Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank: Steps, What it is and MORE

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The Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank It is a very important document for all those people who are citizens in Ecuador. This certification has the purpose of letting the organization know whether or not an Ecuadorian citizen has pending accounts with the Closed Bank. Also, it can be a ratification of what is stated in the registry, in case of not having any impediment.

In this article we are going to provide you with all the information you need to know about this document and its importance in detail. Later we will talk about the procedure and what is required for you to carry out this procedure without any problem and properly.

Stay with us and find out more about the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank!

Requirements for the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank

Like all important procedures, the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank It is a document that requires some requirements to be obtained. In this section of the article, we will talk to you in depth about these documents that you will need for the proper processing and obtaining of this certificate.

It is important to remember that these requirements must be delivered in good condition and fully compiled. Also, we must mention that there are the mandatory requirements and the special requirements, read carefully and find out what each of these requirements consists of to obtain the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank.

Documents required to obtain the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank:

Obligation requirements

  • The first thing to mention is that you must make an application online. This request is to be able to process the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank.
  • You will have to do it through the website of the government of Ecuador.
  • If you are a legal person, that is, if you are not a common citizen, you have to enter the full company name and you must also enter the RUC number.

Now that we have explained the mandatory requirements to obtain the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank, we are going to explain what the additional requirements are. Read them carefully and do not stay without any doubt.

Special or additional requirements:

  • The first requirement that you must present is the appointment of a legal representative, this same is the intermediary in legal matters. This refers to everything related to acts on behalf of the entity to represent.

There are cases in which the user constituted is a legal citizen, it is necessary to present it in addition to the additional required document. The previous requirement must be specified both on the date and in detail about the appointment of the person who will represent the entity.

  • Then you will proceed to make an effective possession in a notarized manner. This enables the person who is interested in carrying out the procedure, later it will be executed on behalf of another who is deceased.

For these cases in which the object of analysis is a person who is deceased, the user has to be doing the procedure, he must have possession in an effective and notarized manner.

  • In addition, you are going to deliver a power of attorney, this is a document that enables the person who issues the certificate to a third party. This for cases where the user is absent for any reason.

The absence of the main person may be for health reasons or may be missing from the National territory. An external person is required to carry out the procedure on your behalf, a corresponding power of attorney will be granted in a notarized manner.

  • For the procedures that are carried out through a third party external to the person, you must present a letter of authorization signed by the legal representative. This refers to the requesting entity.

Also, you must deliver the identification document, that is, your identity card. Likewise, of the citizenship of the person who is authorizing the procedure.

Steps for the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank

Now that we have read what is required to process and obtain the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank, in this section we are going to present the steps. This is a process that you can do and carry out easily, quickly and simply. It is worth noting that this process is carried out through the page of the Central Bank of Ecuador, the BCE.

Next, we will show you the process to make the request to process this certification, what exactly you will have to do. Also, you have to take into account that you have several channels of attention for the public, it can be online. Performing this process: site, web portal or in the web application available for any smart device. And you can also do this process in person.

Process for the processing of the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank:

  1. The first thing you will have to do is enter the internet search engine that is of your preference.
  2. Then you will access the web portal of the Central Bank of Ecuador and click on the part that says «Go to the online process».
  3. You must register the fields corresponding to the form request.
  4. You must also give a validation of the email you previously registered.
  5. You will do this process by means of a code that will be to confirm and will be sent to you.
  6. Again you must fill in the fields that are required in another part that will be presented to you in the form.
  7. Later you will proceed to sign the request electronically, or physically, depending on how you prefer.
  8. For this last option, you must print the document, sign it, scan it and reload it on the web portal.
  9. You are going to send the request.
  10. The time that has been established for this process is 5 business days. They will send you the response to the request to the email you provided and registered in the previous steps.
  11. Finally, starting from the receipt of the email, you will be able to go to the Document Management and Archive window of the Central Bank of Ecuador.
  12. This will depend on the city where the request was issued online, it can be in Quito, Guayaquil or Cuenca.

What is it for?

The Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank It is a document whose functionality granted is to verify data regarding the debts that are pending, or not, and attest to them. These debts can be with respect to some institutions, organizations or public entities and the citizen has the duty to present and cover certain obligations.

Also, it must be taken into account that this is a document by which the data of citizens who are of legal age and who have valid identification documents are verified. You have to be aware of this, since it is a certification of great importance for the institutions of the Central Bank of Ecuador.

Who Should Apply and Where Can You Do It?

People who may choose to request and carry out the corresponding procedure for the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank are those citizens who are over eighteen (18) years old. You must also take into account that you must be a citizen with Ecuadorian nationality, or also of foreign nationality.

Another aspect to consider, and your process will depend on this, is whether you are a common citizen or a legal person. Whatever the case, you can choose to do this procedure, you can request the issuance of this virtually. And, later, go to the corresponding institution for this process and withdraw the document physically.

This document is intended for people:

  • Legal.
  • Legal private.
  • Public or natural person, that is, an ordinary citizen.
  • Ecuadorian Natural Person.
  • And, finally, a foreign natural person residing in Ecuador.

What is the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank?

As we have already been talking about, the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank It is a document that serves for the case of a person, either natural or legal, has any pending obligation are the institutions. This citizen must be of legal age and possess their respective identity document, that is, their identity card. Or you also have the option of having your Ecuadorian citizenship.

Your process can be done through the website or in person. To request it, a review must be carried out through the National Consolidation and Regularization Directorate, respectively. This in the databases that are under its jurisdiction. Additionally, it can be said that this is a process that does not entail any type of cost to pay, it is completely free.

We hope that this article has been very useful to you and that all your doubts regarding the Certificate of Debt or Not to the Closed Bank have been clarified.

We will read another time!


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