Certificate of Disability: Requirements, Step by Step and MORE

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The Disability certificateIt is a document of great importance for all those Ecuadorian citizens who present some type of disability. This certificate grants them certain benefits by recognizing their difficulties.

For this reason, in the following articles we explain: what are the necessary requirements for the certificate, the steps you must follow to obtain it, its advantages, who issues it, how to register, and we conclude with its definition.

What are the Requirements for the Certificate of Disability?

It is very common that, when requesting any type of certificate, agencies and institutions require a number of specific documents to start the process. The disability certificate, like many others, requires certain documents to apply.

Now, for a disabled person to be able to request and finally have this certificate, the first thing they must do is demonstrate that they do indeed have a disability. The way to demonstrate it is, counting on the Disability Rating.

The Disability Rating, is an exam or analysis carried out by a group of professionals from different areas. This group must be compulsorily made up of: a doctor, a psychologist, and, finally, a social worker.

Likewise, these three professionals evaluate and determine if the biological, psychological and social aspects of a person are shown either by unalterable sequelae of genetic, congenital or, failing that, acquired diseases.

In addition, they must diagnose whether these possible diseases can limit or restrict certain daily and usual activities for a person depending on their age, sex, training, and culture, among other aspects.

In the same way, these three professionals must determine the type, degree and respective percentage of disability that the person has. Next, we will show the requirements requested for different cases of disability:

Citizens with visible or obvious disabilities:
  • Identity or Citizenship Card, or Birth Certificate.
Citizens with a non-visible or non-obvious disability:
  • Identity or Citizenship Card, or Birth Certificate.
  • If the person is a minor, and does not yet have an identity card, they must present their birth certificate.
  • Form 107, that is, the Specialist or Treating Medical Certificate.

Steps to Follow to Process the Certificate of Disability

After the explanation of the necessary requirements and requested by CONADIS, we continue with the steps that disabled people must follow to finally obtain the disability certificate. Pay a lot of attention.

It is important to note that, in order to continue with this specific procedure, people with some type of disability must follow only three simple steps. They will be explained below:

  • The first thing to do is call the number 171.
  • During this contact, the person has to request or request an appointment for care.
  • Then, with a scheduled date, the disabled person must go to the appointment. We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes in advance to be able to take the medical history.
  • Finally, the disabled person will receive the card or the certificate consented to by the authorized qualifying professional.

On the other hand, there are different requirements necessary to request this type of specific certificate. These will depend on the qualification that the disabled person presents. We’ll show you a list of these ratings:

  • Qualification of people with visible or evident disability.
  • Qualification of people with a non-visible or non-evident disability.
  • Requalification for disabled citizens.
  • Qualification of people with disabilities at home.
  • Qualification of citizens with disabilities residing abroad.

As we mentioned earlier, each of these qualifications has different requirements. In addition, for each one completely different steps and methods are needed. So the disabled person should ask for information in this regard.

Advantages of the Certificate of Disability

There are numerous advantages for all those who have this type of certificate. They range from being able to access economic rights, to having benefits in the services of public organizations. Now, we will show a list with some advantages:

  1. Access jobs for people with disabilities.
  2. Comfort and adaptation in the workplace.
  3. Early retirement.
  4. Rehabilitation and support treatments.
  5. Economic and social benefit, such as: health care, pharmaceutical benefit, among others.
  6. Tax benefits, that is, if the person needs help from third parties so that they can move to their work.
  7. Family benefit.
  8. Longer maternity rest time.
  9. Parking card.
  10. Discount in the different means of transport in the country.
  11. Help of an individual nature, such as: support products, adaptation at home, among others
  12. Adaptation in terms of tests for entering public employment.
  13. Financial aid for transportation costs.

The fact that this certificate or document has great benefits implies that each person with any type of disability has enough tools to have comprehensive protection under the law in the country.

Likewise, and one of the most important advantages that this certificate has, is that having it does not affect in any way when applying for employment. In addition, the economic, medical and labor help and benefits give them peace of mind and confidence.

Who Issues It?

It is important to dedicate a part of this article to this question. Since, it is usually quite usual for all people who have any type of disability. For this reason, below we will explain which is the body that issues this certificate.

Well, the disability certificate is issued only by the National Disability Council of Ecuador. That is to say, the CONADIS. It has and owns the database of the National Registry of Disabilities of the national territory.

In this database are all the people who have some type of disability and are in Ecuadorian territory. In addition, all those entities, institutions and public and private organizations are included here.

We must emphasize that, for this certificate to be accepted and issued by CONADIS, the disabled person must have the disability qualification in their possession. In it, it will be shown whether the citizen actually has a disability.

Likewise, this qualification is carried out by an important group of professionals. And it is made up of a doctor, a psychologist and a social worker. The union of these will determine the type, degree and percentage of disability that the person presents.

Finally, the place where the disabled person will obtain this certificate is in the Operative Units authorized for it. If you want to know the address of each of these units, you just have to go to the official CONADIS website. Click here.

How to Register in the National Registry of Disabilities?

Carrying out the National Registry of Disabilities is quite simple. For a person with a disability to be able to enroll in it, they only have to follow a series of steps. They will be explained below, pay attention:

  • The main thing is that the person with a disability is physically present at the National Registry of Disabilities.
  • You should also carry a series of documents with you, the most important being the Unique Certificate of Disability Qualification.
  • Also, you must present a copy of your identity card or, failing that, the birth certificate. The latter is mandatory in the event that the disabled person is a minor.
  • The documents presented must be the originals. This, so that the entity can verify them.
  • Finally, the disabled person must bring two updated passport-size color photographs.

It is important to note that any disabled person who is registered In the National Registry of Disabilities, you must update your information every two years. Or, when it has changed substantially over a period of time.

What is the Certificate of Disability?

We end this article by defining this specific type of certificate. Well, it is nothing more than a document that contains true information about the disability situation of a citizen in the country.

Likewise, and as we have mentioned in previous points, this certificate provides great benefits to anyone with any type of disability. It does not matter what age, sex, or culture she has.

In addition to this, the aim and objective of giving this document to anyone with a disability is to provide help and in turn, register in a specific database all people who require special attention within the country.

In the same way, this type of certificate is interested in making known all the rights that these disabled people have within Ecuador. And thus, they can carry out the necessary analyzes and examinations to determine the type, degree and percentage of disability.

This analysis is carried out by different professionals, who when joining, will reach the conclusion of the class, type, degree and characteristics of the person’s disability. The professionals who carry it out are: a doctor, a psychologist and a social worker.

However, it is important to highlight the difference between disability and disability. Since, it is quite common for these two terms to get confused. Disability is one in which an evaluation by doctors, specialists, psychologists, social workers and other professionals is necessary.

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