Certificate of Disability: Steps, Resolution 113 and MORE

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The Disability certificate arose according to Decree 113 of January 31, 2020. By which the procedures corresponding to the confirmation of disability and the Area Vault and Representation of People with Disabilities are granted, granted by the Welfare and Social Security Service, which allows the execution of the accreditation cycle for the Colombian population with disabilities.

This suggests that, unprecedented for the nation, a clinical assessment strategy is achieved for the population with disabilities completed by a multidisciplinary wellness group, for physical and mental deficiencies, movement impairments and cooperation limitations.

Keep reading and you will learn more about the Disability certificate!

Steps to Apply for the Certificate of Disability

  • Referral request: the person with a disability or whoever is their delegate must intentionally demand that the specialist refer him to a multidisciplinary group that will be in charge of giving the statement.
  • Regardless, the patient must have a conclusion in advance with the goal that he can start the cycle to confirm his disability.
  • Interview: As indicated by the referral given, the patient will be cared for at home or at the foundation by the multidisciplinary group.
  • The meeting will not create a variety of management expenses or copayments.
  • The groups will be made up of well-being experts from various territories: a general or pro professional and, in any case, two experts in physiotherapy, language training, word processing, nursing, brain sciences or social work.
  • Each case will include adjustments to how the groups are configured.
  • Issuance of the declaration of handicap: When the meeting cycle ends, the will will be delivered, where the information that must be incorporated are:
    • Individual information of the individual mentioned.
    • Foundation destined to provide its welfare administrations or IPS.
    • Place and date of issue.
    • Classification of disability.
    • Difficulty level in execution.
    • Work profile of the person.
    • Cases or requests: When the individual or delegate thinks that the condition described in the statement does not reflect reality, a subsequent assumption can be mentioned within 10 business days.

Procedure for the Certificate of Disability

The current population with disabilities in the nation can come to a full clinical evaluation of their Disability Status. The multidisciplinary groups of experts in well-being of the Foundations of the Specialist in Well-being organization – IPS -, approved by the Departmental or Regional Secretaries of Well-being, are in charge of carrying out this capacity.

The method is designed to do three exercises, meanwhile in a clinical setup:

A total disability profile, in view of a specialized device created by the World Welfare Association (WHO): Global Agreement on Work, Disability and Welfare (ICF).

Transmit the new statement to the person with disabilities and Record the data in the use of the Welfare Service, called the Area Library and Representation of People with Disabilities (RLCPD).

Resolution 113 of 2020

The Ministry of Welfare and Social Security gave life to the new method of Confirmation of Disability, through Objective 113 of 2020:

By which procedures are granted in accordance with the Disability Accreditation and the Area Registry and Representation of People with Disabilities.

This rule canceled authoritarian acts 583 of 2018 and 246 of 2019, decided the skills for the animators of the General Agreement of Retirement in Well-being Supported by the Government (SGSSS), the course for candidates, the sources of subsidy for clinical evaluations and the effort of the authentications for the disabled, as well as the uses and limitations of the data registered in the RLCPD.

Who Issues the Certificate of Disability in Colombia?

As stated by the World Welfare Association, a disability is a general term encompassing weaknesses, limitations of movement, and limitations of cooperation. Impairments are issues that influence the structure or capacity of a body; movement impairments are problems with performing activities or errands, and support limitations are problems with participating in crucial circumstances.

In order to benefit people with disabilities, the Welfare and Social Security Service controlled the endorsement and enlistment of the disability (Goal 0583 of 2018). This library will allow to recognize this population to create activities that ensure their privileges.

The cycle will be responsible for the elements that promote well-being: EPS, which will be legitimately responsible for granting the support through its network of specialized organizations. Keep reading!

Financing the Certificate of Disability

The Disability Certification procedure will be financed with:

Assets of the country’s global spending plan. The Welfare and Social Welfare Service will circulate to the divisions and regions in each term, according to the goal delivered for it and according to the portion standards built in Goal 1043 of 2020, a regulatory demonstration that complements Goal 113 of 2020.

Also, entities Regional governments can designate their own assets and submit sovereignty commitments to enforce the Claim of Disability procedure.

What is it?

It is an individual and unadaptable report that is transmitted to those individuals who, after a multidisciplinary clinical assessment, are recognized as having some type of disability. This file is provided by the EPS and the administrators of the sole and exemption regimes.

The declaration of disability is an official file that affirms the legitimate status of a person with a disability, who is granted a particular level of disability. The level of disability will be reported as a rate and the disability is perceived from a level of 33%.

Certificate of Disability Benefits

People with disabilities have rights that they can access more easily and easily thanks to the disability endorsement. Some of the advantages are:

  • Additional waiver of UPC fees.
  • Transport provisions.
  • Pinnacle and plaque exemption.
  • Monetary allocations.
  • Need in granting credits for accommodation.
  • Admission to wellness and entertainment.

  • Access some medications and NOT POS methods.
  • Authorized reparation for the victims of the survivors of the war.
  • Program families in real life.
  • For seniors.
  • Live computer program.
  • Transfer center.
  • School seats.
  • Decrease in the SISBEN score.
  • Credits from salary reserves.
  • Accommodation sponsorships.
  • Tax cuts for organizations and associations.
  • Working from home.
  • Work insurance.
  • Labor consideration in privately owned companies and public substances.
  • Support in disability committees.
  • Accreditation of status for some benefit issues.
  • ICETEX with credits with particular rates.
  • INCI Virtual Library.

Disability Certificate Update

Citizens who have a certificate should only be updated in the following cases:

  • When the certified minor I turned 6.
  • Also, when the certified minor I turned 18.
  • When by medical judgment the disability is modified in a positive or negative way.

Multidisciplinary teams

In case you have a backup from now on, it should only be updated in the attached cases:

  • By the time the guaranteed minor reaches 6 years of age.
  • By the time the claimed minor reaches 18 years of age.

  • When by clinical models the disability is modified in a positive or negative way.
  • These groups will be made up of an odd number of wellness experts, who have disability credentials, each from several zones, including:
    • General professional or expert.
    • In any case, 2 experts from the support areas: physiotherapy, vocational treatment, language instruction, neuroscience, nursing or social work.
    • For the development of these groups, the attributes of each case must be considered.

When the discussion is carried out with the multidisciplinary group, the authentication that must contain:

  • Candidate’s own information.
  • Organization destined to give welfare administrations (IPS).
  • Place and date of issue.
  • Class of disability.
  • Difficulty level in execution.
  • Utilitarian profile of the individual.

In the event that the person or, extraordinarily, their delegate thinks that their condition is not adequately reflected in the registry, they can request a second sensation within the next 10 business days.

What is the Registry for the Location and Characterization of People with Disabilities RLCPD?

It is a data frame where data is constantly collected from people with disabilities, to find and describe them in offices, regions and territories of Colombia. Its objective is to have information at the public level to help the development and use of plans, undertakings, projects and activities that aim to ensure the privileges of people with disabilities.

Tips and doubts

Where should I register?

For the data collection, the Information Production Units of the UGD have been carried out, which are establishments that offer types of assistance or collaborate with the population with disabilities. The Departmental Welfare Secretaries They have a total summary of Information Production Units (UGD) that can be used to register.

Why is it important to register?

In case the number of people with disabilities and the conditions in which they live in the different degrees of the State is known (Public, Departmental, Local and Civil), It is conceivable to design comprehensive activities that add to the improvement of their way of life, and to a sufficient plan of projects and tasks aimed at leveling the open doors for this population group.

Thank you for reading the article, we hope it has been very useful for you!


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