Certificate of Engraving of Auto Parts: Procedure, Fine and MORE

The Auto Parts Engraving Certificate It is a formal procedure, mandatory for all citizens residing in Argentina. This will record every part, piece, or set of instruments and tools during a vehicle assembly. One of the main objectives of this procedure is to reduce the illegal sale and purchase of these pieces.

This document is very important to always have at hand, since the responsible officials can request it. In this article, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Auto Parts Engraving Certificate, how to carry out the procedure, how to make the engraving and more.

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Processing of the Autopart Engraving Certificate

To carry out the Processing of the Auto Parts Engraving Certificate You must request a shift at the Provincial Registry for the Verification of Auto Parts, you will be given a form that you can submit if the traffic agents request it.

In CABA you will have to request the turn By dialing 147 and then, you must select one of the 8 workshops that are enabled, it will not be necessary to be the owner of the car, but you will have to have your ID and green card. If you are in the Province of Buenos Aires, you should call 0800-444-0018.

The payment options are, in cash or they can also be by credit and debit card. The documentation will have to be presented in CABA. You must complete a form and this will cost $ 820 (dollars).

The process of this Certificate is very important and is done only once, to complete said documentation satisfactorily, it will be necessary for the person to have finished the car engraving in each of the corresponding parts.

In the event that any of the auto parts are already recorded and for some reason they are damaged, due to some kind of inconvenience or shock, the person will have to go back to the nearest workshop and start the process.

According to Article 12 of Law 14,497, the engraving of auto parts will be a requirement for the purchase and sale of vehicles between individuals and companies.

How is Auto Parts Engraving Made?

It is very important that the owner of the vehicle first contact one of the agencies by dialing 147. There is a great variety of mechanic workshops that are permissive in all the provinces of Argentina.

It is not strictly necessary that you find the owner of the vehicle at the time of the Autopart Engraving, but it is mandatory that the person who transfers the vehicle to the workshop, has their National Identification Document (DNI) and must also carry your citizenship card.

As we already know, the Autopart Engraving is the identification of the vehicle with the patent number.

  • For cars: You will have to do this on all doors (side and outside), the hood (top and bottom) and on the trunk (inside and top). In case the car is two-door, the engraving will be made on the front door.
  • Crystals: the engraving must be done on the front windshield (in the upper right part), rear window (in the upper left part) and on the side windows (in the back part, just in its lower corner). The minimum of engravings with respect to the crystals are 6 in each car.
  • For motorcycles and mopeds: At least 3 parts have to be recorded.
The stroke of the engraving must be continuous and must have a minimum height of 6mm.

Each vehicle that is new, that is, (0) KM can have an approximate period of time up to 30 days. In order to carry out the grade of each of the auto parts, where the patented ones can be made. If a citizen has not made the auto parts engraving within the established period, he must cancel the fine established and set based on one hundred and fifty (150) units.

Fine for not having the Autopart Engraving Certificate

There are a wide variety of fines that people have to cover in case they do not decide to carry out the Auto Parts Engraving Certificate. The fine can cost anywhere from $ 1,500 ($ 1,500) to $ 2,000 ($ 2,000).

These amounts may vary depending on how serious or complicated what happened, for this reason the penalty may be greater. This situation will depend exclusively on the government of the State where the owner of the car resides or where the accident occurred.

New zero (0) kilometers vehicles will have thirty (30) business days from their legalized registration to attend their recording and not fall into infringement against the Law and used vehicles must attend according to the planning established and ruled by the Law.

In the same way, it is very important and remarkable that the car glass must be engraved, since this counts as a requirement, therefore, we recommend that you take note of the following:

  • The National Directorate of National Registries of Automotive Property and Pledge Credits (DNRPA) informs that it is a requirement to record the number count that it has on the automotive glass.
  • The engraving on the glass that is on the sides must be done on the back of the glass, in the lower corner.
  • On the front of the windshield the engraving must be carried out on the upper right side of the glass.
If you have any questions, concerns or complaints, do not hesitate to contact the customer service center by dialing 147 in this way, the authorized personnel will be able to help you solve any problem that may arise.

What to do if I lose my Auto Parts Engraving Certificate?

Auto Parts Engraving is a mandatory measure to be able to circulate with motorcycles, cars, trucks or another type of vehicle that you own that is suitable to travel through the streets and highways of Argentina.

If this mandatory measure is not complied with, you will end up with a fine (above is the information on the cost of the fines). In the cases of the City of Buenos Aires and in the province of Buenos Aires, the provisions were implemented through the enactment of Laws 3708 in the first case and Law 14997 for the second jurisdiction.

If you have lost your Auto Parts Engraving Certificate, you will have to start the process again. Although, it can be said that there are exceptions, that is, depending on how you have lost the document, you can contact the relevant authorities of the law.

Depending on how serious the situation is, you can print the document again and then disable the other Auto Parts Engraving Certificate, modifying the series. It’s not as complicated as you probably thought!

Additional data

  • This document has the function of registering each of the auto parts.
  • This is a type of procedure that people can carry out based on the verification of the auto parts.
  • The engraving, for its part, identifies each of the essential pieces, such as the doors, the hood and the trunk.
  • With this, each of the records for the domains that may arise can be prepared.
  • This procedure limits illegal sales and purchases of vehicle parts.
The purpose of Law 3.708 is to protect all citizens, provide greater security and prevent the theft of vehicles for later scrapping, one of the main causes of death and insecurity. Complying with the law, people take care of each other and, in this way, you will avoid paying the fines provided for non-compliance with the engraving.

What is it?

Auto parts engraving is the identification of your vehicle with the patent number. This engraving constitutes one of the instruments of the integral policy of public security, this is a mandatory regulation for the circulation of cars in Argentina.

This also counts as a mandatory requirement to pass the vehicle scrutineering. The objective of this engraving is to prevent vehicle parts from being stolen and sold, this procedure must only be carried out once. However, at the time of suffering any alteration resulting from a sinister case, the engraving must be carried out again.

In this case, in this situation, the procedure should not have any cost if the person is the legitimate owner of the car. From Otherwise, the procedure will have a cost but this will not be high.

The Auto Parts Engraving Certificate It is a document that enables the import promotion or transfer in Argentina of the auto part. As for the engraving of each of the parts, they must contain a small indelible identification, this mark may be in:

  • The doors.
  • Trunk.
  • Car hood.

The Superintendency of Insurance of the Nation indicated that all automobile insurance companies add an exclusive Law to the conditions, which emphasized that the vehicle is insured and that it must have the respective indelible engraving of the domain.

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