Certificate of Disability: Steps, Application and MORE

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If you are a person with some type of disability or reduced capacity, we invite you to learn about the Disability certificate. Which is very useful in everyday life, as it helps to facilitate some processes and procedures of interest.

It is also a way for people with disabilities to be recognized and included in all possible areas. For this reason, continue reading this article and find out what are the requirements and the steps to follow to obtain the Disability certificate, what it is for and much more information.

Steps to Obtain the Certificate of Disability

To acquire the Disability certificate, a series of steps must be followed. These are mentioned below:

  1. As a first step, you should go to one of the hospitals indicated by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health. In this, the Comprehensive Health Care Program for People with Disabilities (PASDIS) must be applied. They must make an evaluation to the applicant, and issue a report that contains the type and level of disability that the person has.
  2. Said report together with some requirements that are named in the next point, must be presented in one of the offices of the National Council for People with Disabilities (CONAPDIS). Everything must be delivered and comply with the guidelines given by this body.
  3. To complete the process, you must withdraw the Disability certificate, when it has been issued and is properly sealed by CONAPDIS.

Application for Certificate of Disability

When making the request for the Disability certificate, a series of requirements must be delivered, which are detailed below:

  • Original and copy of medical report issued by a specialist doctor, where it notifies what type of disability the applicant has.
  • The evaluative report provided by the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, through PASDIS.
  • The identity card or a copy of the birth certificate of the person requesting the Disability certificate.
  • Passport-size photograph with the details requested by the corresponding agency.

NOTE: All documentation must have all pertinent information about the disabled person. Likewise, the reference of disability in the medical report must be provided in percentage value.

Request for Certificate of Disability

This request contains some information that will be disclosed:

  • The presentation where it is exposed that anyone who asks for the Disability certificate, is under the protection of the Executive Decree 40727-MP MTSS, and they must consign the application form with the requirements detailed above. Additionally, also the following:
    • When you are a foreign citizen, you must show your residence permit, residence card or passport.
    • The affidavit, which is received to be completed and signed the day you attend the evaluation appointment.
    • Photocopy of the support drivers identity card.
  • The general information, where you should put some data such as:
    • The name and both surnames.
    • Next, you must write down the identity card number as a Costa Rican citizen. In the case of being a foreigner, enter the passport number, the residence card or residence permit.
    • Then put in the day, month and year in which he was born.
    • Put an X in the marital status: Single, married, widowed, divorced, in common law union.
  • If the person is from another country, you must write on the following line in the name of the country:
    • The province.
    • The canton.
    • District.
    • Other signs.
  • Make a note of the email address.
  • Continuing, you must place the phone numbers where the applicant can be located easily:
    • Address number.
    • Address of a relative.
    • Where did you work.
    • The cell phone number.
    • Other number.

Other Aspects of the Certificate of Disability Application

Continuing with the elements exposed in the previous point, in the request of the Disability certificate The following should also be noted:

  • Cite what motivated the person to ask for the Disability certificate.
  • Degree of educational instruction, work experience and health status:
    • Place if he went to college or university and if he finished his studies.
    • Write down if you currently have a job or, if not, explain why not.
    • In your own words, place the difficulties regarding your health, pathologies, any injury, disability, about which the doctors have commented.
    • Write down the name of the medical centers or hospitals where you have received care.
    • Write down the difficulties or impediments you have to carry out actions at home, the area where you live, school, work, etc.
    • In case of using a support instrument (help), put its name. These should be items or objects that a therapist or doctor recommend as support.

Support and Support Persons for Persons with Disabilities

  • The following information is completed if you are a family member or legal representative, that is, the person who will be your company during the process:
    • Write full name and both surnames.
    • The number of the identity card, the residence card or the passport number.
    • Place the relationship you have with the applicant.
    • Write down the correct home address, province, canton, district, and address specifications.
    • Quote the email.
    • Indicate the telephone numbers where you can reach: Housing and cell phone.
  • Attach the people who collaborate with the transfer in a private vehicle. If you have help from relatives or other people to move, indicate their information. If formal identity is admitted, 2 people will be registered maximum as helpers:
    • The name and the 2 surnames.
    • The numbers of the identity card.
    • The link you have with the applicant.
    • The location telephone numbers and email address.
  • Enter the name and both surnames of the applicant.
  • The signature of the applicant.
  • Finally, there is the sworn statement, where you must place the personal data, sign and put the fingerprint. Also the day, place and identity card number.

What is it for?

It is important to know what the Disability certificate. In addition to providing information on the physical and cognitive condition in the different organisms, which allows to enjoy some advantages for being certified.

Some benefits are: A discount of up to 50% in the price of the ticket both in public transport and in the air. As well as enjoying some benefits of an economic nature such as bonuses or receiving frequent payments.

On the other hand, there are also job placement programs in all companies of a mixed nature, whether private or public, for the job stability of the certified person. Likewise, privilege is enjoyed in educational centers for scholarships or quotas.

Among the advantages of a social nature, the certified person is taken into account as a priority at the time of granting benefits. As well as, some facilities must be conditioned for the circulation of people with limited capacity.


CONAPDIS is an international organization that supports the comfort of people with limited capacity or disability. Its purpose is to promote and inspect that the human rights of the population are fulfilled with disability.

It is an organization that is present in different countries, apart from Costa Rica. It is considered a very important institution for all those people who have some type of condition. Likewise, everything possible is done to advance laws that favor these people, and thus achieve their respective inclusion.

It should be noted that disability in Costa Rica is established in the Equal Opportunities Law Law No. 7600, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (corroborated through Law No. 8661). Also the Law of Creation of the National Council of Persons with Disabilities, Law No. 9303.

The legal mechanisms mentioned above are part of the legality of disability today. Are the laws that are currently in force in the country. These were published with the aim of promoting and ensuring compliance by people with disabilities.

In such a way that they are recognized on equal terms, and as subjects of law in all areas of life. These areas can be: Family, legal, civil, educational, political, recreational, social, labor, legal, and many more.

What is the Certificate of Disability?

The Disability certificate, is a procedure by means of which, the condition of disability is granted to a person. understanding this situation as an active or complicated correlation between the state of health and the elements of the personal and environmental context that surrounds the person.

This certificate confirms the disability situation of the people. Expanding a valid and legitimate formal document, with the aim of making possible the function of the rights and the possibilities stipulated within the legality in the territory.

The validity period of the Disability certificate, must show whether the person’s disability status is permanent or temporary. If the disability is temporary, the validity period of the certificate and the date for it to be reviewed and updated will be indicated.

People with disabilities have rights like any other Costa Rican citizen, which is established in a series of laws which were named. The idea is that they enjoy the same opportunities, since although it is true that they have some type of condition, they are also useful for society.

Therefore, the Disability certificate, allows you to have specifically what type of disability you have, which is diagnosed by medical experts in the field. We hope that these instruments serve as a stimulus so that both society and both public and private institutions provide opportunities for this sector.


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