Certificate of Disability: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Certificate of Incapacity, It is a very important document since it allows to verify if a person has the right to work with children. Or, if on the contrary, it represents a possible danger for children.

For this reason, we have dedicated this article to develop: the requirements you need for the certificate, the steps you must follow, who is in charge of its issuance, its function, the skills and, we conclude with its definition.

Requirements for the Certificate of Disability

Normally, to start obtaining any type of certificate, organizations and institutions not only require following a series of steps and methods. But also, they require a specific amount of documents.

This certificate is not exempt from these steps or requirements. But, do not worry, because below, we will show you what are the requirements you need so that you can start the process and obtain this type of certificate.

We must emphasize that, to request this type of specific document, you do not need to have any document in physical format to be able to start. However, you must have the data that we will indicate in the following list:

  • The main thing is that you have the Unique Roll Tributary of the person to be consulted.
  • Full name and surname of the citizen.
  • Also, you must present your Unique Tax Paper.
  • And, finally, in case you are the applicant but not the owner, you must indicate your full name and surname.

It is essential and crucial to make this type of request because it will prevent a number of citizens from doing any harm to the little ones in the home. In addition, checking this background on a person has the result of giving parents greater peace of mind and security.

Although unfortunately the protection towards children and young people is not always absolute, by obtaining this type of specific certificate, the guarantee is given that work is being done to minimize the events that may be dangerous for them.

It is for this reason that it is so important that all parents remember and bear in mind that making this request will provide them with certainty and peace when leaving their children in the hands of other citizens, either for the care or learning of the same.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Certificate of Disability

After the explanation of the requirements, we continue with the steps you must follow to obtain this type of certificate. It is very important that you follow everything to the letter, since this is a process that must be given a lot of attention.

Likewise, for this type of certificate there is a particular method which will allow you to consult the disability document and verify if a person or you have a record. Or, on the contrary, demonstrate that the interested party does not have limitations to work with children.

  • Mainly, you must enter the official page of Civil Registry of Chile.
  • Then, you must complete the respective spaces with the applicant’s information. You must have:

    • The Unique National Role.
    • Mother’s full name and surname.
    • Father’s full name and surname.

  • Now, enter your Unique Tax Role and the business name is the next box. It is important to note that performing this step is optional.
  • You must indicate all the data and respective information of the person you want to consult. That is, you must enter your Unique Tax Role and full name.
  • Perform the captcha check correctly. Remember that you must place the text that will appear on the screen.
  • Read all the information they offer you.
  • After reading, and if you agree, click on the option: I accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on the option: Send.
  • Finally, the system will generate the Certificate of Incapacity. And there you will know if the interested party is allowed or not to work with children and adolescents.

Who Issues the Certificate of Disability?

Let’s continue explaining which is the body or institution that is responsible for issuing this type of certificate. Well, today, the Service of civil registration and ID It is the only entity in charge of delivering or issuing this particular document.

Likewise, the Civil Registry and Identification Service has a large number of spaces and offices both throughout and throughout the Chilean national territory. This allows citizens to apply for this and many other certificates.

Now, a point in favor and that you should consider is that to make this request you should not personally attend one of the offices or delegations that this entity offers. Since, it has created a system that will allow you to carry out this procedure from the comfort of your home.

It is important to note that, in order to request information or the document itself, you must be a Chilean citizen. In addition, you must have a series of documents and steps that were explained previously in this article.

Regarding the system, we must mention that it is available and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So, any Chilean citizen has the possibility of making this request or inquiry at any time and at the time they want.

If you use this type of certificate incorrectly, you will have as a consequence a fine with Tax Units fixed. They range from two to ten tax units monthly.

What is it for?

It is convenient that you know the function and purpose of this certificate, since in many cases it is not usually given the importance it deserves. That is why, below, we will explain what this type of certificate is for.

Well, although we know that in this document in particular all the antecedents that a person may have are registered. As, for example: crimes, acts of violence or contempt, it is important to keep in mind their purpose and objective.

As we have mentioned in previous points, the main purpose and objective of this document is to protect all children and adolescents who are in the Chilean national territory. In addition to guaranteeing and reassuring the parents of them.

Also, this consultation system that shows who is disabled to work with children, was created a long time ago. And in 2012, it was announced that there were a total of 2,700 people in Chilean territory, who were not allowed to establish any contact with minors.

Now, this certificate not only shows those who are not allowed to work with children and adolescents. Rather, it is an essential requirement for all those who wish to work with them. That is, any citizen who wants to get involved in activities with children, must request this document.

Skills Needed for Working with Children

At this point in the article we will tell you what are those skills that a person who wants to work with children and adolescents should have. These skills are taken into account both for caregivers, even for teachers. And they are:

  • Responsibility and reliability. Thus, both the children and their representatives will feel safe.
  • Self confidence. This aspect is essential since you will be the example of the child or young person that you have in your care.
  • Maturity. Working with children requires good sense and a lot of calm, especially in times of urgency. So keeping order is paramount.
  • Good manners. It is essential to be able to transmit good manners for the formation of the child. Being the kindness, courtesy and respect the three main values.
  • Knowledge. It is important to know how a child should be fed, what are the games that will help him learn and be entertained.
  • Provide protection. Caring for and protecting the child or young person is an indispensable task for those who want this type of work.
  • Working under pressure. You have to know how to handle pressure, regulate stress, and, very important, always stay calm.
  • Positive. Characteristic that will generate a great impact on all the children or young people in your care.
  • Assertive.

What is the Certificate of Incapacity?

To finish this article, we will show you a brief definition of this type of certificate. Well, as we mentioned earlier, this certificate is a document that is responsible for showing whether or not a person has an inability to work with children. That is, it shows whether a citizen is allowed to be in contact with the little ones in the home.

Likewise, the fact that a person has a disability means that at some point in the past he had or performed actions and faults that immediately make him a possible danger for the children and adolescents with whom he may have a relationship.

For this reason, below we will show you a list of some of the actions and faults that result in the inability to work with children or adolescents. Some of these antecedents are:

  • Violations.
  • Humiliations.
  • Abuse Be it physical, psychological or emotional.
  • Serious injuries
  • Forced labor.
  • Kidnappings.
  • Homicides

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!


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