that It serves as an official registration and allows the vehicle to be registered at the same time, without the need to go through a technical review of the vehicle, and no other additional document.

This certificate allows the legal procedures of the vehicle, without any additional documentation.

The registration of a vehicle It is essential if it is going to be exported or if it is imported. A vehicle in Spain must be registered prior to export and also if it has been acquired through import.

Now, if you have lost the certificate, you can certainly request it at the corresponding racks.

Processing costs

Regarding the cost of the certificate of conformity, this original document does not represent any cost. However, if you require a copy or duplicates, it will cost 175 euros.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Certificate of Conformity

In situations of paperwork management, doubts and concerns are generally generated since the answer may not be obtained in a timely manner. Here in this article you will get the questions or doubts that are most frequently presented in relation to the issue of the certificate of conformity.

How do you know what the Certificate of Conformity is?

This certificate is an official document that is issued through the dealer. It has some special marks that characterize and differentiate it.

Do youWhat is the cost of the Certificate of Conformity?

When the certificate is requested for the first time, it does not generate any cost, despite the duplicates that can be requested and they have a cost of approximately 175 euros.

So do I have a new vehicle, do I require the certificate of conformity?

This certificate is issued by the manufacturer and allows you to demonstrate the technical characteristics of the vehicle, if they comply with safety and environmental regulations. The certificate can be national or European certificate (CE).

Where is the Certificate of Conformity valid?

The certificate of conformity is valid only in Spain. It is also issued for trucks, vans, buses, trailers and for vehicles whose year of manufacture is before May 2009.

If the vehicle is registered and is transferred to another country of the European Union, in that country the administration will request other types of certificates or technical control checks prior to registration.

Is the European Union certificate of conformity recognized when the car is personalized?

The answer is no, since the European Union certificate is a manifestation of the industrial manufacturer that indicates that the vehicle is in the production chain under its responsibility and attests that it complies with the requirements demanded by European standards.

A personalized vehicle receives a unique authorization according to the legislation of the country of the European Union where it is registered.

If a vehicle is exported, the receiving authorities require certain technical controls or the presentation of certain certificates.

What is it?

The Certificate of Conformity, also known as COCIt is an indispensable instrument for those who own a vehicle. It must meet a minimum of safety, technical and approval requirements.

This document includes the identification of the vehicle and the manufacturer, the technical specifications, the number of the car type designation, among others.

This certificate indicates that the vehicle is in accordance with the legislation and can therefore circulate freely across the country. Likewise, the manufacturer declares that the vehicle complies with the standards that are determined and established for vehicular traffic.

The certificate of conformity of a vehicle facilitates the completion of other procedures required in the enrollment process. Through this document it is shown that the regulations of Spain are being complied with and therefore you can circulate freely.

This instrument is the official document issued by the manufacturer. The COC is delivered on paper, it has special signs that prevent it from being forged. When you request it, you will receive it at home, or by post.

The COC is nothing more than a document where the technical data of the vehicle are reflected, that is, data and name of the manufacturer, the data of the engine, lights and wheels, the identification number, the data set of masses and dimensions of the vehicle and the approval key.

The homologation code is a numerical code found on the weight plate, it is a badge that is generally on the engine, other times on the door and guarantees that the vehicle is homologated and fully complies with the corresponding legislation.

Additionally, to the plate that the vehicle brings, this information appears in the car’s documentation and in the COC, a paper issued by the manufacturer when it receives the homologation key.

The price is high, in case of loss it is better to request a reduced token. This reduced file is a document signed by a tenured engineer, where it includes the same information as the COC, it is also based on the approval code.

European Certificate of Conformity

Also, it is the European Certificate of Conformity which is nothing more than a certificate of conformity that It is valid in all the countries of the European Union. If it is valid then, in Spain They should not ask you for other technical documentation, unless it has been modified after leaving the factory. In these cases you can request a new homologation.

When you go to register your car, you can present the COC or the reduced card, if the document is the legal one you will not have any problem. You already know what this important document is about when purchasing a vehicle, get down to work and request it now.


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